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So clip VR is a game about clipping, who'd guess!
It's a nice little concept, I like it. It'd have been nice to see more than one level in it, but game jam time constraints and all that.

One major point I have against this game is the movement. It's like normal sliding movement, and it makes me sick quite easily. Implementing a teleporting movement would probably make for a much better experience as well as be useful for new clipping "bugs" :)

Nice concept, shame about the lost project
I love the first door skip :D

Thanks a lot for playing :)

Nice idea.
I beat it in 0:11 :D
Might be possible to go a bit faster even
I like how this is a completely realistic exploit to have in a game :)

Cool concept.
Actually had this exploit in a production build on steam once, in a roguelite as well, thankfully no one seemed to mind :P
Shame about the sounds, but i get it, same thing same thing

Really pretty looking
Could use a few more animations on zombies getting hit and a better shooting sfx (more satisfying)

I don't see how it ties into the theme though :/

Neat concept. I like the quite unusual artstyle. Wish there was more to do.

Neat concept, i love the name input field :P

I'm not really a person for clicker/idle games, but i think this is a neat concept. It could probably use a lot more polish and feedback so the player feels great about... well clicking!

Nice concept and a nice interpretation of the theme!

Wish the map were zoomed out a bit more, it gets pretty hard to navigate and see what's around...
I like that the dialog just starts when you approach someone, makes it more fluid!

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Nice game :)
Good idea to interpret exploits that way, I like the fact that it's a GBC game.

You could probably add a list of keyboard controls for the web emulator on the page, took a bit to find A/B

Really nice concept!
Good thing i started with stage 4, cause the other ones would be confusing as heck otherwise!
The really cute pixel art, the way that sound effects make complete sense with the animations, the way the menu looks, I like how polished this is for a jam game :)

Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks for playing!

"enjoyable but tedious" is how i usually make my jam games xD not on purpose though

Thanks for playing it!
Yeah, I wish I had spent an hour or two more polishing the irritating bits :)

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks a lot for playing! Glad you like the style :)

Thanks a lot for playing! We're really glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for playing!

There is nothing you missed, a tight deadline caused us to miss such a principal UX feature - we agree 100% that the constant return to main menu when you lose is a pain in the b*tt and we wish we identified the problem earlier

Glad you liked it :)
We're thinking on building more on this concept in the future, but we'll see what the future holds.

Thanks a lot for the kind words :) We're really glad you liked it!

Oh this concept is really nice! There's suprising depth in such a "random" game. Sorry to hear about the intro not making it in, I hope you come around to updating this after the rating period. Would love to see this with a bit more polish on mobile. I'll definitely play this again if/when you update it post jam.

Thank you :) we're gonna keep making games and we'll definitely check out your game and comment on it as soon as we catch some spare time.

We're glad you enjoyed it. We're planning on working on it further and every comment will be considered.

Bugs like enemies stuck in the gong and the game running way to fast on some computers are going to be the first thing to fix.

We were thinking of more than one game mode. First idea was picking how many hammers, and how many characters there will be in a match.

We're thinking of singleplayer, couch multiplayer, and perhaps one day (if we think people will like it) P2P multiplayer.

Hammer throwing will probably get revamped into picking a direction instead of picking a point where it will land because we think picking a point to throw would be a nightmare on a gamepad. But yeah, the idea behind picking a point instead of direction was to set the skill bar needed to win higher.

Thanks for trying it out :)

I like you as a community member. I see you've reviewed and rated many of the games I did and had constructive and positive feedback on all of them. You get a follow both because of that and the promise you'll further develop lightless.

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This game looks great and feels great. The art, the music, the animations and the juice. It makes me think of minimalistic super meat boy.

I really like the changing king names but would prefer it if there was a bit mor randomization. Meaning if I saw Charles I and then Louis III because the game doesn't need to go through the whole list of names before landing on the same name twice.

EDIT: 5/5 5/5 5/5

Cool game. Lights flickering even though they're on are a genious if somewhat frustrating inclusion. Platforming mechanics and double jump input time could be a bit more polished to make up for tricky and narrow angles of the lights.

Cool concept both for single and multiplayer. The heart in the upper left corner is confusing. I guess it stands for 1 life but why would you even display it then. The love couple theme didn't really translate well for me.

Needs quicker restarts (any key instead of a click-button). It's a fun game I've spend half an hour playing it but I still have to rate and review other games.  The font in the main menu is terrible but thankfully you don't spend much time in the main menu.

It's a tough one to finish. The dragon ball theme is cool (wish there were punch animations, and changes in the character sprite as your power grows). The platforming could be improved and checkpoints added.

The music was a pain to my ears it's way to tense and repetitive to listen to for a long time.

The concept is cool, I like the theme interpretation. I hoped that flowers would have some kind of bar or something to show when to pollinate them. I just kept pollinating them and some of them would still wither and die even though I tried pollinating the withered ones as well.

I'd play this game more if it was a bit more pollished. Say if rabbits were consistant in the world. Moving through grass with only the tops of their ears being seen before they jump out to eat the flowers.

Cool game. Hope to see it further developed. You're getting a follow.

I've nothing more to add than Kitty Factory. It's the purest and best take on 1 sprite I've played this jam. Good work. You get a follow because I wanna know what happens next with this game.

I'd like to see this game made with more ingredients. I know it wouldn't be Ramen Origins anymore then but maybe that would be one of the chapters. Or a story about a cook who started with the mighty ramen and got famous but started changing the recipe and either got good or bad reception for it. Either way he starts with this ramen and then it spirals from there.

Well the first question was if it fit the theme since the name is one pair meaning two platforms. That was quickly rendered not important because the argument well it's only one mechanic (jump) was introduced.

Secondly we debated if it can constitute a rhytm game since it doesn't have rhytm indication. One side said that if the rhtym was in the code is what matters and the other side claimed that what matters is rhytm is non-existant if the player can't feel or see it and thus act on it to play the game. Our problem was that there was no rhytm felt so the dissappering platforms felt like they dissapeared randomly.

I think this is both a good puzzle game, all around quite stylish, and probably the best one shot themed game I've played this jam.

Played it,

Among the team debated it,

Rated it.

First two levels I thought the game was trivial. Then the game started to make me think a bit. Nice tutorial.

Now when the real puzzles started I just played and played and suddenly there were no more levels and there was no more morning coffee in my cup. Your game made my morning :)

It's a simple and well thought out concept and I adore this game.

When I saw the title I thought it would be more like a viking in space instead of Starcraft marine with an axe.

But then the game started and the axe was such a pleasure to wield it didn't matter who was wielding it. A few pieces of destructuble environemnt did a lot, but the winner was the sound of the axe getting stuck in the wall. How did you get it so good?