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A really fun and cute game! I laughed many times playing this! Every transitions is polished, The art style is simple and good. The concept is also really innovative. Well done and great job!

A really good game concept of the game creation theme!

I never thought to make a game about the testing part of game making.

This game is fantastic! a cool adventure game about searching and matching things! a really nice concept, I love it!

Wow, I had fun playing this, but I think, the text enemies is really annoying, they are just making the game too hard :)

but overall the game is really good

your game's concept is pretty innovative! i love how we need to type and press enter to do everything!

I'm really happy if you enjoyed it!Thank you very much for playing my game  :D 

already played and rated yours! :D

thank you for your comment! 

yea that's why we really need a mouse for testing and playing games :D

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The art is really good, i love it! This game's idea was also really innovative, nice work! although at first I can't figure out that we actually needs to hold the left click button, not just clicking it......

Nice Work! This game is fun to play, but I think, you should change the jump button into space bar or up arrows. It's also would be nice to have auto shoot when holding the z button.

I'm definitely will enable autofire! thank you for your suggestion!

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thanks! I prefer making small dan polished game rather than large and unpolished...

btw, have you seen btp's game? that was crazily polished, far from my game...

it was good, but the gameplay is pretty confusing...

really addicting and challenging! I like the idea of this reflex game....

I was really happy you enjoyed the game   :)   thank you very much...

it's okay   :)   just remember to play mine when you have time :D

Yea, I hope I could do that, make the game more not repetitive by adding more mechanics, but I had loads of school work :")  

Thank you for your comment anyway! 

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Thank you for being the first person who commented on my submission :D

It is pretty fun! though it is really hard and the sound in the music section is really annoying...

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I love the idea of this game, it was pretty fun! The art was really good too!

The art of this game is pretty good....

This is one of the best games I played today :D

This is a great game! I had a great time playing it! It's also addicting and fun!

I really like the story of this game....

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I really love this! The arts is good, the story is awesome, and the voice actor's is great . This is one of the best games I played today :D

This is one of the best games I played today :D

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This idea game is a good idea :D   I liked it.

I like the character choosing screen :D

The mechanic is interesting, but you could do more with this...

It was pretty fun :P

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I really like the arts, it was awesome! It was also pretty innovative and fun!

pretty funny :D

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This game is very addicting and fun! This is one of the best games I played today :D 

I hope I could played it longer, and I hope this game has a music.....

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I love the idea of it, it's really cute and fun :D 

but it lacks of balancing...

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This is Epic! I think, you will win your own game jam! XD 

This is one of the best games I played today :D

This game is fun and addicting! The music  and graphic is nice too...

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Your game is awesome! I has a great fun with it! even tough its really confusing in the beginning on what to do and how to play it...  the music is good too....

Wow! I really enjoyed playing this! I played until the end, and this game was really nice! i like it!

This is a really sad and atmospheric yet beautiful game! love it!