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[ 66 DOWN ] is not even remotely in active development, although I wouldn't mind polishing it up into a cleaner experience if there's a want for it.

I'll try to get in contact, thanks for the heads up! I wouldn't have known that Wayne streamed it without this comment lol.

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The boulder & robot levels were my favorite for sure. Took a bit to beat the last one, though after switching from arrow keys to WASD I managed to do it first try!

mass died on Monday, June 22, 2020 at 9:25:00 am CST. Thank you mass Experiment Uptime-Monitoring Effort and Legacy Support Team for keeping it alive this long.

Feel free to post a link to it, I really appreciate it! I'd love to add it in as an official option although it probably won't happen for a hot minute.

Yes and no - it's a bug we've found but haven't patched. It's supposed to have a small cool down timer and reset but it appears that it never resets at all! The next patch we plan on putting out should have this fixed.

Good point! I've been seeing people struggling with this, definitely will get patched in the next version.

Nevermind I seem to have figured it out. The build is 64-bit - it just didn't have execute permissions for some reason. Mass 1.1b MacOSX should work :)

Do you have a discord or twitter we can talk on to figure this out?

That's strange, it should be universal between the two from my understanding. I'll look into it right now, sorry you cant get in!!

Uhhh I don't see why not. You'd just need to start a new game and get all the sigils. Timer would probably end upon clicking the final painting.

There's a new version that's been in development for a little while that makes the environments feel a little more interweaved but I likely won't get around to releasing it for a while still... 

I'm glad you enjoyed the game :)


Hey there,

I'm trying to use this to create some experimental effects and would love a way to use a rendertexture as a texture source - is there any way to do this currently?



This looks awesome :O

Do you have an email / discord / twitter that we can DM on?


You can exit the computer by hitting the exit button in the computer's UI, but I intentionally lock the player in place during the echo loading sequence as to not cause any bugs (A quick solution to a potentially big problem).

Also, the reason that there's no multi-note polyphony is because clients would run into performance issues about 3x quicker. I would need to have 3 audio sources on a player instead of just once, which would not scale very well if you have upwards of 100 echoes.

Thank you for the feedback though! If I can find a way to get multi-note polyphony without destroying the game's framerate down the line, I totally will!

It's totally worth checking it out now, the atmosphere is way different.

LOL, thanks for playing :)

Wow, I guess the load times are period accurate for 1993 then lmao

Thanks for playing, that's the exact vibe I was shooting for!

Yeah, still trying to figure out the best way to go about sending the echoes. They're not particularly big, I'm just using a super weird way to send them through Unity's Networking API.

Also yeah, I based the echo code off of what I wrote for You Played Yourself :)

Thanks for playing!

Very fun. The music, animation, and gameplay was all super solid. I like how the level design drives the player movement to build on the song by grabbing coins, which in turn plays a bass noise.

Awesome work!

1) The echo does save the entire time! Your first echo is 253 KB, and your second one is just under a Megabyte
2) Your past self does NOT get overwritten. That means that there are two of you running around right now :)

Ah, gotcha, sounds like a pain!

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Awesome game. Figuring out how the game worked was pretty smooth and the music you make along the way is equally so!!

? I don't know why the others are saying that the sound was jarring, I found the whole experience pretty relaxing. Especially once it got to a point where I could navigate with my eyes closed, just by tapping in time with the music.

Super cool. Took a few tries to get the hang of it, but once I did it was pretty fun :D

Can't wait to see new levels!

Great job on this. The music is pretty great, and the menu is nice and clean. That said, the timing on the notes does feel a bit late. With some tweaking it could feel much tighter.

Cool little concept, could be very fun if fleshed out into a full game.

There is currently not a limit as the only limiting factor on the number of players is the game's load time and the user's computer. Before releasing I tested it with 600  duplicated past players running around and beside the long load time, the game ran at around 40 fps.

I don't expect this to hit 600 users anytime soon but if it does then I can manually reset it I suppose haha

Oh for sure. Better too easy than way to hard!

The rap UI doesn't seem to scale correctly on my 1600x900 monitor :(

High score baybeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Fantastic job on this. The main mechanic is solid, and it's musical element makes it oh so much more satisfying to play. Are the levels randomly generated? If so, the level generations is super well done and kept me satisfied for quite a while. That said, I do agree AiriKarin. I think that the difficulty should scale a bit quicker, as the harder levels are much more satisfying, but take a bit to get to.


Hey all! 3D BLAST: In The Groove is a vaporwave inspired rhythm-runner game in which you run through 5 different levels, grabbin' cassettes along the way. It features tracks by the vapor-chiptune-futurefunk artist 3D BLAST, some light a e s t h e t i c , and a few weirdos along the way.

Check it out here:
And the soundtrack here:

I'm super excited with how this turned out. The game was originally made for the 2017 Music Game Jam here on itch over the course of a few days. I decided to come back to it about a month ago, with the a goal of making a slightly remastered version. My scope somehow shot over the moon and I end up with this!

The trailer was a ton of fun to make as well. I cut a normal version of it together, recorded it onto a VHS tape, then messed with the tape head while it played back :D

Hope you guys enjoy!



A mac version has been released, just over two weeks later ;)
Please tell me if you encounter any crashes as the MacOS VM I have is less than usable (although it still proved to be semi-helpful).

Figures, as soon as the uplink is online, it drops over night... So much for stable. I know how to fix this, it just wont happen until later tonight.