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Submitted by dk5000p — 5 hours, 10 minutes before the deadline
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THE EXPERIENCE#501.7691.769
SOUNDS AND MUSIC#531.6921.692

Ranked from 39 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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@CasualVoid Yeah, I was not able to put in as much time as I would have liked.  It was fun watching you play, I was happy that you were able to eventually figure everything out.  I was not sure if the puzzles were going to be too easy or too hard.  It has been eye opening watching multiple people play it.  Thanks.


Btw, better hit "Reply" button under comments, @ doesn't really work here :)


ahh yeah was not sure


It has some cool concepts, I like how everything is voiced by you xD
But it also has a lot of bugs, and sometimes you have no idea what to do. It totally needs a lot of polishing to be really good. But for now, this is just a fun little game.

You can watch my playthrough at

Also be sure to rate my game too


@cicada3302 Yeah, I wanted more levels, I was having trouble creating puzzles that were interesting once I gave you the power to control colliders and gravity.  I was happy with the game mechanics, though.

Nice Game! I really like the idea behind it. You could have had more levels though. :)


@Juliano Rocha Yeah art usually suffers in my games.  The funny thing is the music has more parts if you play for longer but sadly dying restarts the song maybe should have set a pause and start instead, probably wouldn't have been too hard to program.  Yeah, I was so happy that the mechanic ended up being easy to program and worked in an intuitive way.  Would be happy to add more puzzles to this.  Might add a body to the art, tried to use the story to justify the bad artwork.  I was wondering how difficult you thought the puzzles were?  I thought overall they were easy but the designer would usually think that.


The game is cool :)

I like in particular the level design and mechanic. The dialogues are funny and music a little anoying with the passage of time (but I think it was my fault for repeating so many times the same level x)). Just art needs more polishing in my opinion.


@redstonie, what did you particularly not like? I actually enjoyed making this project and might be one I want to continue.


Overall, I didn't especially like it but it is impressive for the amount of time it was made in.


@Fatal-Exit you have to make sure to toggle on colliders.


Really cool concept! The voices and music were weird but I think the game was meant to be kinda humorous in that way so it's not a complaint :) I got stuck on the level where Patience is required, I could see the door, drop down to it, but I would always fall past it to my death when trying to toggle on and off gravity to stop falling. Other than this issue the level manipulation techniques were done really well! Good job!

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Voice acting can be tough but you pulled it off! This was a hilarious adventure, good pacing, and it had a nice ending. The custom music is either love or hate, but I loved it! Great entry, and I hope you will continue to add to it!


Thanks wesen3000, yeah I was out of town over the weekend where I usually would spend my time but probably would have end up adding more puzzles.  Polishing up games are tough.


This was really fun! The voices and the music sung  was fun, although a bit hard to  understand. Done i n a polished manner this really sets you apart. The mechanics were super cool and I had a lot of fun with the puzzles! Coolest mechanic so  far.


@Sprazzal Yeah, in the end I figured out it might be too much freedom, it made it tough to come up with puzzles, I would think of something and then be like oh but with colliders and gravity manipulation you can do it this way, which overall might not be a bad thing.  I lost so much time, did not get to put the amount of time I wanted to into the game, but was happy to get the mechanic created really easily

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Art and music legendary 10/10. Seriously though, turning colliders and gravity on and off to solve puzzles is one of the best innovations I've seen in the jam and it allows you to manipulate levels in so many creative and interesting ways as well as giving you the freedom to explore it as you wish. Gameplay 12/10