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Hey, thanks for playing!
That is sort of the point of the mechanic, it's easier to dodge bullets when you're small, but you risk dying and can barely use the sword.
Unfortunately due to a bug there's basically infinite bullets, so you can just use the gun heh

Thanks! Glad you noticed it, indeed the enemies are distributed based on depth in the dungeon. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing, yeah, maybe should've started everyone off with 1 health, but I just assumed you'll get hit at some point heh

Thanks a lot for playing!
The shooting over holes thing is a bug I left in, in fear that fixing it would break something else just before the deadline heh

Thanks so much for playing!

I hope to do atleast a bit more work on it, yes, thanks a lot for playing !

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Nope, not intentional heh. Seems it's a bug that creeped into the last build. Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for playing, I intended to make the gaps in the ground not stop bullets, but I kinda didn't have enough time to fix it and not worry that it might cause more bugs.
Yeah, I've played it a bit today again and have seen that bug and similar. Also for some reason ammo doesn't go down in the latest version, so... that might be part of the issue heh

I can imagine how hard it must be to balance pinball, physics chaos heh

I tried to :D thanks for the comment
btw; this is what succeeding in polishing looks like -

Thanks a lot for playing, really glad you enjoyed it!
It'd need far more content and polish to be released as a full game, but it's true i tried to push it as far as i could with something that's not supposed to be a jam game.

Thanks for playing! Binding of isaac wasn't really an inspiration directly since i never played it, but derivative games from it definitely inspired this :)

Really nice graphics and interesting concept. The gameplay is a bit slow though for my tastes, lots of waiting.

Wow this was hard to control, but i feel that's the whole point.

Nicely designed track, it's interesting and hard at the same time. I like the concept as well.

Cool concept, I wonder if it'd be more readable if the camera was facing in the direction you were going in, but otherwise nice game :)

From the title i thought it was going to be a platformer where you lose size the more you jump.
Nice concept, is really missing some cayote time cause the jumps are really tight and the speed is really fast, other than that, nice work!

Really cool concept, really nice looking, a bit difficult to control, but plays nicely once you get used to it!

Yeah, can't run the game either. Sorry :/

At first i thought it wouldn't feel much different from the "changing the player size", but it actually changes the gameplay by a lot and making it a fast moving precision platformer helps it stand out

Good job

Nice idea for execution of an expected platformer concept. Nice level variety as well. Could've used some polish (tweens, sfx, music maybe), otherwise nicely done

Cool concept, needs more levels. Glad you submitted in spite of that :)

I think you forgot to set the build public :/ unfortunate

Nice concept with very nice 1 bit aesthetic, I enjoyed the size balancing act a lot. Some SFX and music would've gone a long way to making this an even greater entry :)

Nice concept and good execution, the gameplay is a bit on the slower side, but the destruction mechanics are quite nice looking.

I'd suggest next time you make a WebGL build, they usually go better in jams, especially for games that can easily run in a browser. Nice work!

Nice concept and really cute graphics. I like how simple it is, but adds risk/reward balancing to an otherwise hypercasual game

Sorta cool spin on the classic flappy bird game, lacks a bit in the polish department, but is an interesting idea.

Interesting concept and fun gameplay. It's a bit hard, though it's possible i just suck at pinball. The game looks really cool as well!

Cool concept and take on the theme, I like the graphics.
I've also found the exploit btw heh

Nice models and really nice particles. I must admit though that i couldn't figure out what to do to exit the library / progress :/

Is it buggy? Yes. Is it way overscoped? Probably. Is it still interesting and fun? Yup! Congrats!

Due to the nice looks, nice boat animations and general fun of destroying boats with boats, this is far more fun than i expected it to be!
The controls are a bit hard to get used to, but damn, with a bit of sfx this could be a couch multiplayer or singleplayer arcade game no problem! Nice work!

Hard game, must say. Encountered some audio error where it cut out for some reason in the menu?
Really nice models and interesting gameplay

I've thrown my son into the fire a few times by mistake 0.o

Really nice graphics and environment work, really detailed for a jam game. The effects, everything.

Really nice artstyle and character design, nice music, and interesting story. Quite a large game for a jam entry.

I would've preferred to see more polish in the form of sfx and maybe some simple tween animations. The jump is also a bit floaty.
All that being said, really cool game, glad I could play it!

It was a bit of a crazy idea, glad i managed to pull it off. Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it :)

Interesting spin on a classic, with AI it could be a fun mobile game. Having different numbers of larger and smaller circles and crosses would be interesting to explore as well.

Fun gameplay and interesting take on the theme. I adore the sfx implementation :D