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Debug your code with force
Submitted by Extron

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
THE EXPERIENCE#541.7501.750
SOUNDS AND MUSIC#2181.0001.000

Ranked from 28 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Extremely good job with the art, it is so crisp and clear, really easy to read.
It really is a shame that there is no sound, it would've made the game so much better.
Also as some have said, the camera-knockback when you shoot feels a bit strange, you are shooting in one direction and the camera knocks itself back in the other direction.
Other than those things it's a really good game, would love to play an updated version of this with sound effects added.
Great job!
Let me know if you upload a new version!


The game feels so smooth and fun. I enjoyed it! I kept playing and playing.

The slow motion ability, the camera movements and the art. They really made the game awesome!

It felt like a crime that such a good game is devoid of sound effects.


Awesome visuals, with sound effects the game could have been really juicy :) there could also be more levels per run :) Anyway, good job and keep up the good work :)


Ok,I got the game working(It was my PC's fault),and boy am I glad that I got to play this game.

Massive props for doing randomly generated levels and maps.The gameplay is fun.The art style ,and the character design for the enemies and player are really unique in a good way.(Some of the enemies look like they're inspired by Hollow knight though :D ).The shake is a bit too intense when shooting but that's really a small nitpick.

Overall it's a  great fucking game.I think if you added some gamejuice sounds in there it would be a extra addicting game.


thanks for playing and your feedback. And yes they are heavily inspired by hollow knight as I worked on the game doing the air behaviours so I had to spend along time looking at the art style. And it's all I could think of when trying to design bug enemies


Any sounds or music would have gone really far! Nice work on different enemy types (I saw 3), really wanted to fight a Boss! Additional weapons would have been cool to add, I know time is a constraint in Jams. I took a path to the item room, but wasn't able to go in. Also the thing that was mentioned before about the map, but not too big of a deal. Are the levels infinite, or is there an ending? Overall, I think you did a great job managing your time, and although several features didn't make it, I would love to play again. When the Update comes out let me know!


thank you for your feedback. There are 5 weapons in the game currently. But I managed my time horribly and made about 90% of the game on the last day. Would have liked to do a lot more with enemies and bosses and items. Thanks for you feedback and I will be updating the game soon. And the game is infinite as it is now. Just loops getting harder and harder. In later versions I would like to have different areas

Looking forward to the next version, let me know when the Update is ready to play!


Your art is very cool.. And the game itself is fun..

Congratulations on your entry from the gamejam :D

PS: I'll wait for the dlc :P

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Im sorry t hear that, yeah the game isnt optimised at all sadly. I didnt have the chance to test on any pc but my own


Its a really cool game, however I didng manage to find any other weapons.

Also, some sounds would be really nice, and sometimes, the levels map is out of the paper. Otherwise really cool.

If you have time, check out mine as well :)