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The Dance Floor is LavaView game page

Jump to the beat and avoid the heat!
Submitted by randomphantom
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Fun game! I included it in my compilation video series of the Ludum dare 42 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look


Definitely one of my favourite games in the jam! The dancing animation, the overall polish and the idea itself all come together to make something excellent. For some reason I'm embarassingly bad at it though. It looked so easy when I was watching Bitly play it!


Great game ! Good job !


The idea is super cool, and the game itself is incerdibly polished! I love the character animations.

I've found it a bit tough. Partly because I was just staying in rhythm even when I was on lava (I'm too used of Crypt of the Necrodancer), which was just making me step on lava again! :P But that's actually part of the puzzle I think, and overall my main regret is the absence of checkpoints. (also I'm not a fan of the changin rhythm, but again, that's Necrodancer habits ^^')

Also, the music is awesome! It's a great selection of songs, and the covers are excellent! Very good job on that.

Overall it's a really fun game, with tons of lovely details. Well done!

Very fun game! A neat concept, fun graphics, awesome music, all around a great job! But I'm not very good at it. >.>

I made a video before the second song was added (I think, unless I missed it). But that's ok, because I tried it and did not do well. I did leave the song on while I finished the upload since it was so catchy :)


The concept is fun, gameplay works great, and the music is catchy. I haven't found any bugs or glitches yet. This is one of my favorites I've tried in the jam so far!


Nice idea and fun gameplay, nothing to add :)


Hey! I just wanted to let you know that a video of one of my playthrough/reviews is up and you're a part of it!
Take a look here:


I like the idea of it, It was fun and challenging!


Really good, but my favortie thing about it was the character movement animation. In particular the one-handed hand plant tickled me.


A fun game that explores a simple mechanic to it's fullest potential. The art and music fit snugly with each other, which tied with solid game play made for a fulfilling experience.

I'm personally not a fan of collecting coins unless there is some benefit other than score. 

Goofy and fun. One of the few games I played to the end.... although that might be because I died but could play to the end anyway :)


Very fun. The music, animation, and gameplay was all super solid. I like how the level design drives the player movement to build on the song by grabbing coins, which in turn plays a bass noise.

Awesome work!


This is excellent! I love simple ideas that are executed well, and this is definitely one of them. The music is synced perfectly, and the art is great. Well done!


Really liked everything about this game! It was easy to grasp and the build-up of difficulty nicely showed the potential of the game. Music was also nice. 

This could be a cool mobile game.

Great game! Very amusing animations.


Awesome game! The sprite has so much personality, really easy to understand what is going on a great level of challenge.


Very good game! Nice entry when you look at the combination of the theme, the visuals, the music and the game design. I like the progression, but the last levels were a bit to hard for me (personal experience and preference)


Great stuff! the level progression went nicely, the music was enjoyable, and the dance animations were cute!


Well done! The game is fun enough for be to pass the entire level (although I did it in a single try), The bass effect conbined with the coins works well, and the connection of background music between levels behaves well (not until the last few stages did I find out that the BGM was actually changing and getting more intense). In all, nicely polished. I hope this could be the top 1 game in the jam.

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