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Really awesome project. Nice music, visuals, pretty amazing overall! I actually got so scared when I had to run into the shadows at some points. Nice job mate!

Hey, that was really, really awesome! This gotta be one of my favorites entry's so far. The mechanic was pretty cool, loved how you could make your own commands. I'd love to see the rest of the plot, it had kind of a portal vibe to it, some science mystery!  Great job

Maybe, it would help a lot in the blue and green one, but i don't know if the yellow one would benefit from it. I actually didn't understand if the cats jumped randomly from side to side, or even its possible to have them all flying at the same time, I could only move a couple at a time.

I gotta say, that was a pretty complex idea, nice job! The only minigame I could actually finish consistently was the red one, so i sticked to it. But overall, very polished and visually pretty!

Hey, that was pretty unexpected, but actually pretty cool! I wasted a couple of shots, figuring out the aim mechanic, but quickly got the hang of it. It can be kinda slow, as other people pointed out, but since it is a strategy game, that's understandable. Nice job!

Pretty fun mechanic! It was pretty fun once i better understood how the disk worked.Other people have pointed out that being able to bring the disk back at any time would make the gameplay more dynamic, and i agree, that's actually the only problem I had with the project! Great job

I agree with you on the wall slide, but the down dash and the H speed would definitely help the game feel even smoother! I'll sure give it a new run once you're got it updated so I can finally reach the top of the Lonly!!

This was very difficult but also very fun! You did a great job designing all those puzzles - gotta love a game that pushes its players  to beat tough odds! Well done! :D

Thank you so much for the review! Happy you enjoyed our game!!

Just finished downloading yours, and will leave a review in a couple of minutes (but I already love your cute slime!)

Thank you so much!
The Mega Man comparison made us very happy - that was exactly the feeling we were going for with that last level!!

Heck yeah! Thank you so much!!
We're very sorry about how the moving platforms turned out - they definitely needed another round of playtesting and bug fixing. Glad you were still able to enjoy our game, though! Thanks for giving us a shot!

This was REALLY fun! Loved the way you folks used the jam theme, the difficulty level seemed on point, the different enemies were well thought out and felt balanced (I've never hated werewolves more, and I've watched all the Twilight movies...). It also felt surprisingly juicy, with the flashes and the little screenshake!

I loved the way you pulled off the cooling off mechanic, it works really well and keeps the game dynamic. Also was a fan of changing the screen color to represent the ship's health - a simple but very elegant solution!

Sometime I'd find it hard to aim where I wanted, but it didn't worsen my experience at all. I think it contributed to making the game feel challenging but fair.

Great job, one of my favourite entries :)

Ok now I'm going right back to it and this time I'm gonna beat every scenario

Thanks for checking our game out, Jupiter!! Your compilation videos have been super great and I'm having a blast watching all of them!

Thanks for taking a look at our game!

The zeroes shutting things off was something we wanted to implement, but eventually ran out of time :( We had a few levels in which the player would need to juggle all these switches, but those will have to wait for our next release!

(loved Einnsámr, and kept thinking I'd love the actually have a boardgame version of it because the pieces look super nice!)

Love this concept, and the graphics also look really nice and fitting! I think maybe tweaking the numbers on the momentum of the ship would be my only suggestions, gameplay-wise, because the game feels very good already. Well done!

I really enjoyed this game! The puzzles were well thought out, the graphics were very smooth and the sound was spot on! My only complaint is that some levels felt like they couldn't be beaten? Maybe I'm just super bad at these puzzles, but in some of the scenarios I really felt like there was no possible answer? Other than that, I had a great time and would very much like to play new scenarios should they ever come out :)

Oh, we'd like to trade some ratings as well!

Our game is you are the only One, and we're about to leave some ratings on every game in this thread!!

Okay, I was planning on playing a bunch of games this afternoon, but instead I just spent like an entire hour playing this. The concept is very cool and I was genuinely excited to climb the mountain and see what was waiting for me. Unfortunately, the controls were kinda messy and I eventually fell so far down, I just couldn't get myself to climb it all again. Well done, though! A very intriguing concept and controls aside, pretty well executed! A bunch of stars from me!!

Hey, this was pretty fun and had some really smart puzzles! Great job! It sorta reminded me of A Way Out, but with pixel art and quantum physics - which just makes it all a little better ;)

Gameplay-wise, our biggest regret was not making keeping the camera static on one particular level - it really made the puzzle more punishing than we intended!

