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Thanks, we wanted to make something narrative based that fit the theme, it was tough :/

I did

I... that was just... 

Well that was strange, enjoying the **** that has been put out for GMTK so far? :D

Thanks for playing :D

That's a very interesting game, you could work on that a bit more and publish that as a complete game :D

This was very interesting, I liked the way you got the theme into this platformer in a unique way. 

That was very good, love the art style makes it look very spacey if you get my meaning :D

Very nicely done, I like the style.

Gameplay is pretty solid well put together.

That was quite unique for a game jam project, well done with that.

That is a very interesting puzzle platformer, I love that you need to switch between the colours to see the entire map that is something I've never seen before.

Quite difficult but once you get the hang of it the game is a bit easier to play.

I've played a few one button press type games for this jam but your level design was very well done. 

I see, play, rate and give feedback on all games posted in my forum, and I'm very glad I played yours. 

Card games usually don't interest me at all but the one card is very difficult to play it but makes it way more interesting. 

Normally I'm not a huge fan of card games but the only one card per turn makes it very interesting. 

I'd like to see this mechanic used in a multiplayer type environment verses another player :D

A stomp was something else I thought about but even just the double jump would free up a bunch of movement. 

If I'm honest I think either works fine for the circumstances, both provide a bunch of potential control of movement.

That was a good game, a tad more work on level design and mechanics and you could potentially create a full game with this concept.

I hope you get the motivation to continue development of this game, I'd like to see it complete.

Good use of the theme, I have played other clone type games in the past but this one does stand out quite a bit.

Very good, I think you may have to work on the jumping mechanic a little. I found it difficult to hit the ones I wanted and those that I didn't even just a double jump would make it easier to avoid and hit the items I required.

Haven't actually seen an endless runner for this jam yet, but this is nicely done. 

I think if you plan to continue this game you should work on refining the mechanics a bit and possibly adding other shoppers to compete against or something like that, some form of enemy to combat on the run is all I mean.

It is awesome that you managed to make a level editor for people to create their levels. 

I wish I came across this sooner, I would've loved to try make some levels for people to play on. 

Those levels are well designed, and I love that you slowly add each type of obstacle to train the player how to deal with each one, well done

I thought I had already replied to this post, but yeah I found your game an interesting take on a mechanic I have seen in this jam.

I wouldn't worry about the number of ratings it is more able the quality of the ratings you get, which based on your game I think you will do ok.

That is good to hear, look forward to seeing more from you the

Yeah, that is the same for everyone though :D

Thanks, very kind of you to say, glad you gave the game a try.

That was pretty fun, I've seen other games use this mechanic during this jam.

That said you presented it very well, I like the way you designed your levels as well. 

You should keep going with development on this one :D

I loved that new take on Tetris, you should follow up on development.

Clicker games like this do very well on mobile so.... just saying :

That was different for Tetris, I liked it.

One issue is the icons on the side, if you labelled each one to explain what they did I wouldnt have to randomly pick one and hope it was worth it :D

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I'm not going to play anymore games past this message until later tonight, but please continue to post here. 

I want to try rate as many games as I can all the way up to the wire. 

I've currently rated 148 games, the more I can get through the better for everyone :D

That was fun, its hilarious that you forgot the backpack before going in the dungeon. 

Sounds like something I'd do XD

I love that it is generated each time, it provides a lot of replay value. 

Think I'll keep this one on my PC for a bit see how far I can get :D

Maybe tone down the screen shake by quite a bit, I'm still feeling a tad nauseous :D

This was pretty different from a one bullet type game I like the way you presented it here.

I saw this during Sean's live stream and thought it was very interesting, glad you comments on my game so I could find this again :D

That was a nice short game, I liked how you got the theme of the jam into the game.

Very interesting concept, keep going with it and maybe add more level variation.

Nice game, I enjoyed playing it. Wish there were more levels but due to the game jam I'm not surprised there wasn't more levels :D

The second last one had me in a stump for a while, couldn't figure it out for ages but was happy when I got it :D

Very interesting mechanic, I liked that you made the complexity of the levels gradually climb as you explained the mechanics made it very simple to understand.

Yeah, played your game yesterday remembered it as soon as I saw the logo :D 

Had a lot of fun with it, it was pretty hard but still liked it.