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Thanks :) I did try to fix the web version few times but I was not able to fix the crashes yet :/ At the beginning web build had even more bugs so maybe I will be able to fix few more things :)

Actually it is a bug, but I was not able to fix it before submission  :/ also I should have made a loop for colors, it would make the colors cycle instead of just go to black.

Greate game, a really like the idea. Somehow I managed to get stuck after attacking  enemy :/ The game could use a better UI to know what is going on, the base warrior has 2 speed but can only go 1 tile a turn.

Cool graphics and fun idea :) a bit easy 

Great game, difficult at the start but gets easier with additional cannons. I like the idea of annoying popups when errors hit you, good job, keep up the good work :)

Myśle, że jest nas więcej :) sam znam sporo rodakow o podobnych zainteresowaniach :)

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Owszem :) nie zwróciłem uwagi na login no bym poznal że Ty też :)

Cool looking and ambitious project :D It would be great if you descrbed controls somewhere, it took me some time to find out that I can rotate buildings :)

The game is very fun and I enjoyed every level :)  I like how it mixes puzzle with reflex game, good job :)

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Awesome idea and well implemented :) there are multiple ways to beat each level, and I had a lot of fun getting rid of those pesky bugs, good job :)

Nice game, a little too hard for me :) I could not complete the music and programming levels, It would be much easier with checkpoints :D Anyway, good work, keep it up :)

Great artstyle, a bit repetitive. Why cutting the gameplay into 5s pieces?

Very fun minigames and the idea with upgrading them with each level is also cool :)

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Great puzzle game, nice graphics and sounds, keep up the good work :)

Nice game :) It would be great if player could move the crosshair, some bugs manage to slip under my shots, especially when there are also "good bugs" walking towards me :)

Interesting idea, the gameplay could be more engaing, It would be nice if you could help your employers somehow creating low level components (now there is nothing to do when you wait for their work). Anyway, good job for completing a game, keep up the good work :)

I has a real fun with the grappling hook :D A pity there was no secrets in some places :D good job anyway, very fun game :)

Awesome visuals, with sound effects the game could have been really juicy :) there could also be more levels per run :) Anyway, good job and keep up the good work :)

The game looks good, but I did not know how to finish the second level :/ 

When sound toggle is off, music toggle still have sounds :) I mean that the paths could be visible (now they are only visible when you toggle them). Of course that would require to complicate things a bit with logic gates, so the game would not become to easy :)

Nice visuals, but it was not always clear which type of bullets were hurting which enemies. Enemies could have same colors as bullets that hurt them, It would be easier to grasp :) Also, player can exit the screen, but it should be easy to fix :) Good job for crossing the finish line :)

I couldn't go past the corridor where I was shot at, simply nothing happened :/ Good job for completing the game, I also had to give up on some things to complete the game :) Also, not sure if it was browser bug or game, sometimes I couldn't controll the character, It was just running in  one direction for some time (about 10s?)

Good job for doing this much anyway :) Camera could be further away, It is hard to see the office layout or objects that are not far away. Besides, cool story :)

I like the idea that game changes as you complete the features. It looks really good for a game, even though the graphics are simple :) Keep up the good work :)

Not bad for a game made in couple of hours :)

Great ide with making settings as part of game :) Although I'm not sure if sound bool worked properly :) The game could be less  random. You could for example draw actual connections between inputs and outputs and maybe implement logic gates. Overall, very good job, keep up the good work :)

I think the game is really well made :) The lack of sounds hurts the experience a bit, and the last level was a bit too hard for me to complete, too many bugs were spawned. Also, it would be great if there was an autofire when holding the mouse button :D

Cool story and visuals. Thanks for the tip about intro, I found the button :) The gameplay was kind of short (I managed to destroy a universe in less than a minute :)), but good job anyway :)

Nice art style and sounds :)  Jumping could use some polish, I was kind of able to climb the walls. As to the flashlight I think it would look better if the light started from its muzzle :) Overall great job, keep up the good work :)

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There is option to shoot puzzles so other can spawn, but I shuld have mention it somwhere :D thank you for feedback :) I added this to description in bold so people who didn't play it yet had better chances.

Awesome graphics, the music and sound effects are in place. Difficulty is also ok, but i had some problems with doding monsters when I had only 1hp :)

Game is really well made, it's fun and egnaging. I really like that you dont throw the player back to first stage after a failure :P

I really like the game, visuals look great, shooting is juicy. The only strage thing is that sometimes enemies spawned inside walls and I couldnt shoot them until they came out.

Overall cool game, keep up the good work :)