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A sometimes monochrome platformer
Submitted by Jay Bretherton (@brethertonDev) — 1 hour, 23 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#5944.0264.026

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I really loved this! Very intriguing mechanic and I'd love to see more done with it.

The movement and jumping were a little awkward however.

Keep it up!


What a cool mechanic! It's cool to see a colourblind option too. Good job!


That is a very interesting puzzle platformer, I love that you need to switch between the colours to see the entire map that is something I've never seen before.


This is fantastic! Very mind bending, super well done.


Having only one visible color and to change one at a time was very good. I had to always worry about the scenery. Whenever it distracts me I die for some hidden color. I don't know if other players had this problem but after it caught the color pink, in one of the new sections that is revealed at the beginning of the game, the block made a sudden movement that didn't realize and went to the red thorns. But the rest of the scenario had no problems. Great job!


Great concept and I love the way that it slowly builds up in colours, complexity and mechanics in a nice organic way. It was great to revisit areas that I had already been. I think you have a solid base game here and I hope you keep working on it post jam to polish it up and make the controls a bit tighter. Really nice job.


Really cool! I like how the game got you back to places where you've already been so that you can use the colours you didn't have there, metroidvania style! Very elegant.

The different sounds when you jump, the drawings that appear when you collect the colors, and the writings on the wall all really helped set up a quite charming mood!

Thanks for making it!


This game reminds me a lot of the commercial game Hue, but in that game, collision only works when colors are visible (also it works by only hiding the color selected, rather than showing).  From a conceptual standpoint, this game actually is much more complete than that.  By having it so that there are some platforms that are solid while invisible, some platforms that are solid only when that color is selected, and some platforms are only solid when not selected, it makes this game more mechanically diverse.  I will say though that the game becomes really confusing and kind of frustrating to play when there becomes too many colors to pick from.

I do really like too that you go back to previous areas and reveal more secrets in them.  As a lover of Metroidvania design, that was enjoyable.


Loved this! Was tricky after getting the 4th color but liked how the game progressed with new mechanics. Really liked the audio made it feel very eerie!


I really love this kind of game, reminds me of "Disorder" from Swagabyte Games (Not the same mood ofc), great job!


Oooh, never heard of Disorder, but I'll have to check it out now. Thanks!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Really good concept ! However I had a hard time executing the platforming moves, as the jump often fails to trigger when I press the key. I suspect you are catching the input in FixedUpdate(), which causes input loss. If you need help i can help you figure it out !


Hey, thanks for commenting. Fair cop, I checked and we are indeed doing this, but why would that cause input loss? My (very limited) understanding is that fixed update just runs more often if your machine is struggling, so that physics objects can't lag though each other - but that input is updated once per frame before this, and Input.getkey() just reads stored values from the last input update?  But won't that always be up-to-date because fixedUpdate runs after update (and then might run more times?), or do i not properly understand this?

I did notice a few times when jump didn't trigger but I always chalked it up to the player's bounce making our floor detection think it was in-air. Had planned to implement some coyote time... but game jams eh

Huge thanks for your comment though, means a lot that you took time to help :-)


your ground check may also be a problem, maybe you are not always considered grounded when you should be.

As for input loss in fixed update, you can check this link
Basically, inputs are updated before each Update(), and depending on the computer, it is possible that many Updates occur between each FixedUpdate. If you check in FixedUpdate, sometime you will never "see" the key being pressed, because the key press was only true during one Update, and was erased by another Update that occured before FixedUpdate.

What will work is something like that


Okay, that makes sense. Wonder if the jam allows re-uploads for bug fixes ahah. Thanks again so much for taking the time to help buddy. This really is a lovely community. 


Super cool idea! Works well and gets progressively more and more complex. Good job to your designers! 


A really unique mechanic for a game, flipping between colours. Sometimes it did get a bit overwhelming (spikes from where now?) but perhaps I'm not practiced enough. Great game :)


Controls felt slippery but I really enjoyed the color switching mechanic and the various rules for platforms (always here, here only when color is on, here only when color is off...). Going back and forth in the level triggered this "woah, it was there from the beginning feeling".

After many many many a few trials , I reached the end of the game!

Very well done! Drawings and poetry appreciated as well!


My favorite game so far!

The mechanic is so clever, it's well implemented, there are a lot of different ideas to add salt on top of it, and there is a complete interesting level to finish!

The only thing I'll improve is the character movement, I don't like it that much, but heh, 48h jam, you put the effort instead of what mattered the most.

I'm impressed!


Great fun! Nice discovery of the mechanics, lots of surprises as the game folds in on itself. Good to play.


I loved it! It was also just right in length, building up in difficulty but not overstaying its welcome. The two new kinds of surface felt very unique and satisfying in their execution. 5/5


This is Original! I like the mechanism whici learn you what is the new stuff befor rising up the difficulty.