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I plan to rate and comment over 80 game ..Submit your game link ... Rate my game..

A topic by ANKRAI Gameworks created Aug 06, 2019 Views: 601 Replies: 135
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Hi guys...many of your games are so cool... I plan to rate and comment over 80 game by this night. Hence, comment down below your game link.

Kindly, rate my game too....

I will return the favour with rate and comments on your game page...

games with less than 10 people rated should also submit there game..No one should left alone... :)


Here's our game

You have to dismantle a bomb in only 1 minutewhile using the manual. We have to warn you it isn't an easy game ;)

I hope you (or someonelse) finds some time to play it.

Thank you in advance!

Loved it... 

Great Idea... You deserve to expand this game as a visual novel + your current version of game mechanics..  would be cool to play the game as a character in "The Hurt Locker" ...  

Plz use the speech recognition feature to expand game-play beyond click mechanics...


Done deal mate :)

one word... ADDITCIVE .. and sick beats .. were cherry on top

Artwork give me wibe of riddler messing with batman... i would love to see you add more riddles and humorous insults  
Plz expand furthr and publish it on Facebook ...I can see this several people killing time on this...

Also, i should give you props for thinking of such a game mechanics ... 


read the description, please

bullet mechanics is good and visuals are so sickkkkkkkkkkkk man... <3 

But i should curse you for your weird input key mapping... :P  :D  ( all in good gesture.. ) anyway i reached the final  level I understand the ticking time.. but overall its a very good effort...My best wishes for your next jam...  

(1 edit)

Hello fellow jammers, if you're into spooky mansions, narrative-heavy games and light bulb management, you could check out our game, Tread Lightly

And don't forget to tell us what you think, we would greatly appreciate it :)

Nice job.. you have a good team... can't believe it was done all in 2 days... but awesome experience... best wishes to the team for future project... 


My humble contribution

Puzzle horror, 1 flash of your camera to light your way

Cool Game .. I would like to play its enhanced version on mobile.... Loved it!! 


Thank you.

Based on the positive feedbakc so far, we are considering it.

Here is mine : 

A browser game where a lighthouse keeper receives 5 distress signals simultaneously. However she can only listen to one of them at a time.
In the end, she will have to make a choice, for she can only save a single ship.

Just amazing....!!! 

Would work great with ambient soundtrack... 

my game too

Nice concept!.. the thing you did with mouse, movement and shooting is very unique to me.... Would love to have few obstacles, change of colors for the bullets and enemies ... little more fidlling it has very good potential 



Here is "The Only NeOne" a Grid based Maze game where you clear levels by reaching the exit by only pressing and holding your input keys ONCE. Study the enemy's patterns, keep track of your paths you take and figure out how to reach the exit!

You will find the game here:

We would love to hear your feedbacks!



I want this on app and play store.... fun and engrossing game... 


very challenging bro!... but love it...  rated.. much love and respect 


My game is called One Shot In The Chamber, a wave based survival game where you must fight off hordes of enemies with the catch being, you have only one bullet. Fortunately, the bullet is magic and you can summon it back to you or teleport to it. Using this unique ability, you must survive as long as possible in the chamber. Here is a screenshot of the game and the link to the game page:

Instant favorite.... Difficult but addictive once you have a hang of it.... 
Its unique ... art is simplistic but suits the game... 

Lumberjack, Zombies, a Boombox and  a Chainsaw! You can't wield both together so choose wisely!

Best zombie game..... I can see myself buying this game on steam... good mechanics... but kindly switch deforestation to horror walking trees .in absence of light . so that we wouldn't feel bad cutting them.. ;)

I LOVE the walking tree idea!

ha ha


Yoooo! Your game is definitely challenging! Really fun to go fast. Wish there was a score system though.

Here is mine:

Tight game mechanics, satisfying gameplay and lots of juice! (That's what I was going for anyway). Thanks for checking it out :)

Thanks bro for kind words.....score is mentioned in bottom right corner... you can upload your score to leader-board by visiting main menu... 

