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So, i go to some island. Boom invisible wall! Wtf, how do i go to island if invisable wall block me?! Anyways, i build a MAGNIFICENT house only to find out there is no save system. This house will be missed. I go get wood. Got them apples, more apples in fact, i was a vegan the entire time cause there were more invisible walls than cows. Also spiders are pricks. After that, i swim to gray island or whatever its called, i go there and get stone, yeeees finally stone age duuud! I make stone gear, no stone armor tho, disappointing, and i went to get metal! Sooo i started smacking some iron ore looking things on another island, and guess what?! Nothing. I was standing there all like, "my disappointment is immesurable and my day is ruined" sorta thing, and then came time to eat. So i exited the game, saying goodbye to my house one last time and off to the sunset. 

With all that being said - 10/10 

I am not the spiritual journey type of guy, but i guess this game was dope

Agreed on all of that, currently working on the post-jam version with all the feedback given, thanks for playing!

Very unresponsive controls for some reason. Other than that, i liked the mechanic! Also i think its kinda weird that the lamp emits no light when held by the player but everything in the name of gameplay i guess! 

Good work!

Yup.... currently working hard on making it not be that way, thanks for playing! :D

At first its a bit overwhelming, but after some time you get used to it and it becomes a very fun game. Incredible job!

I actually had sounds ready but as you might have seen i posted the game 1 minute before the deadline and i just couldn't put the sounds in on time. There were some game breaking bugs that had to be fixed and i barely managed to figure it out in the end. Archers were also part of the idea where you could deflect the arrows with the sword but again, time was so little :/

Thanks a lot for playing though, and thanks for the feedback!

Way too confusing for me! Like what the heck is happening i was thinking, as everything felt a bit too unresponsive. Maybe something was happening but it felt odd, as i said, way too confusing for me.

Shooting was a fine addition though and i liked the recoil, art and music were also great! I might not understand it but i think i can still say its a job well done!

Enemies are easy too easy to dodge but the map being so small doesn't really require me to conserve ammo. Went past all the enemies in lv 1 and 2 and just unloaded my mags on last boss. 

Still think its a solid game, it has great graphics and the if a bit more balanced, it could make for a great survival fps!

Maybe it was me not understanding but i don't think the raids gave anything except damage. Also it becomes very hard to recover after being swarmed by enemies and only allowed to shoot to the beat. The reload also takes forever and as i said before, if swarmed its basically game over.

Game is still solid good though, just needs some balancing!

Quite buggy, the minimap dissapeared on me and i got lost in the huge map. I found it very easy to juke the police but i must say i really enjoyed running around to that music, beats were dope! Animations were also slick and it make for a cool "endless" runner!

Awesome concept. Must say though, it was rather confusing in the start before i figure out what i was doing. I know there is little tutorial in the corner but it felt as if i wasn't doing anything and only after around 2-3 minutes i figured out how the system works.

 After that it was a great experience, incredible work!

Aaay my game looks fine! I kinda doubt that but regardless, fun game! I think some of the questions are sort of objective but apart from that, well done!

Oh wow, didn't even think it was possible, thanks for pointing it out!

I like the idea! More options would have been great but for 48 hours its solid!

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yOU PeoPlE. Deserve game of year 2020 

Jesus that sensitivity! Apart from that I like how the mechanic was implemented!

Alright. This is something. Only feedback i can give is maybe tweak the hitboxes a little bit, because some things still hit me when i am visibly not touching them. Apart from that, again. incredible work!

Very creative! I liked it!

Accelerating it very satisfying and the controls are smooth. However you can get stuck very easily and there is no easy way to restart. Also ghost mode would probably be better for this type of racing game because bumping in the other snail is very easy and it can get you stuck where you can't reverse.

Other than that, well done!

Quite fun!

Definitely agreed on the difficulty, sadly I did not have time to balance it but will be doing so in the post jam version!

Very solid game!

uuuuuh creepy! Nicely done!

Hard as fck.

Good game! I think you should give the player a little bit more weight tho, he feels like he weighs a feather and when i push a small box i just climb on top of it.

Nice experience!

Couldnt complete level 2, seems impossible to push the ball up the hill :(

Character is very cute though, for some reason i really like his looks :D

Hm, it would seem like there is some sort of bug. Nothing happens when i give a wrong answer, only getting a congratz screen when i hit the right answer. Concept seems cool though! I like that the gameplay is literally math! (them math haters will probably not enjoy dying tho)

Wow that was a lot of fun! Getting all the combos is so satisfying, i think i got over 60k at one point and most of my turrets were 5k ones. Definitely one of my most fun experiences so far in the jam!

So the camera should be giving you more clearance, as you may not see the enemy coming. Cool mechanic with the box gun, and overall - a pretty decent platformer!

Not the most original idea, but concept is still executed well with great sounds, graphics and polish!

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It can get too boring waiting on the download/uploads. The upgrades seem to be bugged as well, as i upgraded my download/upload and the speed was not changing. I like where the game was going but its just too slow to progress with the bugged upgrades. 

Props for the graphics though!

Odd, game doesn't let me type, the first letter i press and i get an X, thought it was maybe my language but nope. Concept is still cool though.

I mean, was just wondering what to do. I dragged the cubes around at the beginning but i didnt know what to do with them. I didn't figure out how to get past the wall. And if u wondering how i "cheated" in lv1, i just went around the wall because u can fly in the area where it looks like you can't.

Interesting game! Maybe make the arrows into something else like a letter because pushing arrow keys is rather uncomfortable while typing. Maybe that's the challenge but i feel like the same idea can be accomplished in different ways, still a good job though!

Really like the idea! Difficulty is non-existent though, best strategy is always capture and go for items and victory is almost assured, medium or hard, doesn't matter because you just get a staff and you kill the enemy king through the pawn!

Regardless, really like it, the simple graphics, the cool soundtrack, nicely done!

For the time given, the driving mechanic is dope! Good job!

Trippy as hell, what did you do those poor textures, man?

Yeah, that really did make me rage. Second level at the spikes in the beginning, felt almost impossible!