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Nice! We included the link on the game's page, and also made a nice little tweet about it :)
Once again, we are really happy you enjoyed our game, and very thankful for your kickass contribution!

Hey, RitaOrc! Thank you so much for your kind words, we're very happy you liked our game and that you want to hack it!

And yeah, you can ABSOLUTELY hack it! All we ask for is a little shout out in the credits section - and that you let us know when it's done so we can play it too (and tweet about it)!

bathan, we're so sorry we didn't reply earlier!! For some reason, we wrote a reply but forgot to post it - which sucks because that web version looks absolutely INCREDIBLE! We're very happy and honored you enjoyed our game enough to create such a kickass way to play it!

Is it okay if we link to it on the game's descryption?

Also, can we give you a shout out on our social media? What should we link to? This looks and plays too good to not be talked about!! 

Yeah, that's what they mean at first glance - but you can tweak them any way you want! Maybe in your game, "below" actually means going through portals that send you to the Underworld, while "above" could mean you go on a little trip to space and have to solve problems for a celestial civilization!

Nobody misses out on community copies on our watch!!!

Feel absolutely free to claim one of the copies we just added to the pool :)

Oh, heck yeah, that sounds awesome! We absolutely love seeing printed zines of our games, and we hope you have a ton of fun being a Hero and saving the world!

Hey, Huwans! We're glad you're looking forward to play! We really wanted this to be a nice, chill experience, so nice catch on the lack of focus on combat and heavy journaling (which you can still engage with as much as it feels right to you, but it's perfectly okay if you never do)!

You're absolutely right about hex 1,1 not being a valid start position the way we wrote the rules. There's not particular reason for that at all - we actually did consider using a d12 (which you're completely free to do!), but we really wanted the full game to require no other die besides the d6s since they're so much easier to find. Hex 1,1 ended up being a small, unintended sacrifice... But now that you brought it up, we're really into the idea of writing something related to the mysteries hidden in The Forgotten Hex... Surely there must be a good reason civilization didn't rise up again in that particular location... Right?

Thanks for your kind words, and we're sorry for the confusion! Hope you have a nice time with the game, and you already know where to find us if you have further questions :)

Hey, Xion! We really appreciate your interest and we hope you have a real nice train ride (hopefully without any actual murders going on!)

Right now, we unfortunately don't have a way to provide physical copies of our games, as much as we'd like to. STILL, the files are all properly formatted for easy printing - especially the low ink, black and white versions. We've actually had people print this game (in B&W) before as a zine, and it looked pretty good, so we say absolutely go for it - we'd love to see how it turned out (and how your game went) if you do! 

Oh, thanks for the heads up! When we updated the files a while back, for some reason the color version was left out! You should be able to download it now :)

Thank you so much, Brenex! 

We hope you have a fun time exploring a healing world, and if you have any questions, you know where to find us! :)


1) Hunters is 100% compatible with CBR+PNK! The v1 pdf was made to be used with the original CBR+PNK pamphlets, and the v2 pdf is uptaded to fit every change present in the Augmented version!

2) Hunters was available in print as part of the CBR+PNK kickstarter campaign, but it is currently only available in pdf. It's possible you'll be able to buy it in print eventually through Mythworks website ( - we'll let you know (and tweet about it) when it happens!

You got it :)

We don't have a place like that currently, but it's something we've debated and may end up happening sometime in the future!

For now, we'd love to see some after-action reports as threads in the comment areas of our games, so everyone who plays can see each other's journeys? (we will probably add a few reports ourselves!)

Oh, dang. It does sound like your pilot will need to undergo a lot of soul-searching to figure out the consequences of that clash (love that for the story... Sorry, pilot!)

The stats for the god also sound super fun?? The way their lowest stat was also their motivation, but they had 10 Lies gives serious "power is whatever people believe it to be" vibes, and we're definitely here for it! Very curious to hear how you set it up!

Thanks for writing - we hope you keep enjoying your adventures (and putting some gods to their eternal rest) 

Hey, GreenOracle! Thanks for writing - we're glad you enjoyed helping your first planet!

That is a good question - and honestly, either way works. Our initial idea was to make the choice of Attribute when opposing gods directly be more narratively inclined - to add flavour and context to the action, since they don't contribute to that particular roll. The gods would then always deal damage according to their cards...

That being said, having the damage be tied to the attribute you chose to oppose the god would add another strategic layer to that confrontation and allow you to better manage your health points - which is also cool!

