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Good take on the one platform theme! Pretty diverse challenges despite the few mechanics! I like it!

Congrats on getting to the end of the game despite its mathematical mechanics!

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You fought with valour and pride, refusing to take the easy way out and restart the game; no matter the cost.


I should change the cop so that the player can't overuse SOUL-gaining abilities during their fight. Otherwise this happens.

I'm happy you liked the game!

Wow, I'm glad you liked the game enough to give it a second try!

I'm gonna try and change the way the Boss fight works so that you can beat it with any move-set. Ideally in a way so that it remains about as hard to beat.

As for Ultrasound: Yep, you're correct!

Thank YOU for existing! :D

I am thinking of doing a little more with this game. It was definitely very fun to make!

I'm happy you liked it! Thanks for playing!

A very effective strategy indeed... Thank you for playing!

Thank you your game is weird and fun too! By the power of!

Glad you got something out of the experience! Thank you for playing!

Interesting concept! Pretty simple and not very complex.

I feel like the platforms should be a nudge closer to each other or a nudge bigger, to give the player more room to manoeuvrer their jump, and put more emphasis on the color aspect of the game.

Regardless, thanks for making the game!

Oooooh nice! I would have thought that the "one second" idea would be too difficult to execute in practice, and that the game wouldn't have enough time to shine; but I was wrong!

The controls are sufficiently precise despite being so fast! Good job!

Neat little rhythm game! I especially like the wind animation, it looks pretty cool!

Unfortunately the game remains quite limited in its scope; you quickly see all there is to see. More mechanics would have helped the game stick with the player more.

Thanks for making the game!

I like it! The game has got some pretty clever puzzles going on!

I felt like both the player and the projectile are a bit too slow, however, and that the upwards boost would have felt really slick if the player kept its horizontal velocity.

But overall, it's still pretty good and the last jump felt nice to pull off!

Thanks for making the game!

A quite interesting puzzle game! The key mechanic allows for a vast diversity of different puzzles, and it shows with the high amount of content you got to put in in just two days!

I also quite like the dynamic music! It's well implemented and gives a nice mood to the game!

I. Love. This.

The game really is brilliant. I wouldn't change a thing about it.


Oof yeah that's bad :D I just tried playing the game and only picking moves that gain you soul and yeah, beating the boss isn't really feasible this way since the trick is you need to keep your soul somewhat low so... this... doesn't happen.

Anyway, once the jam is done I will definitely update the boss so that it accommodates the soul gaining lifestyle! :p

Glad you liked the rest of the game anyway! Thank you for playing it until that unfortunate point!

Interesting concept! You would think that limiting a tower defence game to only having one tower would remove the satisfying build-up of power that characterises the genre, but having you reposition the tower and gaining stats successfully helps mitigate that!

A problem I found was that sometimes the tower misses shots due to the bullet travel time. This could be fixed by either:

  • Having the bullet go extremely fast (and leaving a trail behind it so you can see it).
  • Having the turret "hitscan" the closest enemy and damage it (but it would remove the piercing mechanic and that would be sad).
  • Having the turret calculate where the enemy will be when the bullet reaches it and fire there (but that would require some sick trigonometry tricks on your part).

All in all, this is a neat game, thanks for making it!

Really cool! I like how the game got you back to places where you've already been so that you can use the colours you didn't have there, metroidvania style! Very elegant.

The different sounds when you jump, the drawings that appear when you collect the colors, and the writings on the wall all really helped set up a quite charming mood!

Thanks for making it!

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Neat little game! I didn't realise at first that you could hold the X key to keep firing at the same direction and kept mashing the key frenetically :p

Not a very successful strategy.

Thanks for making it!

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Neat implementation of the "one pixel" idea! It was difficult for me to distinguish between different shades of colours, but I found the challenge interesting regardless!

And I liked the pixel wiggle! Thanks for making the game!

Cool game! I really liked how you introduced the mechanics progressively, the learning/difficulty curve is great!

As others have said, the controls are wonky though, since, when you try to jump, the game has to wait to see if you're wanting to do a short press, a hold, or a double press.

I saw on another comment that you noticed this problem halfway through the jam, and hesitated to start over, but I'm glad you didn't because I think you still made some cool dexterity puzzles to go along with the one-button mechanics!

Oh! And I like how your jump doesn't get interrupted by the corner of platforms! The game lets you slide up to put you on top instead! I wonder if you took the idea from Mark's last video about Celeste, but anyway it's great that you took the time to implement it!

I imagine the game would have been quite a lot more frustrating if you didn't, since, after a failed jump on one of those steps, you would have to double tap to turn around, long hold to move away from the step in order to reach it at your jump's peak, double tap again to turn towards the platform, and then tap to jump.

It would have been a chore.

Anyway, thanks for making the game!

I'm glad you liked it! Yep, those are photos of me, taken by my boyfriend who is thankfully good at taking portraits!

And yeah, hovering info on the moves is definitely something I would add if I had more time, along with showing the amount of SOUL a character is gaining or losing during a move.

Wow! Thank you for all this feedback, this is all gonna be really useful!

I agree that the boss is quite difficult, I think I would tone their abilities down a little if I had to make a change on the game.

So here's a strategy in case you want to see the rest of the game: Try and keep your soul as low as possible so that the boss' "appropriate" doesn't end up giving them too many soul, but not so low so that their "intimidate" outright kills you. It's a delicate balancing act that is difficult to maintain while damaging the boss if you don't pick the right abilities however. So even with this strategy, they end up being a little too difficult I think.

Anyway, I'm really glad you liked the game! :D

I'm glad you kept playing through the confusion! Thank you!

Thank you for giving the game a try! I'm glad you liked it!

(I'm not sure if the question was part of the ultra realistic joke, so I'll answer anyway that the engine I used is Godot)