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Hi thank you :) Everything uses stacked sprites except for the player character.

 I really enjoyed Six Cards Under btw, it’s very well done!

thank you!!! (with all my heart)

Yes it's using sprite stacking

This is so much fun! I loved the story and also the fact that the rounds don't reset even if you 'lose'. Great work overall.

Incredible run! Mind is properly blown

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here you go:

it's not the cleanest code, but i know it can sometimes be helpful to poke around a project. the character movement is a combination of 'stacked sprites' and 'procedural walking', if you want to research those concepts first

i loved this!! very chill and puzzley. the creator should make a larger game with these island vibes.. ;)

much appreciated! thanks for hosting the jam ;')

Wow!! This is soo heartwarming to see, thank you for sharing! :)

i used the godot engine and sprite stacking for the art

thanks andy! :)


hi your music is awesome and super duper cozy!! would love to discuss with you to see if we'd be a good fit. if you have discord, feel free to add me: Jon Topielski#7219
you can see my past projects on my itch profile to get a sense of the games i usually make. look forward to hearing from you!

Wowee featured in PCGamer! Congrats team, well deserved :]

Thank you for participating and hanging out in the stream! It was nice getting to chat with you about your game and jams in general. Hope you continue to do more jams!

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Stream is done!

Link to the VOD:

  • 08:48 - Fantasy Cube Sim
  • 24:35 - Coffee Drinking Simulator
  • 49:23 - Tiny Criminals
  • 57:20 - Desktopia
  • 1:32:00 - World Serpent
  • 2:07:00 - Grandma Runs Errands
Hey everyone thanks for participating! In 3 hours from now (11am PST), I'll be streaming some of the entries on my twitch channel:
If you want to see your game played, come join and let me know which game was yours! Priority will go to people in chat but I'll also try to get to other games so people can rewatch the vod and maybe their game was played!
Feel free to link your game in chat if you might not be around for the livestream but would like to see the game played in the vod.
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Congrats to everyone who finished the jam and participated in making a paid game! The idea for this jam came to me a few months ago because I felt like the deadline of a jam with a paid game might be an interesting combination to help artists and developers earn a living. I hope everyone enjoyed participating whether or not you were able to submit anything!

Here's what's next:

  • If you missed the deadline and want to submit late, please reach out to me via email ( or discord (Jon Topielski#7219) and I'll send you a special late submission link. I'll allow submissions for the next 3 hours.
  • If you submitted a game and would like to receive keys to rate other people's game, you need to send me keys to your game so I can distribute them to other participants. If you haven't done this yet, please generate keys for your game using the link here: and send them to along with your username.
  • I'm allowing a 3-hour buffer for anyone who has to submit late or hasn't generated keys yet. After that, I'll be sending everyone keys via their email.
  • Also, I would like to stream submitted games! In 3 hours from now (11am PST), I'll go live on my twitch channel and play some of the games from this jam with priority to people who are live in chat with me. I'll also show off what I worked on (but didn't finish) and discuss the jam in general. Link:

If you have any questions feel free to ask here, otherwise thank you again for participating!

Hi thank you for the feedback. I would agree with you. The game is a lot more balanced (hard) now!

One of my favorite games in the jam, great work! Adding undo would be nice if you decide to update it post-jam : )

Ah yeah didn't have time to test that one, will fix it after the jam thanks!

Ooh I'll take a look, thank you for sharing!

Sorry to hear, best wishes for your lead artist! Hope you can end up finishing the project eventually.

A free demo sounds perfectly reasonable and hey, people outside of the jam can play it so it's still useful.

I'm sorry there is no save :(

If I were to do this again, I would probably create a discord but now that we're halfway through it might not be as useful. Making progress posts and team-finding posts seems to be the next best thing though.

for example, you can have an array of objects where each object looks like { coordinates: (0, 4), tile_id: 2 }. whenever a change happens on the board, you can create a new entry (a new array) and capture all the active objects on the board. if you ever undo, you need to grab the previous array of active objects and be able to interpret it and update the board.

you need to be able to encapsulate any given board state in some kind of data structure, like a 2d array. then, whenever the player moves, update the board state and maintain an array of the past board states. if the player presses undo, simply revert back to the last state. similarly for reset, go back to the first board state.

Of course, it's your game :)

hey thanks! i used a tilemap as the "source of truth" for all the blocks and for all input, i updated the tilemap. for example, if the player presses left, you check the tilemap to see if the player tile can move left or not.

the game was completely playable with placeholders until very close to the end and looked something like this:

what you see in the final product is just a "dumb" UI layer on top of the placeholders and i use tweening to move the tile positions from the current one to the next one.

Wow so much progress already, great work!

Congrats! :D interesting spell choices too, lot of support spells in there!

Thanks for the thoughtful review and playthrough! Glad you recognized some of the subtleties in the gameplay as well :D

Yo this is awesome!! Keep up the good work :D

thanks!! you tried so many and it means a lot that you kept coming back :D

What an amazing game, couldn't put it down until the end! 

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Ah, press "X" or "J" to shoot. Should have made it more clear you now have a new button press. The left wall is breakable

Tool sounds good to me! I guess it was never explicitly stated but any project type is allowed as long as it is paid.

Hi Aidan! You can submit anything as long as it has a price tag on it. No Free games though :]

Awesome! Can't wait to see what you come up with :D

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Here are the themes!

  • Tiny World
    • Does the game all take place in a confined area like a single house or mansion? How about a low-rez art style? Maybe the game all takes place on an island?! Ant colony?
  • Control is Limited
    • Does the player always get to control their character? Does your gun's scope sometimes wobble? Maybe your input controls are "limited" to just one or two buttons.
  • One Tool, Many Uses
    • Think multi-purpose design! Maybe your garden hose can both water plants and defend from zombies? Or your rocket engines act as both a thrust and a flamethrower.

Remember, the themes are optional and you don't have to use all three! Treat them as limitations to help you focus on coming up with interesting ideas with a limited scope.

Good luck and have fun!!