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Really thanks for the feedback! I hope to add some basic in-game explanations and do others things you suggested.

Thanks for the encouragement. :D

I like the game, the theme and (as already mentioned) atmospheric contributed to a game I will remember.

Nice game, i love the visual and the ideia. And good level design.

Thank you 😂 I couldn't avoid implementing it once I come up the idea. Yeah, that's not very clear yet.

Thank you for the feedback!

The cycle of using and switching weapons needs improvements. I think the issue of switching weapons is because you needs to put the bat into his original place before pick up a hose - isn't so convenient yet.

Very great job, i had to laugh  when i saw how literally love is blind here. Good level/game design and graphics is good as well. And fits the theme :)

I get it. Thank you for playing.

I'll add this stuffs, they are really important for fun and pleasure to the eyes.

Thank you for playing!

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Hi, thank you so much for playing and the feeback.

Oh, it's true, sorry. I added a little description in the project page explaning this while i cannot update the game.

To use the items you need to go to them, so the item will be equiped and you can use it as a gun firing with mouse. You need to put they back in the right place in order to use other item or interact with mud puddle. I'm thinking of simplifying this mechanic.

Great experience and ideia :)

In updates can be added other mechanics like others unity's windows with the player interacting with "scenario".

Great game. Art is good and a great gameplay, i like it.

This game is so beautiful. Have a great appeal as many of other your games.

Very cool game ideia. Had inovation and appeal.

Thanks :)

I'm glad to hear this :)

I did the level boundaries in a hurry and this resulted in the bug, but I'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

Thanks for playing :)

the music with the sentences passes an aura of inspiration :)

The level with creative block had some bug, i can't move. Polishing would be great but for a first game is very good :)

wow, I did not see this problem, I will investigate, I made the limits when there was little time.

Thanks for the suggestions! I recorded some sound effects but that was when i did not have time enough and i was afraid that they seems very annoying and spoil the experience.

I will implement high score and sounds later :))

The bosses are very well made and art is good.

The gameplay got a bit repetitive in my opinion (because of the bunch of bugs chasing you all the time, even when i have defeated the boss). Other types of enemies could diversify the gameplay.

Great work :)

I really like the game, very imersive and fun to play. One of the ones I've had the most fun so far.

Congrats :))

I felt the tension built with the game design (especially the music). Randomly generated levels are an effort that can not go blank. Great work!

Some collectibles could make the game more interesting. Like other guns, or life regeneration.

The game is cool :)

I like in particular the level design and mechanic. The dialogues are funny and music a little anoying with the passage of time (but I think it was my fault for repeating so many times the same level x)). Just art needs more polishing in my opinion.

I love the art style and ideia. This was fun. Great job :) 

Thanks! I tried to keep it simple but balanced, it's good to see someone noticing it. :D 

Thanks for playing and leave a feedback!

Thanks. I will add a high score later and i think mini bosses or other enemies could be very cool.


Great job! The level design is great in my opinion.

I liked of the animations and art of stuffs. Would be great (visually)move visual effects, like particles. 

The player movement is hard to handle in precision movements. Like the initials platforms. I get stuck at tthe hammer pendulum  :(

Wow, very cool game. 

I liked the art style and the main game purpose :)

PS: My mouse is screaming and I was sorry for him,.. but this is just my opinion x)

Thanks for playing!

Oh no. I smiled at the Justin bieber one. I think in the others i could not to relate because i don't know very well the songs.