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Jon Topielski

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Yeah that's the Yume Nikki easter egg. The bed belongs to that creature. There's nothing more.

Did you toggle the lamp several times?

Cute game! I enjoyed the SFX and the fact that your outfit changed each time.

Andyman!! Thanks for playing! :D

Let's not undercut hard working developers. What difference does it make to you if the price is the same and the developers gets a little more?

Woah this game is awesome! Very well designed. Nice work.

Woah this is a sick concept! I was hoping someone would do something with disco. Very polished and beautiful game. My only criticism is that sometimes the optimal strategy was to pace back and forth in the same two squares. Not sure what can be done about that, but still really enjoyed this one!

a lot of games came out of the disc room game jam:

Seems like it worked pretty well, thanks!

Great read. Love the fonts btw! How difficult is the process of making fonts?

This is such a great example of a simple concept executed extremely well. I like the scroll movement too which doesn't get enough love in games.

Very funny and unique take on the jam. Great graphics too.

Great graphics and an interesting mechanic. Really enjoyed this one!

CUTE! I loved the sound effects and the simplicity of it all. It would have been interesting if the dog could also get eaten or maybe lose health. Nice job!

here’s a link to a full playthrough of the game:

thank you!! means a lot!

A tough LD indeed, but hey this is a pretty good snippet of a game. I enjoyed it and would definitely play a full version

your design skills are truly top tier =)

This looks great! Would love to contribute music to this if you are looking for help

Love the aesthetic. I did not take the righteous path at first XD

This was really fun! My favorite was the rock minigame because of how varied it was. Nice work!

I loved chucking my axe into a line of bats.

I'm gonna have nightmares about this witch, haha! Cool mechanic. Very impressive for a first game jam.

Fair question. The assets I personally created from scratch were the hand drawn paper level, the "pause" windows95 level, and the 1bit bee level. Almost all other assets were grabbed from royalty free sites like and then were resized, dithered, and posterized before being added into the game.

Love the aesthetic and the retro blockbuster vibes. Overall very polished game. The movie name puns were a nice touch!

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Hey, would love some feedback! Only at 6 scores at the moment.

Hi I don't have a windows machine, but if you still want to try my game (I only have 6 ratings right now) I would really appreciate it!

This was very creative and you can definitely tell a story!

Woah I love both of the mechanics interplaying with each other and the levels were designed very well. Very impressive entry!

Cool concept! Took me some time to figure out the mechanic but once I did it clicked and it was very satisfying to use. I think the puzzles could be a bit easier though, I got stuck on the double laser level for a while! Good game though.

The level design is pretty good and it was cool to build solutions around the mechanic. Sometimes the blocks got in the way of each other so maybe having it so you can jump through the bottom of the blocks and land on top would have been nice. Overall solid game!

Nice game!! I think the level design was very good, I enjoyed playing each level all the way until the end. Keep it up

haha but no problems with the dancing worm!

Wow very well done! Beautiful aesthetic, story, music, design, learning curve, everything. 

I'll look into that issue. Thank you for letting me know!

Short and sweet. I loved the colors on this game and did feel a sense of achievement when I finally pushed the boulder over the edge. Nice work!

I loved the writing! Very funny and plays with the genre tropes. A more intuitive way to interact with the inventory would have been appreciated. Still, enjoyed this one quite a bit!

Are you using Edge or Safari browser? It might not be playable in those browsers. The download should work though.

Really enjoyed watching! Seeing you learning to nail the timings was satisfying. Thanks for playing and I'm glad you had fun.

Such perseverance! I was rooting for you the whole time and I'm glad you ended up at the finish line. Thanks for playing, I really enjoyed watching!