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Protect the Holy Fire!!
Submitted by Ceelmah — 1 hour, 58 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#8343.7693.769

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Loved the art style and the soundtrack, but unfortunately when my character is touched by any of the enemy characters, the game hangs :(

Still, nice idea, with a bit of polish it could get somewhere!


It just means you lost - press spacebar. Sorry, no time left for making end-game screen. Thanks for feedback!


fun little game you created there.


The tribal theme is very nice, I like how you carried that through the music as well.

It was quite a difficult game, but I enjoyed it nonetheless :D


That was pretty crazy. I was not prepared for that music to start blasting. It was a lot of fun and pretty funny as well. Difficult too.


You used your art skill to build one quite but mysterious tribe environment.  Although be limited time, I saw great potential in this game especial your art skill. (•̀ᴗ•́) و ̑̑


Thanks! We continue work on this game, so make sure you subscribed to our YouTube channel. We will strongly develop that idea, including character and weapon upgrades.


Sure. I have subed to yours.

Here is mine, If you are interested, Hopes subed to my channel. Appreciate.

Interesting sountrack, nice game 


Well this game has a usual idea of 'one bullet' shoote, as well as mine, but with cool iterection of the spear and fire. However, from my point of view, is the balance. The enemies are too fast and one-shot's the player, that isn't so enjoyable as expected. Make enemies slower and give player more HP. Anyway, keep trying.

well deserve time invested in playing it..

all the best for the rest of the jam
return the favor by Trying mine and leave your feedback:


Love the art style for this game! It seems you went for a one bullet type of game which I did as well. Do you think you could check out my game as well? Here's the link:


This game  play reminds me of some of my favorite flashgames back in the day haha. Love the sketchy art-style and that fire! Good job man :) 


I think it'd work better zoomed out and with drop shadows to indicate hitboxes. As it is now, the collisions are mysterious and the lower half of the screen too narrow.


Pretty good! The flaming hammer is a nice touch. Movement speed could be slightly faster, possibly.


I love the graphics, but sometimes it's hard to find your weapon after you throw it.


Throwing the weapon through the fire is very interesting! Crashed on my once. 


Making it so that shooting through the fire changes your attack is really interesting and definitely changed the way I played. Clever and unique!


Really hard, maybe it needs a bit of balance. The collisions are sometimes a bit strange.

Try out our :


Pretty addictive but brutal gameplay :)  Really enjoyed playing it.


Oof, fun but brutal - could not get past the 2nd stage, those little guys were too much for me. Miss one spear and you're pretty much doomed! Well done, fun little game!


Yeah, Dryddogs (little guys) can be really annoying, but with some practice you will be able to beat them quickly! Thanks for comment.


With a bit more polish this could be a good game. Well done!

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