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A platformer where you build! (COPY and PASTE!)
Submitted by CitybuilderStudios (@Citybuilder14S) — 1 hour, 48 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
THE EXPERIENCE#92.1602.160
SOUNDS AND MUSIC#611.6401.640

Ranked from 50 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Really neat platformer! I like the simplicity of design here. I managed to break a game and couldn't respawn, so I started from the beginning. Collecting signs is kind of optional here, but I collected them all anyway xD
Music is the weak point, but you probably already know it. Would be great to see more levels and new types of platforms.

Also be sure to rate my game too


Thanks for the feedback! I'm definitely interested in making more levels and other content for the game.


I got 4 of the blue thingies and completed the game. Took a few minutes, but was a rather good experience. I actually dove right into the game with only the understanding that I copy left click and use WASD. Most of the time when I don't realize the full controls, I'll go back and check. This is really to see how innovative it is for gameplay, which I felt was fairly straight forward. Then when going back and realizing I could just use the right-click to remove and bring back a piece, I was more interested in continuing. The pacing of the game felt challenging, yet fair. I felt good about getting the little blue things, and completing the game felt pretty great. The music was nice and cute, felt like it fit well.


:) Thanks, it's great that you enjoyed playing!


I really enjoyed this! Those blue things were indeed a challenge, I only managed to get a few haha.


A great game with some improvements in details like the UI, it would be a very good basis for a release game. (Personally I prefer a jump button that is not part of the movement arrows).


If I release the game I'll make sure to add a customisable control scheme so you can have a jump button separate (such as the space bar)


The game is very fun and I enjoyed every level :)  I like how it mixes puzzle with reflex game, good job :)


It was a bit hard for me but I enjoyed it :)


The game is really good, and the idea is well executed. Its challenging, but not unfair. I like that it has both platforming, and puzzle. :)


I love how this game lets you become the game/level designer :) ! Awesome concept ! 

It's a tough game, but it feels fair and beating a level (that I kind of created myself ;D) feels very rewarding ! 

All in all a solid jam entry, well done :) !

Developer (2 edits)

Thanks, your entry's great too!


Its fun and challenging. Great job!




Very fun game. The movement is a bit too fast, but the visuals and music are awesome!

Try this:


Premise was spot on, visuals were simple but effective, overall loved it and it's a great addition to the jam's roster. Difficulty never really went any further  than "see how far you can jump and place a block at the end rinse and repeat" and near the end of the game a slight repetitiveness sets in but I absolutely love this game and it has a really interesting take on the traditional platform style. Great work! (also if you do add more levels (which would be great) please change the music lol)


Its amazing to see you loved the game, and due to the feedback I've received so far I'm am definitely considering adding more levels and content

Deleted post

I'd love to expand the game, thanks for the feedback!


Very clever way of havi(ng people beat a platformer! Really makes you think how many more cool mechanics there could be if you continue with this.

Agree that the music was a repetitive (have to admit that I muted it after awhile). I'd also make the block placing mechanic a bit more visually clear (i.e. sometimes if I accidentally double-clicked on one of the blocks up top it would place them right on the spot and I had to figure out that it was placed ON the bar). But that is a minor detail.

Great puzzle design!


Thanks for the feedback, I'd like to change the music post launch and change some of the block colours (possibly hiding the bar if there is nothing to place)


I liked the challenge posed by the error collectibles, and the puzzles were designed well so that you really did have to think about how you used each block. The graphics are nice and clean, and decent music, if a bit repetetive. I liked the take on the theme and overall its a very solid puzzle game.

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you for the feedback :)! Your comment really made me smile.