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One Second CartographerView game page

Guide the wagon to the Inn with only a one second glance at a map.
Submitted by mapleglaze (@mapleglaze1) — 3 hours, 9 minutes before the deadline
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I love the concept for this! Really tests your memory but in such a unique way! Solid level design and the graphics are simple but clean and visually appealing! You could absolutely turn this into a really addicting app game! Would love to see a fully polished up version! Great job!

Would love if you could check mine out too! Or not, no pressure ;)


Dude I loved this I didn't expect my guesses to work but some of them actually did. The brain is such a weird thing isn't it? Maybe some of my deep uncounscious guided me through the map, maybe that one second was enough for some MLGpro neuron in the back of me noggin and we did it. We got to the Inn A-OK.

Well... except for that Ox we lost at the river.


I really enjoyed this! That said, I think it could be improved by having a better risk vs. reward system. The game seems to encourage making your way to the inn in as few tries as possible, but it doesn't keep track of how many times you look at the "map".  I also thought I was not punished enough for running into things. Maybe you could have a points system? You gain more points by going more steps at once and you lose points by running into obstacles (forests, mountains, rivers, etc.). Anyways, great job - I always love memory challenges!


Had fun playing this game. Very interesting concept.


Finnish it and I only lose 6 oxens ! The idea is super original and fit the theme very well ! I don't think I ever played a game with this kind of gameplay, it is really well found ! It is challenging but has you can start from where you loose the last time, there is no risk to being stuck. Graphics are also nice and it would be perfect with some sound and music !


I love it ! Kudos man.

The only critic I could make is that the path becoming red, that's not the right color. Red means insinctivly "bad", it's when I read the description I understood that in contrary, that meant I could move. And maybe a little tiny grid would help remembering but that would change the way players thinks quite a bunch.

Again, the game is really cool !


A fun short game. Adding a faint grid might make it a little easier.


Nice little idea you have here!

I like how you don't need to take a trip directly to the inn and can take it one step at a time. It's a mechanic that could really be expanded upon with some work. For instance, you may give players some kind of bonus for taking fewer separate trips to arrive, and punish those who take too long (also because, as it is, the mechanic can be exploited for infinite viewing time without risks). You could also add another bonus for taking the shortest route possible...

Only thing that feels a little odd is the way you lose oxes, which seems to be rng most of the time. I don't think it works too well right now.

Anyway, with work and polish this game can become quite a precious gem!

The core idea is there. From here on is just adding more -- levels, music, art. By itself, however, the idea can't carry for more than an hour of game. Probably half that.


Nice game But it can really be expanded on I like the pixel art