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Cute, little and adorable, it's Sweety !
Submitted by Asue — 2 hours, 38 minutes before the deadline
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On prend pas mal de plaisir à parcourir tout ça, les différentes ambiances sont assez variées et les niveaux sont finalement différents, ça donne une vraie sensation de progression.

Si je trouvais dommage que les personnages ne servent que d'escabeau, ça finit par changer. Rien à dire ^^.

Tout de même un petit bémol personnel concernant l'utilisation du thème.


Merci pour ton retour ! Pas mal "les personnages qui servent d'escabeau" x)

Effectivement je pense que j'ai fait une erreur par rapport au thème, j'aurai du m'en servir de manière plus créative. Par exemple, en disposant plusieurs personnages par niveau et en laissant le joueur choisir le plus adéquat en fonction de la situation, tout en le limitant à un seul slot d'inventaire. Au lieu de ça, le thème ressemble plus à une contrainte dans mon jeu.


Nice, laid-back puzzle platformer. Kind of reminds me of Thomas Was Alone. I like the changing aesthetics a lot. My one real issue is that the "undo" button seems to stay selected, so if you press space and jump you end up also clicking undo. That's something I've encountered in Unity and it's a simple fix - just need to put in a line to deselect UI elements.


Hey, thank you for your feedback and the tip ! During my tests I never tested the jump with the space bar, so I didn't notice this bug :(


Nice platformer! Such simple but cute characters. I included it in my GMTK Game Jam 2019 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thank you very much for sharing the game via your video =D


This game is simple and sweet! I especially enjoyed the different aesthetics for each level, both visually and musically. I love that you incorporated that level of detail for a game jam. Plus the characters are all so cute and the use of "friends" for the main mechanic just makes the whole concept adorable

Right now, I think the levels are a  bit too easy, but this would be seriously interesting to play if you expanded the levels, adding more challenging sections and giving the player an incentive to explore the whole level. I also think the jump movement could use a bit of polish, although it definitely doesn't ruin gameplay by any stretch.


Thank you very much for this feedback, I'm really happy that the game is visually and musically pleasing :D I take note of your comments for a future version.


Nice platformer, I'd loved that you needed your friends to get through the levels. 

Got stuck on the laser level because I couldn't find the guy to help me but eventually managed it.

Very adorable character design btw :D


One of my favourite platformer games! The level desing is cool, and I like how the colours change everytime I enter a new level! The concept is cool too and very well executed. The colour pallet and the character design are my favourite parts of your game!

Well Done!


Hey thank you very much =D I'm glad you like it !


It's a very clever platformer, but I think the one slot restriction isn't really a restriction, since there is only one buddy on each level, and you can reuse them whenever you want. The colour palettes and music are very good though, but that walk animation makes me feel uncomfortable for some reason... :D


Oooh I'm sorry I really need to improve my animation skills >_< You're right about the characters I think if I had a little more time I would have put several per level and the player should have chosen the right one. Thank you for your feedback :D


Nah, don't worry, your animation is still better than mine, because I don't even have any... :D


Such a sweet game! I really like the walk animation and bobs. I felt a bit bad abandoning everyone to make progress but they seemed cool with it. Great work making all the art, music and so much puzzle content in 48 hours!


Nice concept and the levels were really fun to play. The only thing that I didn't like was the lots of dead ends in the level with red and orange palette, they were not useful in the level so they were a time waste. Other than that, It is a very enjoyable game with cute simplistic art, nice color palettes and soothing music. Great work.


Interesting interpretation of the theme! Control could be a bit tighter, and collision could be improved, but I imagine this concept in the context of a "metroidvania" level design would be really interesting! Well done :)


It's got its technical flaws (got tuck inside a wall) and the platforming itself may need some work. However, the core idea is interesting and can be expanded upon: maybe you could use a clone, a moving platform, hazards as items. Nice job!


very nice looking platformer. Cute character design, nice fonts, nice color pallette. The overall level design is well done. It's a clever idea to have only friend you can carry which helps you out in a specific situation. Also the drag & drops feels very good. 

