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Thx for your likes. I will!

Very cool 3D graphics and completed game


Cute 3D World and Nice Mesh Texture



Thanks ~~~

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Very nice International Chess Game. It must contains more Vector and algorithm on here. Great. (You made one mistake : King can only move one only Grid while the Queen can move freedomly. But it does not matter~)

Agree. We need checkpoints

Tiger bro, Please upload one HTML version for me to play!

Nice pixel art style

Thanks. The level design and the character design have to be improved lots. Thanks for feedback~ Appreciate! (•̀ᴗ•́) و ̑̑

Thanks! Your game also amazing especial the Blood effect. I also played your "Simply Gladiators" game. You have nice skills in RPG games!

I feel that frozen effect will create more possibilities method to win the level. But honestly, I did not intentional put the programmer on this effect. If each character have gravity when we switch, I think I have to change their Rigidbody type. I will try to see which effect would be better~ Thanks for your feedback. Appreciate! 

Thank you. I will complete the first three levels and publish more later~

Yeah. I found many issues and I am going to fix and update after rating. The Restart shortcut will be made ASAP. And the level 3 will be made completely because the witch I did not make complete before the deadline. Thanks for feedback. Appreciate!

Thanks for feedback. Your game is also amazing and rated now~ Appreciate~

Your game is also amazing especially the graphics and game design. 

Wow. What is Nice TD game! So much like your graphics!!!

You add more features to the classical game! Nice!

Wow. Really creative game!

Wow. Really. I ignore the time during gameplay and concentrate on remembering the path. What a Good game!

Wow. You really have a great art skill. And I love the idea of getting projectile from the ship. And I am looking forward to more enemies! Btw, Great design on the boss battle with the "shield". Max score rated!

Randomize! Wow. That's make your game a higher step! Perhaps I played once and cannot distinguish each maps. I feel you can add one feature. If the player pass one path without mistaking, You can add 4-5 seconds to player. Or you can return this level time. So your game will not limited 60 seconds each turn. While it's still one great game now!

Your X character really creative! 

I got Stages Cleared: 7, Total Time: 95, 2015 points. The blur effect is so amazing. Additional, The bounding SFX is match with the game perfectly. When I played your game, I fear that when I made one mistake, I will receive a huge feedback which makes me frustrated. But you avoid this problem and make the details very perfect. 

When I played first time, I am wondering whether the map is randomize or the pre-made. I guess this is pre-made, otherwise, there is hard to make only one path without using any algorithm. In Visual effect and game design, your game is the best ever I played in this week.

I will play that game this week. Looks so attractive! Thanks for your feedback. Appreciate!

My team only one membership and it's me. I love using AI/PS to make art. But in this game I used the Asset pack because I did not have enough time to complete others part. I worked as artist in previous jam. but I feel I paint so slowly in tight time. Thanks for your likes. Really inspire me~

Thanks bro!

Although I have rated your game several days ago, I have to say You build one nice environment in your game. One of the impressed game in this jam.

It's my honor. Thanks for your feedback. Your game is also amazing and I saw my itch friend add your game a collection in Feed Part.

Your game is also very enjoyable!

Very nice graphics and cool game!

That's my honor. Thanks for your likes! Your game is pretty lovely as well. I can share you some candy assets in asset store for free. (I stored this 2D sprite in my daily)

Last Level is little bit hard but very interesting game. Your theme is extremely match with the Theme and I never played the same type game before. Your game have more potentials and looking forward to play more levels in your game. Honestly, Nice Puzzle game!

Thanks for feedback. I feel the frozen status can provide more possibilities for player to win.

Sure. I have subed to yours.

Here is mine, If you are interested, Hopes subed to my channel. Appreciate.

You used your art skill to build one quite but mysterious tribe environment.  Although be limited time, I saw great potential in this game especial your art skill. (•̀ᴗ•́) و ̑̑

Yes. I totally agree with you!