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Hey, everyone!

We've just released our new Halloween-themed game, "Tricks, Treats & Spooky Streets", an adventure inspired by Stranger Things and Scooby Doo! Play as kids uncovering mysteries and facing monsters during Halloween night, having to solve problems with nothing but courage, cunning, charm, costumes and the power of friendship!

The game will be 50% off during the Halloween Sale (along with all our previous games), so please check it out! :)

(as always, there are community copies available for anyone who wants to play it but can't afford it right now, and each new sale contributes to the pool!)

Thanks, we also love Neon Genesis Evangelion over here!! We Can (Not) Wait for the final Rebuild movie!

And thanks for the heads up! When opposing a God, you do take damage (and draw a card) as usual. You can also Oppose them until one of you falls. We've updated page 9 to make these rules clearer - and we also added some new rules for escaping a planet when things are going south on Page 10, which was an update we were already playing with and thought this was a good time to include!

Hope you're enjoying your time making Gods regret their ways!!

Thank you so much for such a well thought out review! We honestly think we couldn't have described our own game better - and it feels really nice to see so much of what we intended resonated with you the way we wanted! We're happy you enjoyed your time with our game :)

(Is it okay to share this review on our social medias? We'd love to pay it forward and help bring more people to your reviews and to your games!)

Thank you so much for the nice words! Percy Jackson was actually one of the inspirations for this one, so we do hope you two enjoy playing through it!

Oh, nice!! We're happy you enjoyed your time with it :D
Who was your Hero and what did they do??

(also, do check out other W&A games once you have some time - there's some GREAT stuff there!)

Oh snap, we totally let that slip! We're going to edit the PDFs to make it clear!

It should be 1 Damage of whichever Suit you were Opposing (or 4 if you miss an Oppose roll while performing the Overwhelm ability).

Thanks for trying it out, glad you enjoyed it :D

Do let us know how it goes when you play it again! :)

Thank you for your criticism - we hope you were still able to enjoy the experience despite finding some shortcomings!

Our intention was for the intermission for detective work to happen during the journaling phase, by creating theories from the pieces of each murder - we do reckon that's a more subjective process than one might've hoped for, and although it has its purpose, criticism of it is completely valid, so thank you for writing this review! We'll keep it in mind for our next releases :)

Somos sim! Nós pretendemos fazer versões em português de todos nossos jogos assim que terminarmos de trabalhar na leva que estamos desenvolvendo agora! :)

Obrigado pela atenção! :)

We're doing our best to wrap up our game in time - and we probably will, but an extension would surely be appreciated so we can playtest it enough to make sure everything is working the way we intended! Turns out dethroning God can be a lot of work...

And the submissions all look very interesting!! We're looking forward to playing them once we're done with our project (because, again, we're really running against the clock here)!

Oh gosh, this was a truly delightful read. Thank you so much for sharing!
Sorry for putting you through all that - surely things can still end up alright...?

We would like to submit our wholesome super hero ttrpg, Friendly Neighborhood Superhero:

So, after releasing two W&A games for the jam, we thought we were done but....... We're thinking about trying to get another one ready before the end?

The idea we're playing with right now is to implement social media interaction - as in, you'd do your journaling on twitter by using the game's hashtag, and there could be positive or negative triggers for interacting with other posts?

We're still debating between making an optimistic game (the Earth is being visited by extraplanar creatures who judge civlizations and wipe them out if they're not good enough... And they have found Twitter. So the only way to push them away is by sharing good memories and deeds and things worth fighting for, in a sort of Doctor Who-inspired vibe?) or making a creepy game (inspired by social media conspiracy theories/Save Marina Joyce, and using the hashtag to help the next people who are being hunted by whoever we decide is hunting the players)

Murder! is a solo RPG about trying to solve a mystery while struggling to stay alive - knowing fully well that death hides in every corner, nobody is safe, and everybody has secrets to hide.

It is inspired by murder mysteries such as Clue (the board game and the 1985 movie), Knives Out, and the entire Agatha Christie body of work - with a tiny pinch of Hereditary, Seven and Hannibal thrown in to keep things interesting!

You are likely to die, and unlikely to be remembered.

For $5 (with free copies available), you get:

Multiple crime scenes to investigate;

Dark secrets to uncover;

A Serial Killer to be stopped:

You can get it at:

Oh, I love the idea for the Hunter/Hunted bit, and I'm really curious to see how you're going to execute that!! Are you planning to write twice the number of oracles for when the roles shift, or would the player just read them from a different point of view on the second playthrough?

Okay, let's credit both!

The "pulling one of each suits" bit sounds really promising! It could work really well with scenes necessarily composed by four factors, like the ones you mentioned!!
We immediately thought about how it could be used to create a "Clue"-like game, in which a serial killer is on the loose and each day you'd pull one of each suits to determine their Method, Weapon, Location and Victim...

Crap, now I guess we're making this game.... Is it okay to use the suits idea and give you credits for it?!

Wow, these numbers were VERY interesting - and were a pretty cool read as well! Thank you very much for doing and sharing the work, this will definitely inform what we're doing for our next game!
"I knew this thing was hard to win - didn't know it was THAT hard" is a very big mood and now we feel evil for actually thinking "okay but how much MORE miserable can we make our players?"

Hello internet, we're Catscratcher Studio, and we just released a new game we want to share with you!