So yeah: original intent was to make gods always deal damage according to their card, having your Attribute act as a narrative device to frame the scene - but taking damage according to your chosen Attribute sounds fun as well, so feel free to play it that way and see how it goes (it should make for a slightly easier game, since it would become easier to avoid defeat - and honestly, the universe could really use Slayers who stick around a little longer)!

Oh, heck yeah! (hack yeah...?)

We would love for other designers to have some fun with this framework - cannot wait to see what comes up!

We actually plan on making a few hacks of it ourselves! The more, the merrier - so hack away, friends!

    • v1.0: Launch version.
    • v1.1: Fixed minor typos; uploaded a low ink, printer-friendly version.
    • v1.2: Updated the sections about play materials and Starting The Game (to include the use of a token to navigate the hexmap).

Hey, Stan!
Jut added a few copies! Hope you have some fun helping your neighborhood and going on some saturday morning adventures!

(PS: that's a great profile picture, we stan a kitty grooving to their favorite songs!!!)

HELLO?? THANK YOU very much for your kind words and excitement, we're glad you like it that much (hope you like it even more once you get to playing it!!)

We had not heard of "6x6 Tales" before, but with such high praise we're definitely going to check it out ASAP!

You are absolutely right about the typo - it should read "a resourceful Wanderer" indeed, we've uptaded the PDF to fix it! Good eye and thanks for the heads up!

And honestly, we are also That Person. The printer-friendly version has been uploaded and is ready for printing!

Happy journeys and let us know what sort of adventures you get yourself into! :)

Oh snap, we hadn't thought of using them that way before but it actually sounds pretty fun!

If we wanted to run HUNTERS as a supplement for players instead of opponents, we'd probably:

* Using it in Campaign play, each time a Runner completed (and survived) a run, we'd award them 1 rank on their chosen Hunter Archetype (so, after completing the first mission, they'd be able to choose between either of the Rank 1 upgrades). If playing a REALLY LONG campaign, we'd make it so each successful mission added 1 mark to that Rank's progress track instead, making Runners unlock the upgrade once each track got completed.
* If using it for one-shots, we'd do... Basically the same thing, but instead of making progress between missions, we'd have Runners attempt to unlock them during prep time for the run. Runners could make rolls before the run started to attempt to unlock the Hunter upgrades - but that would also mean risking starting the run with the Stress bar pretty high, which would make the run even more dangerous! (we would also consider adding tougher obstacles according to how many Hunter upgrades the party unlocked for each run - they wouldn't bring all that gear if the job wasn't as demanding!)

Glad you liked the addon and thanks for the question! If you end up using HUNTER UPGRADES for your runners, let us know how it went!

Hey! We've just added a couple more community copies, feel free to grab one!

Hope you guys have a great time!

Hey! Thanks for the message and for being interested in our supplement!

As of right now, we don't sell our games anywhere else - although we plan on setting up a Brazillian store with adjusted prices for our reality around March - so stay tuned!!

In the meantime, feel free to grab one of our free community copies - trust us, we know buying things in dollars, in this current economy, is completely absurd for any BR, so we 100% want our conterrâneos to grab free copies of any of our games they want to check out. Do consider leaving it a 5-star rating and talking about it with your friends - that helps out a lot with the algorithms!


Thank you so much for buying the bundle - and HECK YEAH!! We can't wait to listen to your playthroughs and we hope you enjoy them. We'd love to hop on the podcast and have a chat :)

You can reach us either through twitter at @catscratcherdev, or through e-mail at - whichever works best for you :)

Thanks for showing interest and reaching out!

It really depends on how in depth you want your journal entries to be!
W&A games usually last around 7-10 rounds, so really it's all up to how much detail you want to put in your story - but you can safely go for a very short notebook without risking running out of pages (or even try using voice recordings if you don't want to waste any paper at all!)

Hey! We're so glad you're enjoying Courage as your first solo ttrpg!! (and dang, "Flynn and The Sword That Time Forgot" sounds so good, we're already imagining the adventures you going through!)

About your questions:

  • Courage does go back to 10 at the beginning of every Dungeon! It's on page 14, but we can see how that could've slipped past you! We're gonna highlight it a little better on our next pdf update so it's easier to find :)
  • When you lose Courage and go back to the beginning, it does also go back to 10 - and we completely let that one slip, so thanks for pointing it out! Another one for the update!
  • About your max Courage - it's the latter: there are special cards which can increase the usual 10 max if you go on a special side quest! (it's one of the Jokers)

Again, really glad you're enjoying the game!! Thanks for pointing those out, and let us know if you have any other questions :)

Oh gosh, thanks for the heads up! It should be fixed now!

