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An adventure inside of a game dev's mind !
Submitted by Blackthornprod Games (@NoaCalice) — 43 minutes, 55 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
THE EXPERIENCE#22.4812.481
SOUNDS AND MUSIC#32.2592.259

Ranked from 189 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Good  AWESOME! Game! Really REALLY Good! Like The Swing! Like How It's A Good Sword Based Game! Also If You Like This Game Check Out My Minecraft Server! Also Minecraft Is NOT That Polished. I Was Using A Texture Pack.


Great game! And it's just huge for a one-week creation: tons of different art, several types of mobs INCLUDING BOSSES, lots of rooms and secrets. How you managed to do all of that in just one week (ALONE??? SRSLY?!?!?) is beyond me.

I loved the subtle details hinting that there might be a secret passage here - a really great feature, I'll definitely try to remember this and use it in some future projects. Loved the artwork. Loved the particle effects, all those beautiful splats, and splashes, and flying numbers. Loved the references (Isaac and the poop - that was really awesome). Loved how the brush behaves and how you have to swing it for the maximum effect. And there was this funky moment, with this boss that doesn't let you get close, which resulted in me running from him in panic, trying to find a brush upgrade, and when I finally did and killed him, ohh that was a great feeling.

Kinda the only thing lacking is maybe music - not too much of it in the first place, and when it does appear it sometimes just doesn't fit the mood. Like there's a really difficult battle going on, to the music of some kind of slow and relaxing string-piano-thingie. But again, with so much done in just a week, there are some things you just don't have the time for.

And another thing - the spikes coming out of the wall are not synced with the sound effect they make.

And that is all, everything else is AWESOME.


Great game. I'm judging this with a slightly higher standard than the other games :) It's great, appealing, huge, beautiful, responsive, it has all the good components. My main issue is that it should be easier, to give casual players a chance to explore all the work you did. I suck at twin stick, and being teleported back to the beginning every time is a bit frustrating. In this case, I knew what I was in for thanks to the video, and had great fun finding the little hidden rooms, but in some less polished games I might have given up sooner :)

Deleted post

This game is so beautiful. Have a great appeal as many of other your games.


Incredible art style, as always, and great replayability! To find another secret room I never knew was there feels great!


Really nice game! ... and as always your art work is genius! I really love your style and the game all in all, fits it very well. 
The sound design is interesting too, it gave me some ideas which I want to try out for the next game! Thanks! Great work!


I think your recipe needs more salt🤣


A really nice game. The only thing I would suggest - try getting out of your comfort zone. Really, try something you didnt think you could do. Cause the video you made about this game, it looked like all you were doing was something you already knew, so it required just time.

I hope you understand, and if you have time, here is my creation:


Amazing game graphically! Other than being a bit lacking in music for such a long game, I thought it was great. I found it a bit difficult due to the reset to start on death, so I wasn't able to finish the game as I got killed in some way going in every direction LOL :) My favorite things were the secrets, it felt amazing finding little shortcuts and extra health and power-ups hidden all over the place!


Very smooth and lots of juice made it feel so good to play :)

It was just a bit difficult, in my opinion (but hey, game development is hard, soooo). I didn't get very far, unfortunately. Probably could have used checkpoints and/or health pickups.

Excellent art and sound design, as usual. Great work!


This game was great. I've never actually played one of your games before and the visuals really drew me in as well as how everything responded to touch. Now just needed some sweet beats and I think I'd have been playing this game for a month!


Great game, as always! The world design is very good. Elements that interacts with player and secret paths make the whole environment very cool and enjoyable.


This game is amazing! It definitely feels like the first zelda, how you're dropped into a sprawling world and told to collect a bunch of objects, then left to explore and get lost. I love how different areas of the world represent game dev struggles, like the area with the spider creatures and numbers being programming bugs and the green area is doubt. I also love all the hidden secret areas and how some reward you with weapon upgrades, some have references to other games, and some are just random and weird. Also defeating enemies with the brush feels very fun. I can't believe you made this in just one week!


This was great! I was thinking of how it reminded me of the original legend of zelda, and then I saw the video. Anyways, I thought it was all nice, though maybe having a heart or some other reward besides cool art in more of the areas would be nice, though I did like the heart placement. Overall, a very nice experience.


Loved the sound effects and art.  I could totally see the brush swinging as a cool mechanic for analog stick, or a motion control.  The difficulty curve was pretty fair. The only thing that felt strange to me was that i wanted to left click to make the brush stab and extend my reach a bit, it seemed like I should be able to after having used the right click to dash.  I like the idea of hiding power-ups as well as health pick-ups to make looking for secret areas motivational, it's always a great feeling when you hear that a-ha   sound in a game.  So satisfying I think it releases endorphins.  I can tell that you have been practicing making games something that I commend you for.  Well thought out, good job.


I do like your idea of making left click stab the brush but maybe temporarily disabling it for a bit.


This game is very interesting but Im not sure if something is supposed to happen after lighting up all the games of yours? I assume not but there is no final winstate... its kinda confusing? I thought it was bugged out at first


Fun game! My comments are below.

The responsiveness of various objects to your movements in the world really gives a sense of belonging and agency (which I know that you have covered in some of your YouTube videos). It helps to immerse the player and feels very organic. I hope that more small indie games really take this approach on.

I know that you have a signature style of artwork, which certainly helps people recognize your work from a glance. But it may be fun to break out from your comfort! I think that this game has wonderful style -- I was always excited to see what interesting little creature I would encounter next. But from a more meta-standpoint (and as is fitting with the theme of this game jam), I think that you should explore new game styles in future projects. I am always able to recognize a character of Noa's creation from scrolling through a lengthy list of videogames in a jam. That is a double-edged sword however. Don't put yourself in a box! Try to branch out a bit in your digital artwork, the sound effects, and animation/transition style. 

Besides those comments, this is terrific design work as always. Thanks for hosting this game jam.


Hmm... Trying out different styles may be great I think, but for a jam? When you have so much to do, and so little time to do it? Naaah


It has really great visuals, the walksounds of the character kind of compensates the lack of music, but the game still feels too silent. But overall it has really great content, I liked the variaty of bosses and enemys. Awesome game!

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