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Eternal SeptemberView game page

September 1993 will go down in net history as the September that never ended
Submitted by Iseeicy (@Iseeicy) — 8 minutes, 35 seconds before the deadline
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Please list any pre-made art/music/other assets you used.
Most of the textures are from, others are from past games or royalty free websites.

The main menu music is the track Romance by Incarta'95.

A few of the models are from past games.

How many members in your team?

Team of 2

List your team's social media / website links!

Anything you want to say to players before they play?
Eternal September is my attempt at expressing the idea of the Eternal September ( It's an online only game in which you can play music among other players, but with a twist: When you disconnect, your virtual player will persist and repeat your actions. This means that the longer a server is up, the more players will pile up inside of it, and the louder it will become.


Move - WASD
Interact - E or Left Click
Pause - Escape
Play Music - Press Keyboard keys when keyboard is focused

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Interesting game! I included it in my compilation video series of the Ludum dare 42 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look


Amazing! Not particularly musical with all 129 people with me. Goddamn, why can't everyone just get along in harmony?

Loved it, please keep making incredible stuff like this!


Hey! I just wanted to let you know that a video of one of my playthrough/reviews is up and you're a part of it!
Take a look here:


As always, a weird, interesting thing you've created here.  I would love to explore the personal edition later, and see what is actually happening here.  Those load times though! Wow... Still incredible for just a game jam.  Love it, be it, crunch it, grape nuts.

Great work!


Incredibly long load time but worth it - it's good that the game lets you already experience some of it before the loading starts. I expected the soundscape to be loud and unbearable but at 126 players it still sounded pretty nice and managed. Great stuff!


How can you keep the same style and be so surprising in the same time ?


LOL, thanks for playing :)


71st Player, it didn't take long to load at all lol


I loved the concept of what you are doing here. I came in very early on... My server had like maybe a dozen people though so I didn't really see how it turned out after everyone else joined.


It's totally worth checking it out now, the atmosphere is way different.


72th player, took ~10 minutes to connect haha! Very fun game, reminds me of a science exhibition museum where you just move around and interact with stuff!


Wow, I guess the load times are period accurate for 1993 then lmao

Thanks for playing, that's the exact vibe I was shooting for!


Gotta say this is the most innovative concept I've seen, and very well done! Reminiscent of your previous movie game jam game too.

I can see the loading times being a little long as this goes on. Regardless I'll be checking this out in the future just to see how much of a cacophony this descends into!


Yeah, still trying to figure out the best way to go about sending the echoes. They're not particularly big, I'm just using a super weird way to send them through Unity's Networking API.

Also yeah, I based the echo code off of what I wrote for You Played Yourself :)

Thanks for playing!


Man, this game is just so freaking awesome, I can't wait to see more in the future. 5 Stars from me!


Totally fascinating. A few questions: 1) Does your echo save the entire time you were online? Because I probably wandered around for a good twenty+ minutes looking at stuff and trying to play music, and 2) If you log off and then back on, does it overwrite your previous echo? I saw a second me running around, but I dunno if there's now two of me running around for everyone, or just for that period of time until I logged off.

I seriously enjoyed this. Can't wait to come back after a while and see even more people running around.


1) The echo does save the entire time! Your first echo is 253 KB, and your second one is just under a Megabyte
2) Your past self does NOT get overwritten. That means that there are two of you running around right now :)


I love that there's two of me in there now. XD


This game was a really surreal experience. The entrance to the game was really cool and I loved the matrixesque hallway leading to the multiplayer. The sounds you chose for the players made for some really cool dissonant and otherworldly audio and I loved the level design. I really enjoyed the experience.

When I clicked on the computer to enter in the username, I tried to back out of it to make sure I didn't miss anything in the room only to find that I couldn't leave the computer once on it. I'd also like to be able to press multiple notes at the same time.


You can exit the computer by hitting the exit button in the computer's UI, but I intentionally lock the player in place during the echo loading sequence as to not cause any bugs (A quick solution to a potentially big problem).

Also, the reason that there's no multi-note polyphony is because clients would run into performance issues about 3x quicker. I would need to have 3 audio sources on a player instead of just once, which would not scale very well if you have upwards of 100 echoes.

Thank you for the feedback though! If I can find a way to get multi-note polyphony without destroying the game's framerate down the line, I totally will!


A very interesting concept! The game is pretty fun in itself, working kind of like a museum of sounds... But after reading the description, I'm really curious on how it will look once crowded. There were 21 users the first time I played. Is there a limit before the server "reset" (if it does)?

I will certainly try it again later! This is really an amazing idea.


There is currently not a limit as the only limiting factor on the number of players is the game's load time and the user's computer. Before releasing I tested it with 600  duplicated past players running around and beside the long load time, the game ran at around 40 fps.

I don't expect this to hit 600 users anytime soon but if it does then I can manually reset it I suppose haha