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Thanks Scott :-)

Hi, I'm interested in picking up either SpriteMancer or some of the standalone FX tools (like Pixel or Juice FX) but I was wondering if anyone can let me know the differences between them? Should I just pickup SpriteMancer rather than the individual ones? I'm assuming SpriteMancer is the future of these kinds of tools so if I pick it up hopefully it will receive more support.

There are 11 endings! Perhaps too many.. haha

Thank you for the kind words! I'm sure that AI will start to make its way into the game dev process in some way or another in the future. A "psychological assessment" game sounds interesting. If you have a cool idea about it feel free to email me.

Hi! I noticed you've been playing a lot of my games! Just wanted to say thanks for being supportive. Curious if you have any overall thoughts on my work as a whole? Anything you'd recommend for me after trying out so many of my works?

Thank you! Godot did a lot of the heavy lifting :)

Hey sorry for the late reply.. at the moment the tool doesn't really support that because the tool itself is a small resolution. It was kind of built like that by design - generally when stacks are too large the engine slows down.

I don't have the time to make such a change (as it involves more than just lifting the limit) but if you're interested, feel free to poke around the source code if you want to try modifying it yourself. It's using Godot 4.0:

Great! The file was helpful in testing. I've just updated the tool so it should hopefully work for all sizes. Thank you for letting me know about this bug!


Hello! That seems very odd indeed.. Can you try making the Aseprite canvas 64x64 and seeing if it still has the same issue? It will help me in debugging.

You can also share with me your Aseprite file and I can see if it can be reproduced on my machine.

Wow that was so good, like a mini-VVVVVV

Thank you !! Fun stream

Well my bucket list just got shorter

Wow that was so fun! I really enjoyed the interface system and how there was different dialogue depending on what you were using. Clearly a lot of love went into this and it shows!

Thank you!

I think this is only a problem in the jam version because in the full version it's extremely difficult to time this shot and the opponent can serve in any direction, making it a suboptimal strategy too

Hi, I just tested it on the same version and didn't get any error. Can you try re-importing the script? It's a strange bug because there is no '<' symbol anywhere in the script

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy using it :) I might be able to add gif support once the "godot-gdgifexporter" plugin gets ported to 4.0. In the meantime, you can use this Aseprite script to create stacked sprite gifs within Aseprite but it's not quite as simple


Like a true jammer!

Why hello there stranger

You're just having way too much fun, how dare you?!

Just added support for this on mobile - just tap on the dice. Thanks for letting me know!

"Thwack" "Thwack" "Thwack"!


Ah right, for that you save the file location and have a timer that constantly checks to see if the file's last modified time has changed. If it has, the file has probably changed, so you reload it

Yes, it's all in Godot. The live sprite updating involves rotating every layer of the stacked sprite every frame. Here's a video about it, if you're curious

Hi, can you try ctrl+clicking on the application to bypass the check? Or try opening it from the desktop application

ahh hey! yeah it came out recently :)

it's 2d, using stacked sprites + procedural legs


Can you go into more detail? You need to press Space to swing the racquet

hey ! the update is out :) i'm glad you had fun at the event

thanks! they are actually taken in game and then saved to the desktop. i then scale them up in aseprite

there's an expanded version if you're looking for more :)

Hey I was sitting to your left at the jam! I really liked scrolling as a mechanic to represent going on a road trip. 

Hi thank you :) Everything uses stacked sprites except for the player character.

 I really enjoyed Six Cards Under btw, it’s very well done!

thank you!!! (with all my heart)

Yes it's using sprite stacking

This is so much fun! I loved the story and also the fact that the rounds don't reset even if you 'lose'. Great work overall.