Operation Swordbreak is a solo RPG about paranoia and struggling against an unbeatable, oppressive system. It’s a game about making sacrifices and fighting for hope, even when all hope seems to be lost.

You are likely to die, and unlikely to be remembered.

You are a spy, undercover behind The Regime’s lines, the only person willing to do what’s necessary. Operation Swordbreak - sabotaging The Weapon before it’s ready to destroy all life - is your only chance. That is, if The Hunters don’t get you first…

For $5 (with free copies available for anyone who can't afford it!), you get:

Prompts to generate situations of distress and fear;
An intricate narrative, with multiple possible endings;
Hidden secrets waiting to be uncovered;

You can get it at:

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Hello internet, we're Catscratcher Studio, an indie group from Brazil, and we just released a new game we want to share with you!

Friendly Neighborhood Superhero is a solo tabletop RPG (with optional rules for group play) about superheroes who go on adventures to, sure, fight crime - but with the major goal of helping their neighbors and leaving their neighborhood a better place!

Generate problems and citizens; create scenes through a simple and dynamic system; and play to find out how your actions transform your neighborhood for the better!

For $5 (with free copies available for anyone who can't afford it!), you get 30 pages with:
* Rules for generating and going on adventures;
* Tables to create villains to fight and neighbors to interact with;
* Optional rules for group play;

You can check it out at:

Hello, community!
We've been hard at work on our first official release for a few months - and after the whole covid deal, we actually decided to release it a little earlier and make it free to download for the immediate future so people can play it during isolation.

It's called CROSSED / FATES, and it's a game about a devastating mech war in which players portray the chosen heroes of two opposing sides, and fight each other time and time again until the conflict is resolved.

It's inspired by Gundam, but the rules enable the creation of stories in any setting, so if mechas are not your thing but you like the idea of playing destined rivals in a huge war and dealing with the consequences of conflict, then feel free to play it as a jedi knight and a sith lord, or Harry Potter and Voldemort, or whatever else your heart desires!!

You can download it over, and we'd love to hear your thoughts on the game and the stories you build if you do play it :)

Pretty fun puzzle game! Quite well polished,  good job

Neat concept! With some more time to polish it would be pretty awesome! The two guys on top of each other really got me by surprise, awesome work!

Really awesome project. Nice music, visuals, pretty amazing overall! I actually got so scared when I had to run into the shadows at some points. Nice job mate!

Hey, that was really, really awesome! This gotta be one of my favorites entry's so far. The mechanic was pretty cool, loved how you could make your own commands. I'd love to see the rest of the plot, it had kind of a portal vibe to it, some science mystery!  Great job

Maybe, it would help a lot in the blue and green one, but i don't know if the yellow one would benefit from it. I actually didn't understand if the cats jumped randomly from side to side, or even its possible to have them all flying at the same time, I could only move a couple at a time.

I gotta say, that was a pretty complex idea, nice job! The only minigame I could actually finish consistently was the red one, so i sticked to it. But overall, very polished and visually pretty!

Hey, that was pretty unexpected, but actually pretty cool! I wasted a couple of shots, figuring out the aim mechanic, but quickly got the hang of it. It can be kinda slow, as other people pointed out, but since it is a strategy game, that's understandable. Nice job!

Pretty fun mechanic! It was pretty fun once i better understood how the disk worked.Other people have pointed out that being able to bring the disk back at any time would make the gameplay more dynamic, and i agree, that's actually the only problem I had with the project! Great job

I agree with you on the wall slide, but the down dash and the H speed would definitely help the game feel even smoother! I'll sure give it a new run once you're got it updated so I can finally reach the top of the Lonly!!

This was very difficult but also very fun! You did a great job designing all those puzzles - gotta love a game that pushes its players  to beat tough odds! Well done! :D

Thank you so much for the review! Happy you enjoyed our game!!

Just finished downloading yours, and will leave a review in a couple of minutes (but I already love your cute slime!)

Thank you so much!
The Mega Man comparison made us very happy - that was exactly the feeling we were going for with that last level!!

Heck yeah! Thank you so much!!
We're very sorry about how the moving platforms turned out - they definitely needed another round of playtesting and bug fixing. Glad you were still able to enjoy our game, though! Thanks for giving us a shot!

This was REALLY fun! Loved the way you folks used the jam theme, the difficulty level seemed on point, the different enemies were well thought out and felt balanced (I've never hated werewolves more, and I've watched all the Twilight movies...). It also felt surprisingly juicy, with the flashes and the little screenshake!

I loved the way you pulled off the cooling off mechanic, it works really well and keeps the game dynamic. Also was a fan of changing the screen color to represent the ship's health - a simple but very elegant solution!

Sometime I'd find it hard to aim where I wanted, but it didn't worsen my experience at all. I think it contributed to making the game feel challenging but fair.

Great job, one of my favourite entries :)

Ok now I'm going right back to it and this time I'm gonna beat every scenario

Thanks for checking our game out, Jupiter!! Your compilation videos have been super great and I'm having a blast watching all of them!

Thanks for taking a look at our game!

The zeroes shutting things off was something we wanted to implement, but eventually ran out of time :( We had a few levels in which the player would need to juggle all these switches, but those will have to wait for our next release!

(loved Einnsámr, and kept thinking I'd love the actually have a boardgame version of it because the pieces look super nice!)

Love this concept, and the graphics also look really nice and fitting! I think maybe tweaking the numbers on the momentum of the ship would be my only suggestions, gameplay-wise, because the game feels very good already. Well done!