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Great! (try smashing <- + -> + a + d) :p

What was your highscore? haha thanks! 

Nice feedback! Thanks

hahaha thanks man, nice vid!

Yeah, thanks!

What a sad story huh... GG

Awesome game, I actually felt the feels :o

I hope you continue telling stories with this kind of games! Congrats

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Haha yeah sorry :o //Fixed!

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Oh sorry, didn't noticed it :o //Fixed!

Yes, give it a try haha

I can't believe this game was made in such short time, its really polished, the tutorials are really good and beautiful, its a clever and interesting game. The artwork is amazing, keep going!

Good Job! Nice presentation

One of the best Extra Credits Holiday GJ games, deep, solid, inovative and fun! Congrats!

Yeah, the art is awesome, the sfx too, but the main music is annoying. congrats for the game!

Really polished! I liked both the idea and implementation, congrats!

I liked the idea, but i couldnt win, idk if the rules werent clear or if it was the bugs, but nice try, i liked the screen shake effect!

I like this type of game, keep going!

Really nice and complex mechanic for a game jam project, congrats!

I liked the dynamic where each gift is smaller as well as your pad. Beautiful break out!

Santa looks like a thief hahahah loved it

I liked your artstyle, really clean and polished. I would give it a 5star if it got parallax effects on the background. Congrats!

Solid game, congrats!

Nice! Congrats!

For some reason the game was all dark, probably a bug, but it made me think "wow, what if santa doesn't have lights and can't see where he puts his presents?" haha nice

L Andrade, your game is AWESOME! I'm having so much fun, its really cool and hard trying to do multiple things at the same time, and you nailed the pace and difficulty for the player! Congrats!

I liked the way you handled the "failure" (if you can call that a failure, because i think it was a success just por getting you out on the confort zone and publishing a functional game) congrats!

Thank you Jupiter :D

Obrigado Matheus! Seu feedback é muito importante para nós! Planejamos melhorar o jogo ainda este mês para uma versão final com estas correções (Soundtrack sem reiniciar, fase 2 com game design aprimorado, adicionar a fase secreta, melhorar animações e etc.).

Te convido a seguir nossa página para ficar sabendo do lançamento da versão melhorada!

Outra coisa, adorei seus jogos, estilo artístico e polimento, parabéns!

hahahaha thanks!

Hahaha sorry about the muffin man. But yeah, my main challenge was be able to fit one game in 3 jams with quality, now I know what to do a next time!

Thank you for your feedback! I agree about the second level, i'm going to change some things there at the weekend. And about the relation with the jams, you are right, we should have thought about collecting the ingredients. Maybe you can help us or join our team on another jam?

Hahaha thank you for the play testing!


Thank you for your feedback!

It wasn't, but in my opinion it brings a new dimension for the gameplay hahaha

Haha I've had lots of fun choosing it! Thanks

Haha, thank you! Your feedback is going to help me improve the game in the next few days :)

Hahaha I'm happy you learned something new! Thank you for playing, the let's play was great!

Hey Kathryn, thank you for playing our game! Really cool lets play, keep going!