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Thanks for your interest! Sorry, there is currently no public build of the current version of the game available but I am planning to release a new build sometime in December.

Thank you for your feedback! The game has improved quite a since I released this prototype, so I can assure you things are moving along smoothly! :)

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for playing my game!

Very Original, great job

Nice game this was pretty fun. Though I think the indicator for which button to press should be closer to the player to make it easier to look at.


Thank you so much. This is exactly what I was looking for

Thanks for the feedback. Im not sure what the image stutter problem that you are referring to is, as far as I know no other person has had this problem.  In regards to killing enemies that are aligned, that is actually possible.

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mine's a fast paced first person shooter with one bullet (instructions are on the game's main page)

Its hard but fun. Pretty smart using one multiphase boss to do a boss rush game

I really like this

Already rated friend

Wow this was tough but it was still fun

The gravity of the planet really puts puts I nice spin on the one bullet mechanic a lot of other games in the jam used. An idea I think would be really cool is if multiple planets with different sizes of gravitational fields were used. That is if you plan to improve the game after the jam

rated and commented

This is a really cool game I'd love to see more if this if you plan to improve it

Turns out I already rated this one in rate for a rate 1 

This is really cool. Though I think sometimes its not entirely clear where you will end up after jumping out of some parts of some platforms

Thanks for the feedback. Bullet speed is probably one of those factors that I'll tweak a lot if I develop this some more

Just finished rating

This was quite nice i would love to see it developed further

I'm sure you know the deal by now (instructions in the description of the main game page)

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Just finished rating. Here's mine (The instructions are in the description of the game page)

The gameplay, art, and music all added up to make a very chill experience I think if this was expanded further it could make a relaxing game similar to stardew valley in which you don't just grow the food but you have to cook it for your restaurant

Mine's a fast paced first person shooter with only one bullet 


Neat little game

Just finished rating

This is a neat idea and game. Though I couldn't tell if planets had gravitational fields like mario galaxy o not. If thy do, I think you could make it easier to tell but if they don't I think it could be a cool idea to implement if you want to develop this further 

same here

It takes a while to get used to but once you do the controls feel pretty great. Though the way to progress wasn't always clear. Overall its pretty nice

I really like this one. Hope you plan to develop it further. 

This is great. I feel like there could be a few more elements to give that feeling of being an overwhelmed crew member that I think you are going for

Thank you for the feedback I've been looking for games to play and rate so I will definitely get to yours


Great puzzle game, though I encountered a bug in which expanding while in the air caused me to get stuck in the ceiling above me

Thanks I spent some time working on the layout until it felt right.

I had seen entries in many other game jams and a lot of them are in 2D I figured if I made mine 3D it would stand out in some way.