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Love it. My only criticism is the lack of any kind of feedback as to how well you're doing at censoring stuff/whether you're angering the employees.

I adore the historical aspect of this game, how you're able to learn about Los Alamos and the individual experiences of the people working there. I'm not sure how difficult this would be, but I think it would be really cool if you were able to get copies of some of the letters that were actually sent to and from Los Alamos and use excerpts of them for the game. It would be a fantastic way to experience the history.

Great concept, love the design and content, and I seriously think this style of game could be used to bring history to life in an accessible and fun way - especially if it could incorporate primary source documents!

P. S. How dare you make me relive Richard and Arlene's love story again, I was dreading that I'd reach the end and use up all of my tissues

Short but effective! I love how your memory, and therefore speed, improves each time you play it - feels crazy rewarding whenever you reach the different endings.

Love this game, it's like Baba is You but with mathematics instead of programming. And just like with Baba is You, I got stuck fairly early on. Will definitely come back to try to finish the game - I am always happy for another clever puzzler! The way you interpreted the theme was very original and inventive.

I really love this, found it to be very addicting. I'm usually not great with fast-paced move-and-shoot games but this one felt great!  The walls are a good way to encourage planning ahead, the different power-ups create a good incentive to take more risks, and the bombs ended up adding more depth to the game play. More of a tenuous relationship with the theme, but that doesn't mean it's not a great game!

This is great for just a "little experiment"! It takes a second to get used to the game, but after a couple of tries, you can kind of intuit how far your square needs to go. The controls feel a little too sensitive - there were points where I would input the same controls twice in a row and they would end up completely different, but maybe I'm just bad at it. Still very fun!

Very fun to play, with the perfect amount of difficulty, as well as a super original take on the theme (I've seen only one other game with a similar concept but it plays very differently). Smooth up the controls - especially the jump - and you've got a nice memory platformer!

I adore the concept and visual design of this game! In general, this game is fun, interesting, unique, and has a ton of potential. That said, as is, I think the rooms are a bit too simple and the jump mechanic feels a little off. If you were to clean it up, add more levels/galleries to explore, and make the levels more challenging, I think this could make a great full-fledged game!

I can easily imagine a version where you have to complete a larger painting - or paintings - and there's a really cool section where you have to outrun and dodge parts of the collapsing gallery. And you could have vague hints as to why each "painting" is significant and why our character wants to complete them. Then there's the replay value of finding all possible parts of the paintings...

Ahhhh I really need this to be a full game!

I love sound based games, they're always very interesting and original. This one is especially well-done. 

I seem to have the opposite problem of everyone else in that I consistently heard the lower pitches much clearer than the higher pitches, sometimes I even thought the lower pitches overwhelmed the higher ones. Although, after playing it a couple times, this may be partly due to the fact that I found it much easier to fly near the ground.

As someone who recently tried to develop an overcomplicated background for the fake cult they were making but ended up just causing a schism, this game would have come in handy. Oh well, better late than never. Super original game, very fun to just mess around with the small details and see what happens. And the parchment+retro text aesthetic is perfect for the concept and nice to look at.

So so cute! This is probably my favorite of the "one move, multiple characters move" (is there a shorter term for that?) games. It looks and feels great, and the levels do a good job of easing the player into the mechanics while getting progressively harder. I'm impressed (and hungry for cupcakes).

It took me so long to figure out how to play this game, but once I did, it felt so rewarding! That said, I didn't realize the fire had an AOE until I skimmed through these comments (even though the first level makes it obvious), so I think a visual indicator for that is needed. 

I think this game is seriously underrated; it's one of my favorites of the jam and I would love a full-fledged version. Fantastic job.

This game looks so easy at first glance, but it took me five tries to beat the first level. Love it.

Also, I don't want to spoil too much, but that twist at the end really got me - it puts Shyamalan to shame.

This game is great! I'm usually bad at games with a strict time limit, but this was one was fun, approachable, and never too frustrating - just stressful at times. I mean, I still haven't beat it, but I also have yet to experiment with the different timings and combinations of power-ups. Anyways, love the concept of a Metroidvania with strict limits on both time and space, very cool.

This game is much appreciated - I'm always on the look out for a good mystery game, and this is a solid example of one. No complaints, although I think it would be even cool if each character was actually voiced since then you'd feel even more like a detective listening to witnesses (obviously not enough time for that for the jam).

This game is simple and sweet! I especially enjoyed the different aesthetics for each level, both visually and musically. I love that you incorporated that level of detail for a game jam. Plus the characters are all so cute and the use of "friends" for the main mechanic just makes the whole concept adorable

Right now, I think the levels are a  bit too easy, but this would be seriously interesting to play if you expanded the levels, adding more challenging sections and giving the player an incentive to explore the whole level. I also think the jump movement could use a bit of polish, although it definitely doesn't ruin gameplay by any stretch.

This game was pretty enjoyable and I like the pace at which the difficulty increases. I think my favorite part, though, was the fact that whenever the guy tripped over something or hit his head, he would always grab his arm like he was afraid it would fall off. Not sure if that was intentional but I sure liked it!

I don't know if it's because I'm a big ramen fan or because I just really enjoy resource management games, but I found this game weirdly addictive. Controls took a little getting used to, but I was pretty comfortable with them by my third attempt.

