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I'll try and rate games posted here this evening.

A topic by FlanGrande created Aug 05, 2019 Views: 639 Replies: 54
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If you want, check ours:


I will try the games posted here today, after work.

I would appreciate if you tell some story about the making of the game, or why you made it X way.

In our case, we started with the idea of making a rhythm game using one button, and after a while the idea was making a morse rhythm game. We ended up dropping the rhythm part,  and here we are! We had fun making it, so we hope you enjoy it!


Hi we've got a first idea that we prototyped. After the 4 first hours of the jam we decieded to completly changed the game and restart. Was fun but stressful.

Here's the result :

Enjoy slaying all the slimes and the four bosses. There's 20 levels. Can you beat'em all ?!

In this game you have only one bullet that you can pick up to shoot again !

Share your best time and the level that you reached.

Don't forget to rate !
Web is available ! Windows too ;)


Would really appreciate it:

Submitted (1 edit)

Helloo, this is my game! It's a platform game where you need to think caefully if you want a power up or not, because they are extreme powerful! When you get one it improves you just like: from 1 to 11, 111, 1111... Same thing happens to your score too! So you need to choose wisely :D

It was pretty fun to make this, this is my first platformer and jam experience, but I think it went pretty good. I hope you have fun while playing it!


I went more dramatic with the theme rather than taking it literally. I focused on creating the "feeling" of being the Only One against the world rather than a specific mechanic. Cheers!


You got me when I saw C'thulhu on it.


Hi, I first thought that maybe I could make a game where you are a zero and you run away from ones that want everything to be ONLY ONE. It sounded cool but when I started drawing things on paper it started to look boring to play (and develop, since most of the games I made before were similar). I decided to leave it. I started brainstorming for more ideas and then I thought about making a chess game where you change the type of your pieces every couple of turns. I then decided it would maybe be a little boring too, and after some more brainstorming and many bad ideas, decided on the game I made. And it was really fun, though I only had 1 day since I don't work on Saturdays, and it was a little stressful.

Anyways, here it is (In the description in the page, please read what's after IMPORTANT. It's, um... important):

Submitted idea was this. Originally I wanted to spawn one platform and then continuously move that same platform............. something simple really (This was legit my first jam ) .Along the way I realised that it was boring and honestly useless. 

Then, as an experiment I just added two platforms to try and see the outcome............

and voila

My submission was born XD. 

Game :

Rate :


I recommend just taking a glance at the description in the game page cus some important details about the gameplay of the game are mentioned there.


I loved your game's artstyle and that your mission was to stop the war, instead of actually trying to win it. But idk if it's a bug  or something but when I typed in the morse code, the book closed and what i was writing restarted again and again... Anyways, congrats on your idea and your work.

Here's my game! It's very minimalistic because I could only work on it one day. You need to defend your base changeing the location of the sticks to create "only one" laser.


There's details in the description explaining how to play the game, we couldn't make it more clear on time!

Thanks for playing it!


Here's my game:

This was a result of asking myself: "What kind of game can I make in ~12 hours" after halfway through day 1 it turned out that I won't be able to work on Sunday for more than an hour or two (minus the time to build and upload the game, then fix some problem that would inevitably appear and reupload it). Because of that, I didn't have enough time to finish my original idea and "jumping game, but there's only one platform" was my next best thing. And I'm proud of how it turned out.


Hello, this is my game :

I was already thinking about a similar concept before the game jam and when I saw the theme, I realized that it was the perfect time to implement it ^^

Submitted (1 edit)

We originally started with the idea of a single limbed zombie. Eventually that morphed into a robot in a factory instead. Tried using Godot during the first few hours but ran into some features lacking in the physics engine for Godot. So we switched to using our own custom OpenGL engine that I had as a backup. This meant that we had to make our own editor alongside the game but that also means that people can mess with and make their own levels if they want. In the end we ran out of time to make the game hit a nice difficulty curve without making it absolutely trivial. However, we did get to a place where you can actually get pretty good and controlling the robot if you spend enough time playing. I will try your game after work but I would love it if you try ours:


Hi, this is my game it's basically a 2d version of Cod's "One in the chamber" as someone told me.

I'll try and play yours right now

Submitted (1 edit)

Hello! I'll absolutely try your game!

Here's mine:

It's an endless platformer with only one platform. I hope you enjoy! 

I decided to go for something simple because it was my first time making a game in such a short amount of time.


little colour changing robot fella

Pretty simple and small puzzle game:

I first wanted to make a game in which you had only one hand but couldn't find a game in that. Then I saw a video by Dani: and I was thought that the shooting mechanic was cool so I built something similat and made it a puzzle game. I wasn't able to make mor levels, as I practically only had one day but yeah.


I tried to make a game with graphics but gave up after the first day as I can't draw to save my life, so I opted for making this text adventure, because that's all I know how to do. :D

This is my first game jam, go easy on me:


We did a tower game where you can control only one tower at a time. At one point in the process it was supposed to be a farmer's ghost that posessed scarecrows armed with AK47s but it quickly changed to a spirit protecting a forest from corruption. It was really fun making this. I hope you like it.

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here's mine ^^

we were gonna make one shot with like a bouncing arrow but it all felt weird so we decided on the more original weapon THE AXE but still theirs another game with the exact same nae as ours (the last axe) i find that very funny lol ^^


I made two games this GTMK jam. The first is a social anxiety during networking simulator
And the other is a skill game.


I played these. The social networking one is actually pretty fun


thanks for playing! im trying really hard to play as many games as i can too :)


Hey there! Love you folks' game, I find Morse code real cool.

