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I won! I had fun! I like the idea of having the text be the art.

Thank you so much for making this! These are really high quality and I was planning on making my own to use in game. What is the use license for this, do I just need to credit you in-game? Any other requirements? Thank you again!

Updated GIF

Thank you! I am currently still optimizing and looking for ways to improve the performance. I will look into the Invoke Repeating as you say! I was also thinking of using a Master Controller that controls all of them.

I'm glad you like the aesthetic so far! The game is really lacking in visuals and audio at this time. I also have a much cleaner UI planned. The UI update will come with the release of a new mechanic that I have yet to implement...

But it is still early days so, all in good time!

Thanks for the feedback, I will investigate Invoke Repeat and your suggestions.


Thanks that was a great laugh. I'll fix this immediately.

Amazing Visuals as always! Really punchy animations and camera shake bring this game to life! Very addictive left/right swipe style game, would do well on mobile! Could expand this game by having the car travel through different terrain, or even simply being able to select one of multiple different cars. Sound effects would also really help to bring those animations to life! Great work!

Your art style is really impressive! Love the character, this game is quite fun, i enjoy bouncing on the enemy heads. One thing I would improve on is the ability to see the character when he exits the top of the screen, it makes it kinda tough! The Color Matching is a great concept, nice sound effects for feedback!

I like this cute little slime! Shame he has to die in order to win! Poor Slime! :D This is a fun puzzler, and I would love to see more levels added!

Snipe 'em from the top of the tower!

Mesmerizing! I would love to see even more options put into this great yet simple game!

Awesome! I really enjoyed the unique mechanic for launching the enemies! Father Time was somewhat challenging but not too difficult, and I like his different stages.

Thank you for playing! Can't wait to hear your feedback!

Thank you for taking the time to play! The updated version is out that is less alpha, more beta! :D

Thank you! If you have any suggestions on things you would like to see in the game, this is the perfect place to let me know! :)

I see! Well with this in mind I will give it another try to see if I can win!

It's possible that because I was streaming my mic was already in use. It did not change from *SPEAK*. I guess I just haven't had to change a light bulb in so long I forgot!

Calm and Slow Wins The Race!

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Wow! This game is awesome! It's such a great concept and creative use of the theme. I'm not totally sure I understood how to play, but I sure had fun figuring it out! I like the wide variety of Tiles to play, I really like the Random Roll mechanic for the Tiles. Great atmosphere and music. My favorite part is hitting Start and watching a bunch of Tiles spill out and interact with each other!

Had a lot of fun with the cheats and dragging Tiles around!

This game is VERY challanging! We need some stronger clothespins! Something to add would be a few different racks of sheets, and a slower float time, to create even more chaos! Great job!

The voice commands did not seem to work for me but I would love to try it again! The game is a fun sorting puzzle where you have to place things in the bin before your wife gets mad at you! Well she got plenty mad at me, especially since I didn't know lightbulbs don't go in glass! Now she's bright RED! Funny!

This game is so beautiful! From the calm music, to the soft and easy transistions this game feels like it has a very high level of polish! I had a lot of fun trying to catch fishes! I wish there were some buried treasure to catch too. Unfortunately I got stuck in the menus? But they were so beautiful I did not mind! Thank you for making this!

This game was a lot of fun to play! I can only imagine how much fun it was to test and build. The levels were decently challenging, although I'm not very good at juggling it in the air, so allowing me to kick my can slowly towards the goal was very forgiving! My favorite part was when the Robots say *SUGAR!*

I really enjoyed it! A lot of fun to use the lightning and I love the cloud's face! I wish wind were even stronger. I really appreciated your take on the theme. Great job on the art too!

It was awesome! Feels like the intro level to a great game! The story was interesting, and the mechanics were solid!

Glad you had fun! Yeah, we did our best within the time limit. I had some big plans. :D

Super fun arcade feel! Sound effects and music are perfect for this game. I like how the levels are randomized each time to give it a fresh feel. I could not beat Lv. 6 because the terrain gets to be too difficult. I did manage to beat Lv. 5 with a relatively flat spawn. Visuals match the sound effects and although they are simple they are well made. I felt like I was in an arcade! Fits the theme well too. A Time Stop or Time Slow power up would be a great addition!

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Had a lot of fun playing this fast paced typing game!  The upgrades increase the pace of the game which is nice, but I would have liked the bar to recharge a bit faster. The visuals are very nice, and humorous. The sound effects and music were missing, so try to add them soon! It will really help a lot. I like the idea of navigating the player with lines of code, only to reward them with coffee. Very realistic portrayal of game dev life. Great work on this!

There's a way to jump across!? Thank you for the feedback! These are all great ideas for ways to improve the next version of the game, which is coming very soon!

I loved it! I hope there are plans to make a 2.0!

This is a challenging typing game with a lot of variety! There are multiple commands at your disposal that can be used to defeat your enemies and overcome challenges. The music is great, the sound effects are simple but effective. I like how the art is all code and ascii art. It totally matches the theme. Overall very fun, but could be more fun if the player were more powerful. I think jumps are a little too close together so space out platforms more, and a health bar would be cool too so the player can take more than one hit. Congrats on the Jam!

It crashed at 1,000,000 Cubes!

Half-Life 3!

This is a fun shooter that has some neat upgrades available. IF you can survive the difficult part early on, you can become extremely powerful as there is no limit on the amount of extra cannons! Also cannons make you more Energy efficient so they are a really OP upgrade. Music is nice but sound effects are what this game needs to bring it to life! Multiple enemy types and how they are dealt with is cool. Exceptions are worth a lot of points and pose a serious threat and are my favorite part of the Theme. A good experience that leave me wanting more. You suggested an infinite wave mode in the future, that sounds awesome!

Cute game about the struggles of forgetting export as PNG! Visuals are nice, I like how the player can interact with the object for an enlarged view. Theme is well suited for this game. Nice twist on the shooter genre. The fun begins once the player can move & shoot! Sounds are punchy and music is pretty. I enjoyed playing your game!

One of my favorite games to come out of the jam! Can't wait til the 2 weeks rating period is over so you can update and we can play some more!

This game is amazing! Quite a large number of levels which increase in difficulty. The way mechanics are introduced is very intuitive, and overall the game was very innovative. I really like the art style as well as the sounds & music. Theme goes well, and the mechanics tie in to that. A fun experience that keeps the player guessing until the end!

I love how the crashing mechanic is a part of the game! If anyone is frustrated by the fact they can't get past a certain point, remember the hint! Think OUTSIDE the box!

You covered all the bases! Nice work on making this in only one week! The art and animations are buttery smooth. The sounds and music are perfect, not too overwhelming. Adding the jumpscares were nice they got me several times. Great experience, I feel like a real dev again, with all these crashes.

High level of polish, this game feels complete! 5 Stars!

Looking forward to the next version, let me know when the Update is ready to play!