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Alignment puzzler
Submitted by bitDecay Games (@BitDecayGames), Kenoshen, Shadoninja, lfishe20, nandemoguy, thavelick — 2 hours, 5 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#5704.0504.050

Ranked from 40 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Really liked the pixel art, loved the sound design as well. Great work! Had a lot of fun with it


I think this is both a good puzzle game, all around quite stylish, and probably the best one shot themed game I've played this jam.


Hey there, I played through some of your game at the start of this video


much appreciated. You made it to the last puzzle. Well done. Our intention was an overlap of "only one shot" as well as "only one input" (for all the characters. We do often find the puzzle solving trends to drown out the theme adherence, but I call that a win :)  thanks for your rating. Btw I'm a huge fan of survival horror and all things zombie, so your game is right up my alley.


Lots of great design here. I really enjoyed every puzzle you had and the progression felt nice and appropriate. The pipes especially felt like they changed up the game drastically. Would like to see more stuff that affects the spear throw if you continue with this game! 


Very well pixel art, with orinal idea. Good work!


Neat stuff design wise, fine art too. Love the CGA palette.


Ok this to me gets all of the originalities :p

 It was instantly fun to play, I really liked how much variety is in here with the ennemies and then when the pipe mechanics are introduced, there's even quite some challenge with the later puzzles, and the Graphics are top quality here and i mean come on... CGA :O that's awesome ! And that NES style music, really good tune !

Awesome entry all the way Congrats to you guys, all them rating stars are belong to you ! :D


Wow! Great work! Sound, graphic, animation - wonderfull! 

Puzzle not hard, but not too easy. 5/5!


You have a great team. And from your description, Although I did not very familiar with the "CGA palette", The graphics looks super professional which reminds me of childhood games. Lots of fun in your game with one great concept. One of the best puzzle game in this jam. 

(I hopes next time you can export the webGL version, you game is nice and worth more people know)


Thanks for the feedback! We wanted to do a WebGL build, but we got the windows build up last second and didn't have time to get the web version built in time for submissions. We'll be putting that as a priority for whatever comes next.


Quite a strange puzzle game but I had a lot of fun with it. Last level took be some time but overall great work~!

A way to cancel your skewer would be nice, but tbh that's just me being nit-picky (and hitting space prematurely)


Very cool idea, and great execution! I love the sound design (muffling the music between levels), and the CGA graphics style color scheme.


You have to share this more! This was such a solid game! I got some serious nostalgia for this one. Art style was really nice and the core gameplay was smooth and solid! Great submission! More people need to see this. I'll see if I can help spread it around!

Would love if you could check mine out too! Or not, no pressure ;)


That would be super cool to get some more plugs! Ill check your game out when I get back to the homestead.
thanks for the review.


Wow. Now this is a dish worth tasting. 

Food and cooking jokes aside, this is actually a pretty good game. Art and all


Nice CGA look! Congrats!


How the hell i missed it .... Its a gem...

superb art-style and awesome game-play... All the bets for the rest of the jam...share it more in community..

Kindly, try mine and rate it


Nice puzzler. Cool Vaporwave art style. Good Level Design. I had to be really nitpicky to find some noteworthy flaws

If you want to, try our game:

We would love to know your thoughts about it :)


Thanks for the cooking instructions! I'll try them at my next bbq.

For anyone who doesn't have time to play the game, recipe is as follows:

1: Bring oil to a low simmer over an open flame.

2: Add aromatics, stir regularly to avoid burning.

3: Hurl a javelin at speeds of 100km per hour though 3-4 sentient ingredients.

4: Season to taste.


Seriously though, this was great. Get some comical FX in there and you're dandy.

Would love to see the player character go flying too when impaled by a deflected shish-ka-bob.


I definitely shouldn't have tried to play this a 1:30am, because my brain didn't want to engage with some of these puzzles. Regardless, they were very well put together, and the stylistic choices made for the art and sound design were strangely nostalgic and also fit the objective quite well.

There were some obvious animations missing, however I can tell they were not intentional ommissions, just a victim of the 48 hour dev cycle.

The puzzles were very well designed, and the the theme of only being able to make one shot, did show through quite well, but adherence to the theme, could have been slightly better.


Interesting idea and clever mechanics. A different take on the "only one weapon" concept.

Here's a game I made with a friend, if you'd like to check it out:

It's a 1v1 game with only one weapon. If you don't have 2 controllers and someone to play with, there is an optional build where the right player is an AI and you can alternatively use keyboard + mouse (found in comment section).


A really neat  puzzle game with an interesting mechanic. Pretty fun Nice work!

For typing some feedback, i find the time between you do a mistake and the fail screen it's a bit large so sometimes you dont know if i fail or not. But excepto for that a great solid game :D

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