This is my game:

I was originally going to do it that you had to survive for many different lengths of times (one second, one minute, one hour, one warhol (15 minutes) and including joke times, like "one decade" or "one century"), but I ran out of time to implement the different ones and stuck with one minute. And the voltage mechanic wasn't even there to begin with; I added it later when I realised most players would just want to stick to the safest path, so it's a win condition you can meet if you want to compete with yourself that way. And finally... there's nothing like making my High School Physics teachers cry with a completely wrong depiction of how electricity works.


Check out this game! A tower defense with a snake style mechanic 馃悕


Hi guys! 

My game is called Room. 

It's a desktop thriller where you need to use the clues from the computer to escape the room. You got only one chance to do this. If u fail solving the puzzle the first and only time... The application won't open again. 

Made by me in one and half days. Dont mind the stupid voice acting and amateurish art. So do check out my game guys:

One of the screenshot from my game. 


You don鈥檛 have to play it but you鈥檙e awesome if you do馃槃


Damn, I wanna be awesome


My game is Gatekeeper, an action platformer about beating a single boss across multiple levels:

I was planning to make sprites before the game jam, but I procrastinated so every asset was scribbled together the moment I needed it xD


Perhaps take a look at our game, CQD. We wanted to make a game based on the original one button machine (a morse transmitter), and so this is what we came up with


Ahh, cool! I'll give yours a shot :D

Our game was TIME SKIPPY. We debated about how to use the "Only One" theme for a while: one-button games, "there can be only one" games. A cool idea we had was a game where you had to slowly give up your items and stats until you had only 1 heart, 1 weapon. But we ended up going with an action game where you move in one-second spurts, taking one action at a time. It ended up feeling like an action movie (which is why we love calling it John Wick-esque) where you're running around, using whatever's nearby to defeat your enemies.

I hope you like it! You can play & rate it here:

Submitted (1 edit)

Hey, try out our game about smashing enemies of your tribe using only one spear'o'hammer (you have to pick it up after throw)!
Here is trailer


Hey, if you could try and rate our game:


It's not great but it's my first time and had no artist,

Submitted !!!! one big desert

Submitted !!!! one big desert


Ours is at

Submitted (2 edits)

Here's some Dungeon Crawling.

Download here:

Submitted (3 edits)

Here's mine

The instructions are in the description of the game's page .

I initially envisioned it  as a first person portal style puzzle game about using different tools to get a bullet to a target but  when the jam started i had a flight to catch in a few hours and wasn't finished packing. While waiting for the plane I tried to get some work in but  wasn't able to get much done other than first person shooting and a physics based bullet. On the plane I realized that making that sort of game with all the mechanics i had in mind just wasn't possible so  when i got to my destination i used the systems i already made to make a fast paced shooter with bullet hell elements  


Haha. We have the same Abbreviation :D FTG - Fire Totem Games

Anyway, here is our game. Hope you find the time to play it.


our first unity game, with only a couple of hours of experience with unity before the jam (moving away from GMS2 because web export was too expensive) We are quite happy with how it turned out.

it's a simple (but sometimes tough) plateformer with only one button (left mouse) and only one something else You'll have to play a few seconds to discover :)


here's my game:

I wasn't originally planning on joining the jam, but when I saw the theme announcement, I started having ideas and found something really simple that I could do without too much huzzle. After about 8 hours, I had something I was happy with and let a friend playtest it. I realized that I wasn't finished AT ALL as he didn't understand it. It turned out simple is sometimes the hardest to do! so I spent another day just conveying the concept more clearly. I'm pretty proud now though :)


Good job, it is quite fun and I already rated it.

Here is our game

It's a 10 minute game about pigeon storms and aviation overall


Very nice game Fast Turtle Games!

I love the atmosphere of it

Here is our, for the record:

Submitted (1 edit)

A two-player dueling game featuring player only having one eye. So player could not see the depth but have to bounce off the incoming bullets.

Player needs to figure out the right moment to successfully bounce back the bullet  by estimating their distance 

The reason why I made this is because in our computer vision lab sometimes input could only be RGB instead of RGBD(depth). We thought  what would it be if  people lose the Depth information. It would be cool to make this a game. 

We spent quite some time in implementing the basic logic, adding more feature like hints of distance, and tweaking the numerical number for better playability and challenge. And finally, here we go

Expect ratings and comments for further improvement !


Airship Adventure - A short game of aviation

Submitted (1 edit)

I went solo in this gamjam ,and I got this game :

I have been working on a full game for a while my the person I'm working with left the country for a couple of weeks so that slowed down. I also have been watching GMTK for years now and have always wanted to join one of the GMTK Jams before but have never done it until now.

I made my game a puzzle platformer called Broken Robot where you can only press each direction once per stage. The making of the mechanics took by far the most time for me, to make sure that everything worked well.


check ours!


Here's my browser-playable Narrative game:

Cheers :~)


Any feedback is welcome


This was my first Jam, so I of course started way bigger than i could handle, I wanted the player to climb this gigantic creature while reading things that hinted at story so they put together it's mysteries by the end, but it ended up being a huge wall instead, and the story took to long to write, so i had to cut it short. The platforming stays fun throughout though! I really felt like i refined the mechanics by the end into something hard to master, but easy to understand.

I did the art for this game, it's a maze game with only 1 exit. There is a shadow version of the character that you cannot touch or you die


I made a small game about flinging a character to places it couldn't reach on its own.

I did the art for this game, it's a maze game with only 1 exit. There is a shadow version of the character that you cannot touch or you die