I am now very invested in the life of this one-armed bear who tries to run a decent ramen stall in a not-so-far off dystopia where both food and electricity are in extremely short supply. He tries his best to give these starving, overworked animals something to eat, but his efforts to survive the incredibly risky business of small restaurants shall always end in vain. Truly an unsung hero.

This game is really fun! I don't have anything else to add, really, the main mechanic is very interesting and kind of nice to just play with. It felt great every time I pulled off a successful combo.

I am truly horrible at this game. But I keep coming back to play it because I think the concept and design are really clever. This is simple, clean, challenging - basically, good job. 

My only complaint is that it took me a while to figure out how the "gravity" works (ie what to do to get to the next platform without dying), although that is probably more indicative of how bad I am at the game.

Great game - fun, addicting, really difficult at points. It looks simple at first glance, but the clever level design and enemy variations along with the limited vertical movement makes this game stand out among the other ricocheting bullet games in the jam. Nice job! 

P. S. I knew it isn't a priority for a jam, but I think you could make this game even more enjoyable with some sound effects and a fast paced soundtrack - or a soundtrack that starts slow while you aim but speeds up after you shoot.

Okay, that made me chuckle :)

1111111 1111 111 11111 11 1111

(Translation: This game was weird and fun but I gave everything 1 star because 1 is the only number I know after playing it)

This has a neat concept and these levels do a good job at introducing the main mechanics of the game. This has a lot of potential if you implement some more interesting level designs. That said, it could be frustrating to get the arrow  to shoot where you wanted it to, especially if the level was mostly flat. Some of the places where you needed to aim to move forward felt unintuitive and imprecise. Solid start, just needs some polish.

I like the main mechanics and how it affects the way you navigate the levels. On the one hand, these levels felt too easy (the last one does introduce a bit of a puzzle); on the other hand, they do a great job of introducing the basic rules and mechanics in an organic way. This concept has a lot of potential and I hope you add more complex levels in the future!

I like this game! Very simple and elegant. It could be a little nerve-racking at points (get it? cus points on a line? I'll leave), but the music was a great choice to help calm the player down. The music also helped emphasize this watch-and-wait nature of the game, a style that I appreciated and that I think helps this game stand out.

Also, uh, since no one else has mentioned it yet, I wonder if this was maybe inspired by the Lineland section of Flatland? 

This game is really delightful! The design is smart and original, the character is adorable, the colors are well-balanced, and the music enables the player to stay upbeat and focused.  At first, I thought maybe the game would feel slow because of how cautious I can be, but it went by fast once I got the hang of it. Nice work.

I like it even though I'm not that good at it (only made it to the fourth level). The design is really clever, I've seen a lot of games in this jam that have the "one shot" mechanic, but I like the addition of the shield and slowed time features here to give you slightly more control over the shot. 

I did find it difficult to both move and redirect the shot where I needed it to go, though I might just need more practice. It was also pretty rough if the bullet unpushed a button, cutting me off from reaching it.

This game is surprisingly addictive, not to mention somehow both relaxing and nerve-racking. Controls were nice, I kinda liked that you couldn't come to a full stop immediately, it forced you to think about your timing. Looking back at it, this game also requires a bit of strategy about what order to pick up/drop off people, what to do when you forgot a floor or when the elevator's full, etc. Everything about this game is nice, with the music being especially enjoyable (and a funny choice).  Well done.

I love these types of puzzle games! This game feels very professional, like I could see it being published as it is right now. The mechanic for doing the puzzles - the selection squares - is super original and fun to use.

Great little puzzle game! Nicely balanced so that it doesn't feel too easy or hard. I've seen some other games in the jam with a similar concept, but the design and execution makes this one stand out.

Enjoyable game with a fantastic concept! I only wish that some of the stuff that could change were smaller details, like the color of the fish or the face on the TV (I'm guessing that would be hard to implement for the jam). 

I think you could definitely take this basic build and expand it to a full game. For example, the lights suddenly going out is a classic murder mystery trope - maybe you could turn it into a murder mystery where you figure out the murderer based on how the objects in the room change. Game is still fun as a straightforward memory game and I think it has a lot of potential!

Great game! Very addicting and a ton of fun. Had me laughing out of both fear and enjoyment.

I really enjoyed this! That said, I think it could be improved by having a better risk vs. reward system. The game seems to encourage making your way to the inn in as few tries as possible, but it doesn't keep track of how many times you look at the "map".  I also thought I was not punished enough for running into things. Maybe you could have a points system? You gain more points by going more steps at once and you lose points by running into obstacles (forests, mountains, rivers, etc.). Anyways, great job - I always love memory challenges!

Simple but effective! Takes a couple tries to get used to, so it's good that the game lets you jump right back into the action after dying. I like the balance between memorization and reaction speed needed to beat it.

Love it! Played it all the way through and it never felt tiring or frustrating. The enemies (traps?) added a nice challenge, but it still would be fun even if you're just bouncing around exploring stuff. I only wish there was a soundtrack to go along with it (although that's clearly not a priority for a Jam).

This game was a blast, instantly addicting. It takes a little bit of messing around to get used to the bullet trajectories, but even just experimenting was fun - plus, it felt super rewarding whenever I felt like I had a good mastery of the controls! The only constructive criticism I can offer is maybe add  in a way to better trace bullet trajectories. Once again, though, still crazy fun as is.