But now some flaws (unfortunately :( ) The jumping mechanic felt a bit clumsy. Sometimes I jumped and in mid air the character froze on the X-Axis and fell. Sometimes the jump wasn't initiated. Or at some points I wasn't able to jump on top of one of these "friends", because with hitting space bar the character suddenly disappeared.

But you should continue the good work and make this into a full game. Would love to see more. Also I loved the little details you put effort into: like this small dust particles when stopping and running. <3

Here's again the link to our Game. We would appreciate your feedback as well :)


Hey, thank you very much for your long feedback :D Completely agree with you on the negative points, I'll try to fix them ! I'm going to test your game :)


This game has amazing level design. At every corner this game surprised me with how well thought out every aspect of the game is, from the mechanics, to the camera being an important role in achieving your goal. I can't wait to see more of this game!


I always love the kind of game where you have companions that helps you thought levels, it's not something you usually see so much on games, i like this and how slowly introduces each mechanic per level. Well done!


This was cute! For a one person project the fact that you got all this mechanics and even music is kind of impressive! Also loved the friends that help you, there is something goofy about a block with eyes, hehe. i wish they made little sounds when you jumped on them or something!

Also really nice work on changing the pallete and artwork when changing levels. One of those details that make the game way more enjoyable visually yet were not needed in this kind of game, and for that you deserve props, hehe

Hey! i noticed your character gets stuck on walls if it's falling. Must probably be that when you change the sprite the hitbox changes with it? It's kind of a common problem in gamemaker, but i'm not sure in unity 2d.

Got stuck in the orange level, the falling blocks didn't respawn at all. Maybe i missed something, and if so, sorry! 


Hey, thank you very much for your feedback :D

You're right, adding a sound when you jump on one of the characters could have been funny. I didn't have time to fix all the problems of collision with the character, maybe that's what you mentioned, I'll check !

For the orange level, in fact you have to press the escape key and click on the restart button otherwise the platforms do not reappear :o It's something I'm going to change in the post-jam version.


Cute artwork and the platforming itself felt very nice (not too floaty, not too stone like, good balance!). The shape mechanic was nice too, simple to understand but fun to figure out. Well done :D


I like the idea. Cute art and the platforming felt good, very precise!


Super ton jeu !

J'aime beaucoup les graphismes, les couleurs sont vraiment bien choisies. T'as réussi à faire quelque chose de très joli en restant sur du simple, ça me fait un peu penser à VVVVVV.

Le concept est très sympa, et on voit que t'as essayé de rendre ça intéressant en mettant de nouvelles mécaniques à chaque niveau. Résultat chaque niveau à sa petite ambiance graphique et ses mécaniques à découvrir et on s'ennuie pas.

Le concept pourrait être étendu, y'a vraiment de quoi faire. C'est peut-être un peu dommage que finalement, on ait pas le choix entre plusieurs compagnons à prendre parfois. Il y aurait des énigmes sympas à faire avec ça, tu prends un compagnon dont la forme est plus adaptée à une énigme en particulier et tu l'abandonnes pour un autre, etc.

Bon jeu, bravo à toi !

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hey ^_^ Merci beaucoup pour ton retour !

Je suis contente que les graphismes te plaise, je suis vraiment débutante en pixel art et j'avais peur que personne n'apprécie mes petits bonhommes x)

Entièrement d'accord avec toi sur le dernier paragraphe, j'ai voulu collé au thème et donc je me suis limité à un seul personnage qui nous aide par niveau, mais j'aurai pu étendre les possibilités et rendre le jeu plus intéressant.

Bravo à toi aussi pour "My waifu is a rock", et j'espère te voir sur une autre game jam, comme la Community Game Jam qui a lieu dans quelques semaines :D


Haha je sais pas encore si on y participera mais je jetterai un œil à ce que tu y feras ! :D


Pretty good platformer :like:


I love this game so much. The art is adorable. The level design is great. The game is so original. This game is perfect for this jam!


Thank you very much ! And also thank you for testing it during your stream.

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