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A tricky platformer with an interesting take on the theme! I liked the sense of progression unlocking each layer of the snowglobe, although the movement was hard to control due to the speed of moving forwards/backwards when jumping. 

Certainly not what I was expecting with this theme! Couldn't seem to get past the second screen as it reset - not sure if I'm playing correctly?

Interesting concept, although controls took a little experimentation to figure out. Could be easily expanded with different level layouts etc!

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Haha thank you, awesome to see my game here!

This was super challenging but also pretty addictive! Having to charge up the throw each time made things a bit more skill-based, I like it!

Mine is:

I'm gonna check your out now!

Thank you! I've left you a rating :)

I love it, it's going up on my wall, thank you 😍

I've left you a rating and review on your game :)

This was really cool! Played very smoothly, and was really satisfying having an arrow circle the planet a couple of times before hitting the target perfectly (down to my bad aim!). Good job :)

Thank you! The notes can be opened in the main menu too, but that might not have been too clear :)

This is an extremely well designed and thought out game. The controls feel responsive and juicy, and the level disappearing mechanic was very interesting. It would be good to skip the level disappearing animations and get straight into the gameplay though, but other than that - great job!

Thank you so much for taking the time to finish the game, I'm glad you liked it!

I've given your game a rate and a review :)

This was a really interesting take on the theme! It was cool how you managed to get a full set of controls out of a single key, good job

Haha thats exactly what I was going for!

I've given your game a rating and a review :)

The sound effects and lighting made for an atmospheric experience, although the beginning section could have been a bit shorter, as the player is sent there each time they die.

Thank you! I've given your game a rating and review :)

I've left a review on your game!

Awesome concept, not seen anything like it. It felt a little like a horror game, with the sound effects and deserted corridors which was cool. It could be a little disorienting at times when the camera changed perspective and as the corridors mostly looked the same, but otherwise the game felt good to play!

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This is pretty cool, I liked the narrative built into the levels, and the stopping time mechanic was a great take on the theme. The difficulty ramped up pretty quickly though so I guess if you had more time to work on the game the difficulty curve could be improved, otherwise great job!

The game was certainly atmospheric, and I liked the design of the main character. As the movement mechanics were quite complex I think maybe a little more could have been done with the level design to cater for it. It felt pretty rewarding figuring out the movement mechanics to climb the wall, so that was cool!

Thank you! I've left you a review :) Really good job, surprised it doesn't have more ratings.

This was good! I liked the simplicity of the art style, and the time limit put a bit of pressure on the player to complete the levels, so it became more about practice than luck! Plenty of levels for a game jam game, over all a very good job, well done!

Thank you! I have left you feedback :)

This is pretty deep - the music and black and white art style really brought attention to the concept and complemented it! It maybe was a little slow paced for me, but that's cool if the aim of this was to create an art game!

Thanks for the feedback! Totally agree, tab-key would be super useful.

I've left a review and rating for you :)

Wow! What an incredibly beautiful game. The concept is simple and well executed, and I love the sound design. The way the lines snapped to corners was very satisfying. The enemy turns felt a little slow though, and perhaps didn't need to be broken into sub-steps within the enemy's turn, e.g. in level two. Otherwise this is a fantastic game, and glad I got the chance to play it!

Thanks! Have rated and reviewed yours.

This was pretty cool, would be interesting to see it developed further as a concept. The blue for the jump gun reminded me of portal! It could have done with being a little longer, but hey there's only so much that can be done in 48 hours.

I actually made a video covering development from start to finish!

The jam was certainly tricky but well worth the effort!

Have rated and reviewed! Mine is:

Pretty interesting idea - I'm guessing the link to the theme is you can only control one duck at a time? Certainly some challenging puzzles and I liked how the currently selected duck is lit a different colour!

Who needs ratings when you can get fan art?

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As it says in the title!

Rate my game and I shall return the favour, just leave a comment so I know you've done it!

It's a browser game so no need to download

This was pretty fun! Controls were smooth (I mean, there was only one but it was done well), and the game has a nice aesthetic. You managed to do quite a lot with the level design considering the one-direction limitation. Good job.

An incredibly polished take on the one-dimension idea. Certainly the best I've seen of the jam so far. The levels feel challenging, and the aesthetic is wonderful. Good job!

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This is so incredibly atmospheric, and whats been achieved in a short time is very impressive. The game is quite long for a game jam game, and the puzzles feel challenging but manageable. The soundtrack only adds to the atmosphere, and I was intrigued throughout to hear the developer's words at the end of each section. There are a few things that I'm sure would have been cleaned up with more time - such as not automatically respawning, and slightly floaty controls - but in general the developer has done a fantastic job with this, especially considering the situation. Certainly the most engaging game I've played so far of the jam.