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A missile has been launched. Armed with an old computer and a notebook, you might just save the world.
Submitted by BWDev — 3 hours, 16 minutes before the deadline
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Short but effective! I love how your memory, and therefore speed, improves each time you play it - feels crazy rewarding whenever you reach the different endings.


A very interesting game! Would have loved it if it was more a mystery solver than a race against the clock. Being a linux guy, I kept hitting tab expecting the terminal to auto complete commands and it not cooperating confused the hell out of me xD Great job, all the best for the rest of the jam! :)

If you'd like to check out our game, here's the link:

don't you think it can be expanded into alternate reality game... anyway cool game... 

all the best for the rest of the jam
return the favor by Trying mine and leave your feedback:


I like to see such the ideas which can tell a short story via such a usual thing like working with computer.


Really cool idea. Very nice! It's cool that music accelerates as time goes on)

Insanely polished, especially for a jam game! I'm not a quick typer (ironic for a coder...) but despite that the game is still very engaging.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

One of the best games I've played! While it is really cool, I have to say that the main ONLY ONE, with the only one minute, is a little too short. I don't know what you could do. Maybe ONLY ONE 5 minutes. Yeah, that would work.

Anyways, it was really fun and interesting. And I really like the humour. Great work!

Going to try to get a little further soon.

After reading the comments here I saw you could open the notes from the main menu. This would make it much less stressful.


I ended up learning something new every time I started the game again which was a lot.  Very nicely done. I wish I could have read the notes without it affecting the timer though.


Thank you! The notes can be opened in the main menu too, but that might not have been too clear :)


This is a very neat game. Super cool idea! Hands down this is one of the best games I have seen so far in this jam. Congrats. What a great job in 48 hours! Rated! 


I couldnt beat the game no matter how much a tried. Perhaps some hints would have been useful? Or maybe i am stupid and they are not necessary.  Regardless, i can appreciate everything in this game from artstyle to the music which were all brilliant! 

Amazing job!


How did you make this in 48 hours ? This is really the most interesting game I've seen so far.

Especially love the sound and screen effect which occurs when you get caught.(Which happened to me a lot XD )


Neat game! Never would've thought of doing this and have no idea how you were able to do this in 48 hours!


This is great! No idea how someone could make this in only 48 hours! 

A small addition which could make it really cool would be a clock that counts down and freezes at some point before the minute is over. I still haven't completed it yet !


Awesome game! Also loved the youtube video of you going through the development process. Definitely motivating. Cheers!


Clever idea and I like the 90's style! I think this is one of the more original ideas for sure and I really enjoyed the concept! :) feel free to check mine out too if you want (


Very unusual game for me.

I stuck after entering the white house network, don't know, what to do next.


This game is fantastic! I LOVE these hacker-style games where you slowly go from knowing nothing to typing in commands at light speed after many attempts.

To be honest, I was surprised the "only one" theme wasn't incorporated into the lore a little more (i.e SPOILERS I fully expected the 3rd choice ending to give me a whopping 1$).

That said, I had a blast with this game. Checking the notes and slowly accruing more and more knowledge with each run was so satisfying. Great work!


I would never imagine playing a hacking style game like this in this jam! The atmosphere was so cool, the music choice really helped to set the tone. When the police caught me for the first time i literally jumped out of my chair! Great work


I think idea is quite unique. It's first "HACKERMAN" game that I've played on this game jam.

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