Other than that, we really regret how we handled our priorities in some cases. We *really* didn't need a custom font for our game, and as it turned out we didn't even use it enough to justify its creation!!

Still, we're pretty proud of what we made, and we'd love if you folks could give it a shot (currently going through the thread to give you folks some rates as well!)

Hey mate, i'd love if you could check out our project, and I'll give yours a look too!

Thanks for taking a look at our game, glad you enjoyed it!

We were actually debating putting more light switches on the level, but we ended up running out of time and weren't able to implement those :(
Still, we're definitely taking notes for when we update the game, so thanks for playing and sharing your thoughts!

Thanks for giving us a shot!

You're absolutely right about the static screens and we're definitely making that change once the jam is over.

And yeah, we're very sorry the moving platforms had that bug, but we only realized it after the game was up. :( Hope you were still able to have fun with it, though!

Again, thanks for playing!

I really enjoyed this game's atmosphere! Simple but very well executed, and it had this great vibe about it that was helped by a very good soundtrack. Good job!

I think this idea has a lot of promise, but maybe it could work a little better if you started with a short maze and went on escalating their sizes? Maybe I'm just not very good at mazes, and I know mazes shouldn't be easy to traverse, but I think the game would be a little bit more fun if it was a little bit more welcoming!
Nice job, though! Really like the idea!

Loved the kebab theme and how you folks executed this game! Puzzles were very fun and well designed, and I really liked the art style and soundtrack!
Took me some time to get used to the controls, I'd keep messing up the throws, but other than that I had a great time. Nice job!

This was super fun to play! I love puzzles like sudoku and peg solitaire, and this felt like the two got together and had a child! Really well done, congratulations on the idea :)

Our game has been sitting on 7 ratings for almost 24h now, we would really appreciate it if you folks could give us a try!

(I'm currently going through this thread to rate some games as well!)

Thank you so much for playing our game, and we're glad you enjoyed it!

You're completely right about the dark level - having a static camera would work a lot better.

We only noticed the bug on the moving block after the game was already up :( Hopefully you were still able to have fun with it, though!

Again, thank you so much for giving us a shot!

This was a very charming game, although the lack of an actual ending (and the gossips quickly starting to repeat themselves) were the clear shortcomings of an otherwise great concept! I can really see this getting developed further into a very nice party game! The art looked amazing and fitting, as did the sounds! All in all, a great job for such a short development time, and a game I'd love to follow should you folks decide to develop it further :)

This game was SUPER fun to play. Honestly, this might have been my favorite game yet. It really felt like a complete, well thought out and balanced game. The only thing that could maybe make it a little bit better was a soundtrack, but other than that, it felt amazing to play - and it looked and sounded amazing too! Congratulations on such an awesome job!

Had a lot of fun playing this one! The progression felt really smooth and satisfying, both in difficulty and in powers earned! Well done :)

Pretty cool concept, would love to play some more challenging levels, like having to use the red one to get really fast and switching to the blue, doing some super jumps. Good job mate!

I would never imagine playing a hacking style game like this in this jam! The atmosphere was so cool, the music choice really helped to set the tone. When the police caught me for the first time i literally jumped out of my chair! Great work

This was actually our first jam! We didn't even have any finished projects before this weekend, it was probably the most exhausting couple of days of our lives, and i loved every second of it! (well, the first 10 hours or so were kinda hard, cuz we decided to fully scrap the first game idea and star over)

Here's our little main character!
Would love if you guys could give it a try!

My project was about the last One in a world full of evil Zeroes, and had only one core mechanic, turning on some power switches! These are the little guys


We'd love to have you guys give it a try!

Pretty cool project mate! The shield was my fave weapon, seeing the skeletons hitting themselves made me laugh, haha. The room with three knights and the fire rod between them was so hard! Nice job!

Hey, that was soooo challenging, and I loved it! The moment i got to the first checkpoint, i was almost shaking, that was awesome! I would love to have it on my phone! Congrats on the project.

Hey, that was super cute, and pretty challenging! I was having some trouble surviving, but the moment i realized how to dodge the spoopy ghosts, my kitty became unstoppable! Awsome project!

(bonus points cuz of the cat, we love cats!)