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Single Input Remote Exploration Research BotView game page

Every Command Input Can Only Be Used Once!
Submitted by l2tdak (@eltdak) — 1 hour, 50 minutes before the deadline
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I got stuck towards the end, but excellent work! There were some other games with similar mechanics, but yours was engaging! <3


Very interesting and well executed. The difficulty curve perhaps needs a bit of adjusting, but 48 hours wasn't a lot of time.

The very visual way of showing your inputs were used up was a nice touch (especially in a later level that, admittedly I got stuck on)


I played a game with a similiar mechanic yesterday but I like this style and I think you did a good job executing it. - This is the other game I saw with the similiar mechanic not mine.


Very interesting puzzle game! Its an interesting take on the on input theme... The sound effects were pleasing, the dialogues were polished, textures wre perfect! Good job! The only thing bothering is the speed of the roots, maybe making it 2x or 1.5x faster would make it more dynamic... Apart from that, great job with this :)

Would love if you could check mine out too! Or not, no pressure ;)


This is a really good puzzle game! The part where you use the arrow key buttons as a barrier is an incredible "a ha!" moment. I wish the bots were a tiny bit faster, it made testing out different strategies feel a little slow. That said, I think that the way you executed this concept was excellent. 

I think this game is the best take I've seen on the "single-use" mechanic so far. Well done!


Damn that was a good game, really enjoyed that puzzle experience! Graphics are amazing for a game jam too!


Nice one. I loved that the input was part of the game environement and had a real impact in the puzzle.


Great game, concept, art and execution. Lots of polish too.

One suggestion: the way movements are only 'used up' when releasing a button should proably be explained in the first level.

One "bug report": It's possible to issue the next command too soon and use it up without actually making the move. Just release another key while the animation of a different key is still playing (but after releasing the first key)


Yeah: "Put the tutorial about how to do something, before you actually need to do it". It makes a lot of sense when you put it like that. that tutorial bit isn't my proudest moment. I had my reasoning for doing it like I did at the time - tired, confused reasoning.

That command input bug report is new though, I hadn't noticed that! Thanks for the heads up, it's defo something I will address.

Thanks for playing!

Submitted (1 edit)

Enjoyed this, also great to see someone be creative with MV.  Good stuff.

Will add levels load a bit slow for me and the tutorial on inputs ending 

when button is released should be much sooner.  I died twice before I understood I could hold the button across multiple tiles.


Yeah these are common problems, at least they're easy fixes! And yes, I'm a huge fan of MV, I think it's a lot more versatile than people think!

Thanks for playing!


I've already seen a game with a similar concept, but it feels much different. This game is slower, but also interesting and challanging, good levels, different mechanics and fine art make their job. Well done!

Very fun! Like others have said, add some more levels and this would make a great mobile game. I did encounter an error where the screen stayed black after the 2nd level with the yellow bot. I tried pressing space and the arrow keys, but it didn't fix it.


Sometimes you just can't escape the all consuming black screen bug, sorry.

It's an easy fix, it's so annoying it managed to slip in right at the last minute!

Thanks for playing though, glad you liked it!


No worries! I hope you'll upload a fixed version after the jam, so I can play the rest!


Fun idea!


Love it, it needs lots of thinking :D


I love this! :)

Great concept, fits the theme and well executed.



Haha, I love your username/profile pic!

Submitted (1 edit)

Ohh! I love this game, it's quite challenging, and unique! Great use of art, and polishing (even though that's not rated) It really makes you think about how you want to beat the puzzle, and you've added lots of quirky obstacles throughout each new level, which would hold the players attention! Great job!

Check out our game Only One Recruit if you haven't! I would really appreciate it! ^-^

( - Amy)


Really clever puzzle game !

The level design is pretty good, and man when you use the button as an obstacle... genius

A few minor things that could have made the experience better:

- the movement of the bot is very slow, it is tedious to execute the solution and iterate

- inbetween levels I had to press an arrow key to load the level (is that a bug ?)

- You have to understand that you can hold an input in level one, but it explained in level 3

Overall great job !


Yep those three points keep coming up! I'll defo address all of these and, yeah, you need to push buttons to make the game load sometimes - that's a bug!

Thanks for playing!

artwork is too cool.... i gotta say... plz further develop this game for mobile .... 

its so engrossing ..people will easily get hooked to it like I did 

all the best for the rest of the jam


Hey thanks! Yeah I'm planning on testing a mobile port this weekend actually...


Great brain-twister with simple but deep mechanic - Very good.
Also (Spoilers?) using the Key-usage indicator as the obstacle is brilliant idea!

At the first level though, I thought you could only move one tile once and had some time figuring out that you could infact hold the key down and keep going.

Overall, It is quite exciting self-sokoban (if you get what I mean) brainsqueezer!


I wish I got more levels in using the indicator as an obstacle, but time ran out! It's my favourite twist of the game. In retrospect, I should have included that idea in earlier levels, but never mind!

Thanks for playing!


Very cool puzzle game. Very interesting interpretation of the only one theme. The level design was dope as well with incorrect obvious paths to throw you off. great job!


Good... very good game design. That game really engaged me into thinking about the solutions and It's well balanced :)

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