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gmtk 2019 submission
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Adherence to the Theme#4954.1304.130

Ranked from 23 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I loved this game, the art and idea is great. I liked how you start discovering new ways of using your your limited options. I will definitely play more of this if you will continue with the game.


Count on it, new levels are already in development. More polished mechanics as well ;-)


Cool idea but I got stuck a few screens in. Nice art


Great game!! The mechanics you introduced were not very obvious to me. I didnt realize you could shoot the boost to get it, or that once you get it by shooting the shot autoreturns. Once I had that down however, the last double jump was obvious and rewarding.


Very cool! I love the aesthetics and the overall idea. Not particularly good at it, but that's on me. Considering how much you have to jump, I'd make the jumping sound a tad more quiet, though if you put music in it, that might not be totally necessary.


Very cool game, I love it. The mechanics are great. Good Job ;) 


Very Fun fun game. That last jump looked so cool.


Really nice :)

Love the boost mechanic and the different ways to get it. Took me a little while to understand some of the puzzle, but after i figure it out and execute it well it feels really good.


Hey I am stuck here, how do I progress? :)

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Shoot the thing and boost before the bullet goes back to recharge your boost. Then, once it's recharged, boost again in the air. It's on the gif on the game's page:


Really like the visual style man. Also the use of one bullet. time, could you provide a readme on the controls or mention something in the game page. I honestly did not know we had to press 'c' for the charged jump


That's weird. The first time you charge your boosted jump at the first level, you should get a message saying "C: boost" on the top of the character's head.


Well done ! An intersting use of one bullet ,it reminds me of Cappy in Mario Odyssey .Also the game is very polished with good graphics .

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Loved the graphics but unfortunately the jam isn't rally about that. The gameplay was solid but a bit slow in my opinion.
Overall a nice game.


We had very similar ideas here! Really liked your implementation! "Shootarino mah friend" ;D

Fun puzzles, last level was quite fun! Would love to see a full game from this!


Hahaha, we did. The terminal window with the stupid comments were actually debug mode that we forgot to turn off before uploading the build, hahahaha. But yeah, thanks for checking our game!


I like it! The game has got some pretty clever puzzles going on!

I felt like both the player and the projectile are a bit too slow, however, and that the upwards boost would have felt really slick if the player kept its horizontal velocity.

But overall, it's still pretty good and the last jump felt nice to pull off!

Thanks for making the game!


please use more universal controls like like wasd + qer or all arrowkeys + space or a way to change the controls in your futere games because it is very hard to play with a other keybord layout [in my case german layout - "z" and "y" are exchanged and other things that dont play a role here ] exept of that is it a good game


Ooh, never thought about other keyboard layouts. To be honest, I rarely play with a keyboard, I mostly play with a controller. But yeah, you're totally right. Thanks for checking our game!