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It's the only one I'm aware of. The pico 8 has some extra syntactic sugar that makes concise code a bit easier so I think most folks tend to use that.

Ah, it's a pico thing, not a lua thing. Thanks!

really fun for such a simple game! Next time, you could cut down the number of characters a bit by assigning functions used multiple times to a short variable, then using that to call the function. For instance `C=circfill;C(x,y,5,2)C(b,a,2,6)` is the same as `circfill(x,y,5,2)circfill(b,a,2,6)` but is a few characters shorter. You could gain even more by using `R=rnd` and replacing each `rnd()` call.

Oh wow, I didn't even see the number on the top until you mentioned it! That makes sense with the numbers. I wouldn't have thought of making the numbers smaller by flipping the game, that's something I might think about for the future

What does the @ symbol do in lua/your code? Tried searching on the internet for it and it's a difficult one to find the answer to.

I got up to 826. I'm curious how high everyone else could get. Love how it takes more and more air to stay afloat. Really makes sure the difficulty ramps up as the game goes on. (Though my high school physics teacher may have some words on realism :)). Nice work!

Pretty cool. Love the use of circles as minimalist sprites!

You pulled off not only a game in 560 characters, but a fun one! The fact that hacking lasers sounds like you're hacking through the jungle. Would be cool if you could cram in a timer display so I could get a sense of how long I'm lasting but I get that that's difficult.

You might be able to save a few characters by saving some reused numbers in a variable. I'm not sure how exact these numbers need to be, if you used the same value/variable for all of your instances of 120,124,127 and 128, you could save a ton of space.

I did something like that with the C and Q variables in my submission, Tweet Attack. It makes the collision detection a little wide but it works, and it allowed me to add a score indicator!

I know it's way past the jam, but I wanted to say I really enjoyed your game. Now I'm going to have to track down the original monster maze and figure out what you added. Thanks!

I like the concept here! I feel like it could use a little more balancing. The first level was great fun as I just shot at everything until I realized I at deaths door then, well, died.  The next play through I just ran past everything without really shooting and was able to get through the rest of the game without much trouble. I feel like if you had more expansive or complex levels so that stamina was more of a prominent factor that could have helped keep that strat in check more.  

If you'd like to see our take on the theme, check out our puzzle game, Ka-Bob!:

This is a great way of applying the "only one" concept to an existing idea! Really cute graphics, quite clean.  

Have you seen the GMTK video on puzzle design?:

I'd tried making puzzle games for years and could always come up with neat mechanics but I always fell flat when it came to making levels that were challenging but didn't feel cheap. The advice in that video helped a ton. 

If you'd like to see how our team applied those lessons for this jam check out our game, Ka-Bob: