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Thank you Jupiter :D

Obrigado Matheus! Seu feedback é muito importante para nós! Planejamos melhorar o jogo ainda este mês para uma versão final com estas correções (Soundtrack sem reiniciar, fase 2 com game design aprimorado, adicionar a fase secreta, melhorar animações e etc.).

Te convido a seguir nossa página para ficar sabendo do lançamento da versão melhorada!

Outra coisa, adorei seus jogos, estilo artístico e polimento, parabéns!

hahahaha thanks!

Hahaha sorry about the muffin man. But yeah, my main challenge was be able to fit one game in 3 jams with quality, now I know what to do a next time!

Thank you for your feedback! I agree about the second level, i'm going to change some things there at the weekend. And about the relation with the jams, you are right, we should have thought about collecting the ingredients. Maybe you can help us or join our team on another jam?

Hahaha thank you for the play testing!


Thank you for your feedback!

It wasn't, but in my opinion it brings a new dimension for the gameplay hahaha

Haha I've had lots of fun choosing it! Thanks

Haha, thank you! Your feedback is going to help me improve the game in the next few days :)

Hahaha I'm happy you learned something new! Thank you for playing, the let's play was great!

Hey Kathryn, thank you for playing our game! Really cool lets play, keep going!

Nice concept, I can see you put months of effort on this project! Keep going

Thank you lemmila :)

Thank you for always checking our games!

Thank you 5targuy! :)

Thank you Mister!

We finished the game on our local time zone, but we got confused and missed the deadline.

We would really love to post our jam game here!

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Really good game, Its art and design choice are really nice, the camera is really good, the physics are awesome, it reminds me of sonic, but in a 3D done right. Congratulations! If you continue developing this or other games i'm sure it will be a success. There are bugs and some design errors, but thats normal, it takes time to get it right. The only thing I think you should work more on is the story and character/player's motivation to do the tasks, but anyways, Its a really cool game!

Fun game, it has a nice concept and upgrades, which is a hard thing on game jams haha the only thing i didn't like very much was your color pallet, it's a little too grayish, coud be more vivid, but its an overall really good game! nice work

And thanks for commenting on my game, and yes I did the music really fast with a regular pc computer hahaha I really don't know why but people actually liked it haha go on, play the guitar next time! its really fun!

I loved the "states" hahaha really cool congrats!

Fun game, but i missed some kind of tutorial... Great game for 48 hours, Nice work!

@eltea said it all, really fun game, with the lack of feedback, but nice mechanics. I also liked the music and sfx, great work

Awful graphics but loads of fun haha it was easy to understand and I liked to play it, congrats!

hahaha really funny, good idea, but it's too fast to play! really hard because of that

I liked the hearts system hahaha clever idea, really fun to play and the music is great, congrats!

Nice haha I like the VR vibe aswell, the game is really following the theme and looks funny :)

Hey Jammers, Sabiarts here, thank you very much for your feedbacks, here I'll list some things about some of the game concepts and issues:

- Too small text: Yes, indeed, its ridiculously small, and I discovered this problem 1h before the deadline, because WebGL deals with text differently from the windows exe. But next week I  intend to fix this!

- Lack of achievements, visual effects and values: I apologize on that, it was my fault managing time, because the project on the GDD has all of this, counters on the upgrades, a more complex physics on clicking, achievements and the horses actually would do something haha, I'm thinking about working on that later on.

- Excruciatingly slow: I made it slower than most clickers because I had little content, probably when I add more things, I'll speed the pace up.

Anyways, Thank you for rating and commenting strong feedbacks and playing this game :D

In earlier jams I tried to make games in which the music matches the gameplay, but man, its so hard! The sync is the hardest part... and you made a really good job with that! I missed a dancing ghost at the background haha but I think you didn't have time because of the sync. Nice work!

Ok I didn't understand the mechanics, no tutorial or anything, so my guacamole wasnt really safe haha but good game

Great game, It was fun and catchy, one of my favourites, probably top 10, i just didnt like the sound direction much, too repetitive to play 30 rounds hahaha

Such a cool concept!!! I love tower defenses, and this concept has the right amount of it, really nice programming work, congrats!

Ok this is one of the top 10 games on this Jam, really fun, I LOVED the artsyle, its really well made. The pacing is a bit too hard but its challenging aswell and you can feel that you can get better at it. My only concern is that the music gets a little bit anoying after some minutes, but man, what a game! Congrats

Ok, this is a wierd game haha 5 stars on that

@radHABiT said it all, beautiful, intriguing and funny, well done

Reeeeally good game, congrats for beeing your first jam game alone! polished, fun and not too hard nor easy.

I liked the logo and characters, nice work. The camera is good too and if you put the same effort you did on the logo and characters at the background too, it would be awesome!

The sound of meat hitting other meat made me laugh haha nice

Fast pacing game! Nice entirety of game for a jam game