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Aggressive Combustion

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This was really fun! It took me a minute to get into and realize how the game works, but once I did I had a really good time. Very unique concept. I'd love to see a version that's a bit more polished (different colors for each "player", game feel/juice, etc.). Nice work!

Love this! Great puzzle design and clever mechanics, though the platforming wasn't my favorite. Narration was great, helped give a Portal-like feel.

Very cool! Clever mechanic and puzzles, though maybe a bit too difficult. Would love to see this expanded on!

We'd like to submit our game Project MALLOW :)

Controls took some getting used to, but the mechanic is really neat! Keep refining it and I think you could have something special here :)

Nice, laid-back puzzle platformer. Kind of reminds me of Thomas Was Alone. I like the changing aesthetics a lot. My one real issue is that the "undo" button seems to stay selected, so if you press space and jump you end up also clicking undo. That's something I've encountered in Unity and it's a simple fix - just need to put in a line to deselect UI elements.

Awesome concept and really fun to play. I feel like the controls were a little too sensitive (went right into the monster's mouth a few times). Wish the boss had a health indicator of some sort. Great work!

Hilarious. Concept, art style, and sound design all came together really well. Where I can I download this version of Africa?

The art style is really, really cool! I had a great time with this, and I'd love to see an expanded version. Maybe consider things like showing line of sight for the zombies, so the player can plan better, and explaining more about how the different mechanics (like the car) work. Great job!

This is awesome and right up my alley! I want more! Some really great puzzles here, nice work.

Loved this! The learning names/language feature is really neat. Eventually I got fired, so as a form of rebellion I just started letting everyone through. 10/10 disgruntled employee simulator.

This was really cool and unique! Wonder if it'd be possible to save out or even print the sacred text at the end, so that I may record the teachings of the Conqueror God Optimus Prime for future generations.

This made me laugh a lot - particularly the bullet's scream (and face, of course). I did encounter an issue with the resolution that cut off the controls, so it took me a bit to get the hang of it! Great job otherwise :)

This was neat! I like the idea of blending a platformer with an RPG. I feel like there could be a bit more direction given in the level design; keep working on it!

This made me laugh a lot. Loved the blend of old english and modern stuff.

Thanks! :)

Sounds like you made it to the next-to-last one then. Thanks for playing! :)

Thank you! :)

Thanks! :D

Thanks! Wanted to do something where it wasn't quite what it seemed at first haha

Thank you so much! :)

Usually when an artist covers a song, they have some agreement with the owner of the original song. That said, if you changed it up even just a bit, it might be fine? Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer.

Personally, I'd say try to avoid using the song period, if only because the point of the theme was to build something based on the title, not necessarily the song itself. It's your game though, so make what you want :)

Yep! Base your game on any song title you want, in any way you want.

Thank you for the feedback! I'll be implementing a lot of that into the post-jam version. That said, sounds are disabled by default because I've played wayyyy too many games (jams and otherwise) that are extremely loud on start-up - and that's a problem especially on stream. But, maybe I can find a better way to deal with that. Anyway, thanks for checking it out! :)

Thank you for playing! :)

Thanks for checking it out! Yeah, the settings part is a little messed up - you can't change them after you've played that game until you completely restart it. I mostly tested with a controller, and didn't think about Ctrl causing problems. I'll definitely be fixing that in an update! Appreciate the feedback, and I will definitely be checking out your game :)

This was really fun! Art and sounds are great, and there's tons of charm. I think the game needs a bit better balancing, though. If you don't place things in the "correct" position at the very beginning, you might as well start over as there's really no way to recover. The laser is also too powerful.

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Thank you so much for playing! Sorry the controls are a little wonky for Mac - I really wanted to add key binding but ran out of time. If you happen to have a USB/Bluetooth game controller, the game is fully compatible, and you may have a better experience :)

I will absolutely play and rate your game :)

Thank you! Glad you got a laugh out of that :)

Mechanics and game-feel are top-notch. Great work here. It's a little on the difficult side (I'm very bad at shooting in pretty much any game), but I still had a lot of fun.

I think my only real complaint is that I kept thinking one of the power-ups was for a permanent health increase, but it never did anything (After I *did* find the upgrade for that, I realized that it was just a refill, and I was already at full health).

Solid game, keep up the good work! :)

I absolutely love this. Haven't laughed so hard playing a game since probably Portal 2 - the humor was right up my alley. Great visuals too, I feel like typography in games isn't talked about enough and I think you did an excellent job with it. Backgrounds are beautiful and have some neat effects.

If I have a complaint, it's that the different answers don't really result in branching story, just some different dialogue. It's a bit on the short side, so I would have loved some additional endings or something.  Mostly I just want more of this.

You're like the Space Punisher, I LOVE IT. Very fun, arcade-y game - I had a good time with this. The lasso mechanic is really neat; I feel like it could be used to do some really clever things with combat/platforming. I'd love to see an expanded version of this that features different levels or challenge instead of just survival/high scores (not that that isn't fun, I just think the mechanics could be applied to more things!). Keep up the good work!

Thanks so much! Your game is awesome :D

Thank you!! :)

Thank you so much! I've drawn a little bit here and there my whole life, but this is the first time I've really tried doing all the art/animations for a game like this - so glad you like it :)

I really appreciate the feedback - making the boss arenas more varied is something I really want to implement.

My worst fear was making something that people enjoyed, but couldn't play all the way through. I added the various settings to ensure that anyone could see the ending. Glad the time spent on that part has been worth it for so many people :))

Thanks for checking it out! The intro was something I really wanted to add but didn't get a chance. I plan to do a post jam version that includes it. Besides that, I originally envisioned a Mega Man type system where you gain the boss attacks. Definitely want to try to add something along those lines.

I really appreciate your feedback and will be sure to check out your game :)

Thanks so much! Yeah, I didn't notice the retry issue until I saw YourBr0ther play it during his stream - turns out you can only set things once at the beginning, then have to restart the game to be able to reapply them. I blame programming at 2:30 am for that haha.

Glad you enjoyed it anyway :)