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Looking for a Sound Designer!

A topic by Sabiarts created Jul 30, 2019 Views: 355 Replies: 12
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Hey, share your portfolio here, maybe other teams can see your work too!

If you are curious about our previous work, see it here!



Hey, my team has music but not sound, think you can fill that?


I am a student composer/aspiring sound designer looking to work in the video game/animation industry! I have not done sound for a game yet but I have a sound library that needs growing and the will to learn!

Check out some of my music here:


Cool library! Send me a friend request at Discord please: Sabiarts#2010



Hey Sean, please check your discord! Thanks!

Music/sound maker here! In the process of joining a team, but thought I'd share my stuff here just in case it falls through.  Perhaps I can be part of two teams maybe though.  Here's a portfolio of my work 

Also made the music and sound effects for this game and


It really looks like 16bit game music! That's awesome!


Hi, I’m a little late to the party, but I made a collection today with some soundtracks for games, I’ve worked on:
About time I went and did that :) 

Hopefully I’ll find a team in need of a sound designer and/or composer! 


Beautiful! Good luck


Thanks! :D 

I am 3D designer 3Dsmax and I am looking for a team or programer atleast. Contact me on FB: Nikoleta Zhecheva