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The character has to say aligned to the grid, so it won't move until it finishes moving into its targeted tile. Giving it the turn command just before you want it to turn should solve your problem.

Sitting around 5 still:

Make sure you properly warm up your jumping and shooting fingers:

Unique and surprisingly difficult for a game that gives you a giant death ray! It takes a lot of work to make sure the enemies aren't lined up with one another.

We all made our games in two days, everyone is kicking themselves for something xD

Clever and interesting, though I feel like it's a bit stingy on the cash.

Unique and difficult. A bit more feedback on when you are close enough to pick up the sticks would be very helpful.

I got fulfilled :) thought I think I wouldn't have been happier not knowing my character had a family... very sweet little adventure!

Pretty interesting and fun to play, but it really could have used a restart level button for when you get stuck!

Making it so that shooting through the fire changes your attack is really interesting and definitely changed the way I played. Clever and unique!

It's a shame you can't sort games by the fewest amount of ratings! (or I haven't a way if there is one) There's so many games it'd be nice to give the less played ones some attention.

Here's Gatekeeper, my little action platformer:

Hey I was promised bad fan art, and this is beautiful fan art!

(this is also me in just about every playthrough, jump height is op)

My game ran perfectly in Unity, but in an actual build several controls stopped responding.

Turns out I hid some key functions in an "Assert()" command, which were apparently removed in the final build...

A classic illustration of why I'm so bad at pool :| lots of fun!

Mine has slightly more bullets, but hopefully it is still enjoyable!


Wow, this game is surprisingly intense! It's a lot of fun for such a simple concept

Who can say no to bad fan art? My game is Gatekeeper, please take a whack at it :D

Beautiful game and a neat little concept. It can be a bit difficult to tell what exactly you can do without triggering defeat, however.

Here's my game, Gatekeeper, if you get the chance:

My game is Gatekeeper, an action platformer about beating a single boss across multiple levels:

I was planning to make sprites before the game jam, but I procrastinated so every asset was scribbled together the moment I needed it xD

A nice idea that would definitely be interesting to see expanded upon

I like the way the game continues to build, as well as the modular nature of the upgrades

Cute and challenging

Interesting level design and some good exploration of the core mechanic

Very fun! With a little more variety and a slightly faster pace, I could play for hours.

Not bad! Very there's a lot of fun, manic energy when you're rushing around, but the best survival strategy appears to be moving as little as possible.