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This game was a really surreal experience. The entrance to the game was really cool and I loved the matrixesque hallway leading to the multiplayer. The sounds you chose for the players made for some really cool dissonant and otherworldly audio and I loved the level design. I really enjoyed the experience.

When I clicked on the computer to enter in the username, I tried to back out of it to make sure I didn't miss anything in the room only to find that I couldn't leave the computer once on it. I'd also like to be able to press multiple notes at the same time.

You can exit the computer by hitting the exit button in the computer's UI, but I intentionally lock the player in place during the echo loading sequence as to not cause any bugs (A quick solution to a potentially big problem).

Also, the reason that there's no multi-note polyphony is because clients would run into performance issues about 3x quicker. I would need to have 3 audio sources on a player instead of just once, which would not scale very well if you have upwards of 100 echoes.

Thank you for the feedback though! If I can find a way to get multi-note polyphony without destroying the game's framerate down the line, I totally will!