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We are still planning on continuing development! Please contribute with feedback if you would like :)



Hey Sean, please check your discord! Thanks!

Thank you! We already corrected these bugs and added more levels, please follow us to see more after the rating period!

Thanks for the rich feedback! We're also having collision issues haha It'll be completely remade after the rating period. Now, about the game design decisions, yeah, they are really hard to make, that's why your feedback is so important. Since we are probably porting it to mobile and creating a "mobile first" design, the button's functions and layout are going to solve this problem. For the Web version I don't see any problem in using the mouse wheel or unlock the ability to use a button to change the crystal.

You gave me a good idea, chess with cute farm animals haha

Oh, ok, thanks!

Great game! Text me at Discord ( Sabiarts#2010) if you want to port and publish a mobile version of your game, I see potential to grow! 

May you post the asset store link please? The one I was using stoped working since 2018.3. Rated!


We used pre rendered 3D models just like in donkey kong country and camera angles from prince of persia for DOS . I think it didn't get the oldschool vibe but it was worth trying. What do you guys think?

This was the result:

Click here if you want to play on the browser!

So nostalgic! I really liked it, well done for so short time!

I really like this crt monitor look! How did you do that?

Nice CGA look! Congrats!

Hey guys! If you have a Pet character (Cat, dog, burd, mouse, turtle, etc.) please share here for us to see! Let's see the cutest one!

This is Kek, the pet guardian of Callais!

You can check Callais here!

Good idea! Thanks!Please follow us for more!

Your game is really complex for a jam game, there is a lot of content! Congrats! (Nice animations and polishment aswell)

Great ideas! We'll try this on future versions (including mobile)!

Great game, it has potential to grow!

Thanks! I agree with you, we're thinking how to improve.


Thanks! We're thinking about that, we don't want to be too easy neither make the player feel powerless.

Thanks! What would you do to the UI? We're accepting solutions and ideas.

Yeah, i agree, we loved changing the crystal haha

Your game is really fun! The sound design and screen shake are great. Please port it to mobile! If you don't want to, please consider talking to us, we would love to port it!

Nice, thanks for the feedback! Follow us for new updates!

Thank you! We already have a better version waiting for the end of rating period. Please feel free to follow us to see more!


You're welcome, I hope to see you growing, keep going!


Thanks! :)

After the brainstorm session, the 3D artist started modeling the dog using 3DS max. He used previous images from other games that we made as references for the 3D model.

At the same time I drew fast concept arts using photoshop just to explain to everyone on the team what the game should feel and play, with UI and player sizes, some colors and effects.

The final thing before implementing the arts onto the game was to create the textures to put on the 3D model. That was done by the 3D artist using Affinity, who also placed the camera on the 3D space to render the character in all animation frames (run, jump, idle and dash) and the platforms.

We used Unity2018 to create the project, so we imported the assets and edited the final bits in there. Unfortunately we didn't had time to add the chatacter's final animations until the deadline, but we have a newer version (Android included) ready to be posted as soon as the rating period ends.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask! Thanks for being interested!

If you like dogs and pre rendered 3D, here it is haha It's browser playable

Hi April! We usually make 2D games, the one time we made a 3D game was really too much for us, so this time we decided to create a 2D game using pre rendered 3D graphics, inspired by Donkey Kong Country and other games from this era.

Another inspiration was Prince of Persia for DOS, mainly because of the camera angle and "chamber like" style.

We mixed both art styles and applyed to the game theme: A mystic Atlantis like puzzle platformer where you need to switch your only one power crystal to use your 3 abilities.

So here are the examples:

And here is the outcome:

here is the link if you want to play it!

Great art! Congrats!

Nice graphics!

Thanks for the feedback! The mobile version is just like you said! We'll post it on our page after the rating period is over, so please follow us for more!

Great game! It deserves to be in the top 200! Keep going!

This game is top200 for sure! Congrats

The color palette is beautiful, nice work!

I want a flamingo plushie hahaha