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True Gamers Only

A topic by Peach Garden Games created Apr 30, 2021 Views: 167 Replies: 8
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What makes you a True Gamer, and thus qualified to enter this most holy of gamer jams?
I'll start! I got every ending to Chrono Trigger. That's an SNES RPG so you know it has real gamer cred.

Also sometimes I talk casually about what I "main" in Monster Hunter. 


I don’t know if I am a true gamer, but I play games, make games, teach game development, and basically, my life revolves around games. Ok, so maybe I am… 😂


I finished Bloodborne one time! We'll brush over the fact it took half a year, and I'm not counting the expansion because it made me weep with rage after I couldn't get past the first boss. And despite owning three other Souls games I haven't finished them either. But shhh...


Is there anything more GAMER than owning gamer-themed t-shirts???

And gamer-themed notebooks...

And... A glowy mouse and a glowy keyboard... That's gamer, right..?


To this day, I still replay A Link To The Past every 1-2 years because it was a cornerstone of my childhood and I probably played it 10 times at least as a kid.

And if that doesn't count, beating Battletoads in Battlemania as a kid and Alundra as a young teenager should count.

Also I'm very interested in the topic of game design as a whole.


I own more than one controller. Pretty gamer of me.


i owned and used my original DS until the top screen came half off

i still have it and it still works! but there's no sound anymore+it's a pain to prop up lol


I eat games for breakfast.


I know Monkey Island - which apparently already is quite a feat. I even played it multiple times! I must be a gamer!