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Oh god. A Murshroom Kingdom campaign. Brb, we're gonna play as plumbers RIGHT NOW.

Glad you're enjoying the book - and once again, thank you for your insights! We've been discussing the statistics you mentioned and workshopping some options for our planned big update! One of the ideas we're toying with is having 3 Difficulty Settings: Standard, which is the way the book is written currently; Hard Mode, which would set the minimum Fear Rating to 3 instead of 1; and Nightmare Mode, which would set the minimum Fear Rating to 5!

We will be discussing more options, but your reply did give us a lot to consider! :)

Hey, thanks for writing such a thought-out comment!

About the Trials that present two different Attribute choices: you're just supposed to pick one Attribute, and you only need to roll once (if you succeed). We'll tweak the text to make it clearer on our next update!

And yes, you can simply choose to use your highest stat whenever you want - if that's what your character would do (and how you want to play)! What we realized during our playtesting was that even if you were using the Legendary Gear on your highest stat AND had picked up the Relic, things could still snowball out of control if you drew a Dungeon with a ton of high-value cards and rolled poorly on a couple of the toughest Trials.

We toyed a lot with the damage levels (and the interactions with Fear) during development to try to balance out the difficulty of the game, and this is what we felt comfortable with! We're pretty okay with having a high chance of beating the Bosses - that's actually how we intended the gameplay loop to go in each Dungeon: get stronger, defeat things easier with the powers you've won.
It is indeed possible to cheese the game if that's how anyone wants to play it - and we want you to be able to do that if that's what you feel like doing!
At the end of the day, this is still a game of exploration - and hopefully you'll still be able to use the prompts to lead you through a cool story, even if your Hero didn't find the challenges particularly difficult :)

We really appreciate the insight, and we'll consider these statistics for a possible Hard Mode in our next update!

Wake up!

The Beast is back, devouring hope wherever it goes.
We need the Hero of Courage to save us once more…

Hey, everyone! We are Catscratcher Studio, and we just released our new game - Courage!

Courage is a solo tabletop RPG using the Carta System to create a dungeon-crawling experience inspired by games from “The Legend Of Zelda” series. You’ll play as the recently awoken Hero of Courage, exploring Dungeons and gathering power to prevent the world from being destroyed by Evil Incarnate.

It’s got prompts to guide your game, tools for building a world and generating dungeons, challenges, mysteries and side-quests! This is our love letter to the Zelda series and we hope we did it justice!

There will be some community copies anyone in financial hardship can grab for free, and every new purchase will add more copies to the pool! (This game was made for the #CartaJam, so please check out all the other cool stuff made with this awesome system!)

You can get it at:

Speaking as a couple of the people who had fallen behind, this extension is very much appreciated!!

Why is finishing projects so much harder than starting projects....

Is there anything more GAMER than owning gamer-themed t-shirts???

And gamer-themed notebooks...

And... A glowy mouse and a glowy keyboard... That's gamer, right..?

Oh, heck yeah! That sounds awesome and we'd love to see what you came up with!! Would you kindly shoot us an email at
(Also, would it be alright if we shared it on our social medias so people could see it too?! :D)

No worries! We hope you have fun taking down oppressive behemoths and their structures of power!! Let us know if there's anything else we can help you with :)

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Hey, thanks for the question and glad to know you're enjoying hunting gods!

When you fail to Oppose a god, you take 1 point of damage according to the suit of the card you picked to determine which were the god's goals and motivations - so if you're attacked by a god who aims to Deceive or Despair, you take Pilot damage; while a god who aims to Devour or Destroy deals Slayer damage! Thanks for reaching out, we'll make sure to make that aspect clearer when we update the pdf!

Oh, good question - we totally let that slip! The damage was intended to be carried from planet to planet, but resetting damage/carrying over damage is indeed a very nice way to adjust the difficulty - we should probably add that to our next revision! Thanks for the heads up, and glad to know you're enjoying your time hunting gods!

Hey, we had ran out of community copies but we've just added a few of them, so feel free to get one! All you need to do is go to the project page, scroll down a little bit, and when you find the "Community Copies" box, just click on the "Claim" button and you're done! We hope you enjoy the game :D

Heck yeah, we're happy you enjoyed your time with Murder! The Wretched and Alone system is so freaking good we had a blast playing with its mechanics to give it our own spin!
Sorry the assassin escaped - hopefully you'll be able to catch them before they kill too much people on their next spree!

You can indeed attack with any two sequential cards! Beefing up your Sequences serves mostly to overcome potential blocks and to win tie-breakers, but quick Sequences left unopposed can be very deadly!