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Simple, but pretty fun! I like the idea that you're having to work off a debt, rather than accumulate points, definitely gives a scoring system a clearer goal. Since bumping into the asteroids doesn't damage you though, I found it easy to just go right into the middle of them and collect the loot as soon as they're destroyed, made the resource hunting a bit less engaging. Very enjoyable overall though.

Thank you! I appreciate that! The boss fight with the tank was the second one, right? So I appreciate that you got all the way to the end! It was a blast to make, and I'm really happy to see people enjoying playing it! Thanks again!

Thanks for playing and for your feedback! Yeah, it was hard for me to judge whether the levels would feel too long or too short. I didn't have very much time to play test.

Thanks so much! I really appreciate that!

Thank you! No worries! Yup, I did the art and the music myself. I always do for jams, it makes it more fun for me that way.

Thanks so much for playing and for your feedback!

Thanks for playing! Yeah, ideally, I would design it purely for the gamepad and just do aiming with the second analog stick, but it was hard trying to make something balanced that was playable with the mouse and keyboard, and with the gamepad.

Thanks so much for playing through all of it and for all your amazing notes and feedback! I really appreciate it! Really feels rewarding reading stuff like this.

Without the scanlines the grid might not be as much of a problem. But maybe see if making the ground a little darker (or something with less contrast in general) will help too? But yeah, awesome otherwise.

Interesting little game. I never played a clicker game before, but I got to the end, and it was quite satisfying!

Very cool game! I really like the aesthetics, but the scanlines and the grid are a bit harsh on the eyes when playing in full screen mode. Still, love the 80s vibe!

Super impressive! I had a lot of fun with it, I hope that was evident from my stream.

Very cool game. Exploring the field gave me Hyrule vibes, and Ocarina of Time vibes in general. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to collect the orb that was on top of the big cracked rock.

Very cool game! I love the idea and the presentation. It wasn't particularly difficult, but I can see how something like this could develop into something much more challenging. I didn't rescue all the souls, but I was still rewarded with some awesome pictures of (your?) doggo, hehe.

Very cool game! I had a lot of fun! Not sure how many waves there are, but I got through 5.

Awesome game! Very cool to see a pinball game as a submission! A lot of fun to play!

Awesome game! I loved everything about it! Could've benefited from a few sound effects for when you hit an enemy and pick up stuff, but otherwise, excellent experience!

Thank you so much!!

Yup! I always like to create original art and music during game jams, it's part of the fun for me. Thanks so much!

Yeah, I tried to keep the levels from being too long for that reason, but obviously didn't really have a chance to thoroughly test and balance the level design given the time restrictions. Thanks for playing!

You can, but it's made to be tough, since you have to destroy the head from above. But if you wanna try again, in level 2, there's a secret vacant drone that you could latch onto if you climb that first tall building and then jump off of it to the left. ;)

Thanks for playing! After the boss, there are two more levels and then the same boss fight but a bit harder and with a different level layout, but I think you got the core of the experience.

Yeah, balancing is hard. I've had comments that it's too hard, and some other people who've been able to breeze through it. That's game design for ya!

Thanks so much!

Thank you! I really appreciate it! Yeah, I wanted to include at least a couple of different ways to play, just to explore having differing control schemes in a single game.

Thanks so much! Interesting! I haven't played much of Amiga, but I'd be curious if any particular game comes to mind? I guess stuff like Turrican and Walker?

Yeah, I have no idea either. But any type of XInput controller should be okay. I use a Logitech one, which my PC just treats like any ol' XBox controller. Anyway, thanks so much for checking out the game and for your feedback! It's much appreciated!

Yeah, I didn't have enough time to implement that. This game should ideally be played with a gamepad.

I've tried several Unreal game submissions from this jam that were completely unplayable because of the <10 FPS framerate, so your game was actually very smooth in comparison. I'm glad I got to enjoy it!

Very cool idea! Original concept and I always like stuff with scientists and experiments, and those kinds of themes.

Very cool game, and very impressive for 10 days and solo work! This could totally be built up into a full fledged action adventure game, if you wanted to expand on it. I'd play it!

Very cool game! Addicting and satisfying gameplay! My PC tends to have a hard time with Unreal 5, but allowing for graphics settings (which I had to turn down low) made the experience nice and smooth for me, so thank you for that!

Awesome all around! Just needs music and sound, and more levels, and it's a feature complete game!

Very cool game! Seems like a lot of thought was put into the design decisions and the level layouts! Great work!

Awesome game! Great visual style and art, and pretty much everything! Very polished and impressive for 2 devs and 10 days!

Love the aesthetics! Definitely my kind of game! But very difficult! The enemies shoot at you from off screen, but you can't shoot them back, that was brutal, but love the game and everything about it. Bangin' music!

That's really cool! I usually like to create all my own assets in a jam too, it's part of the fun for me. Have yet to do anything in 3D though.

Thanks for playing and for your feedback! Yeah, level design in general is a weakness of mine, and in jams, I tend to always leave it til the end. I guess it shows.

Yeah, I've gotten that comment about the controls from others. To be honest, I usually play games almost exclusively with a gamepad, so I didn't even realize that the Space bar was so ubiquitous with jumping. But I'll fix that. Thanks so much for playing and for your feedback!

No, that was a glitch. There was something completely irrelevant happening that, if it's wrong, will prevent you from doing certain things, like jumping, while at the same time, everything else SEEMS like it's running smoothly. Heh, that game developer life, eh?