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An isometric shooter where your health is your ammo
Submitted by KovaKreative (@KovaKreative) — 1 hour, 56 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#484.6364.636

Ranked from 33 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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You nailed the controls on this one, good job! I like how you kept introducing new mechanics at each new level as well, but at the same time they felt useless as we could just ignore everything and just sprint to the exit.

Solid entry overall, good job!


Try it on Endurance mode. ;)


Just did it now, thanks for the idea, hahaha. Much better, indeed!


I like the concept here! I feel like it could use a little more balancing. The first level was great fun as I just shot at everything until I realized I at deaths door then, well, died.  The next play through I just ran past everything without really shooting and was able to get through the rest of the game without much trouble. I feel like if you had more expansive or complex levels so that stamina was more of a prominent factor that could have helped keep that strat in check more.  

If you'd like to see our take on the theme, check out our puzzle game, Ka-Bob!:


Yeah, my goal for my next jam will be to not leave the level design for last. I literally built the levels within the last hour before the submission deadline, and spent too much time on each of them at that. But I really wanted to have something that looked and felt relatively polished, and with all original assets made during the jam, just as a personal challenge.


Really polished looking game. Good fun, nice art, and pretty much bug free!


Thank you so much! I will admit it is a trade off. I would have loved to end up with at least 7 - 10 well crafted levels, but I just couldn't bring myself to compromise the presentation. I generally like my jam submissions to be pretty much a vertical slice of what a final game potentially could look and play like.


I want more levels! Great game!


That was a lot of fun. I would love to see it expand.

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All the awesome is in the game 


Design is awesome! Game is amazing! Thank you!


Awesome job!


Awesome game! I really like the aesthetics, and the music was bangin'! It was creative how you combined the ammo and health into one gauge. Made for a nice challenge.


Great Job!

The game is fun, having ammo and health as a single stat provides an interesting dilema between fighting and evading enemies.


hell yea


Great game! Simplistic design leads to clever and challenging puzzles! Loved it!


Neat game. I still wonder why shoving crates around costs me so much energy.

Stay crunchy.


the music give me a B.O.B vibe a bit. i was surprised how much the one gauge for all was rather awesome. instead of going guns blazing it forces you to be use on the fly tactics. i will say however that a lot of the enemies where just skip able in some points of the levels.   


Really creative and super solid, I enjoyed the mini puzzle aspect as well with pushing the boxes around to block lasers and such!


Thank you so much!


Overall the game is good.


  • First, you took advantage of the jam's theme in a really interesting way, giving future possibilities to create interesting puzzles with the gauge's mechanic.
  • Good music to keep the player captivated. Intriguing indeed.
  • General design is really good. Maintains a nice tech theme.
  • Good art.
  • Multiple modes. Nicely done.


  • You need to fix the collision of the main character to just the feet. When going up or the sides I got stuck, multiple times, when it wasn't supposed to. It didn't allow me to dodge some enemies.

Great job! Looking forward to see more of your work.



Thank you so much! I really appreciate the feedback. Yeah, the collision issue is a tricky one, because I don't want it to be too easy to dodge enemy bullets and things. I'll have to give some thought on how to best solve this issue.