Loved it!!  Awesome Idea... good music... nice aesthetics...  only thing i find it missing is that only if you could add teleportation mechanics with right click to the bullet position itself... Also, you can try lerp to add curve motion of enemies advancing towards players... Also, rather than keyboard input...mouse based character follow movement will make it simple fast paced mouse based game..   Rated! Much respect 


Only 14 so far. Curious. I guess I'll help you get to 80 then.

nice visuals and wibe...  wish you had added more gameplay... 


Hi there,

My game is VERY SHORT so you can play it for sure without taking time to other games :)

I hope you like it :)

I'm going to play yours now :D

You are a fucking genius... You have found a fun engaging  game with simple mechanics . 

Much deserved best rating... Release the finished version on app/play store... 

Submitted (2 edits)

Here's mine.........

Hopefully you'll enjoy it    ( and maybe get addicted XD )

Game :

Rate :

bro.. can you help me understand?... upon launch i get the screen with "only one pair of platform" blinking but nothing is happening afterwards...  

Submitted (1 edit)

Pressing the up arrow will start the game and will also allow you to jump. Movement is done with the left and right keys  

feels good... and great concept behind it... 
i wish if rhytmic game elements would be added this would double the fun...


Simple, colorful platformer)  I would be very grateful if you have a few minutes to play my game)



(1 edit)

Awesome game!.. .Rated it as best.. consider publishing it on switch... and contact devolver digital for publishing...  

which game engine you have used??


Thanks!) Game Maker Studio 1.4. Unfortunately Devolver Digital full up with projects.I'll try to contact with ChuckleFish.


I will play you game when I get back home today. 

Please play mine, named Twisty Chess:

All hail to the java king..... ;)  Nice idea!!   and implementation But i feel something is still missing... 
can you add more particle effects..metal music and rather than usual chess pieces replace it with heads of orcs and elves... :D ;) 


I thought about that... And maybe change it to 3d and real time action. Wouldn't that be a great game if it was made in only 2 days?

It is a great game and i had appreciated your coding skills considering you have made that in java that to in two days.. rated it as one of the best i've played so far


Thanks! Though it was made in processing, not in pure java. This means that I didn't make the game loop, and using audio files is not that much of a headache. I intend on writing a game loop someday, though. 


Here be my game!

I'll make sure to play yours too!

Best part your voice acting...!!  

Aah! I cheated my way to the comments to understand... throw stab flight mechanic... 

Interesting mechanics... well deserved Rated R for RAD ;)


This is my little game. It's called One Enemy. You have shoot the enemy as many times as you can and dodge it's attacks.



Thank you!


Hi !

Enjoy slaying all the slimes and the four bosses. There's 20 levels. Can you beat'em all ?!
In this game you have only one bullet that you can pick up to shoot again !

Share your best time and the level that you reached.

Don't forget to rate !
Web is available ! Windows too ;)

Bro! I have played and rated your game before you had posted over here... very interesting game mechanic ..i have been playing it for a while :) 

you can try adding teleportation mechanic at the bullet stop position with right mouse click... anyways...all the best


Try our game when you can!

nice integration of puzzle and platforming .... i liked your game mechanics...  Rated..

Hey! Tnaks for you time :) Here is our game, a 8-bit style roguelike were all the stats and values of the game are calculated using only one value, your life! That means that you attack, life and money are shared and also the life and damage of the enemies :D. We also add some random stats that increse or decrease with that value to make thing a bit more... special hahahaha.
Have fun !

PS: I've just played your game and it's interesting :D, a bit hard at first. I think that a esier first level would be nice. Nice work and keep improving!

among one of my highest rated...  loved it over 3000! ;) 


Take  a look at my game  Its a card game where you try to charm your opponent 1 conversation at a time!

superb idea...!  you have gained a fan of your work... :) 


Hi, this is my game

It's a fast plateformer, I hope you'll like it 

And as soon as I'm back home I rate yours ;) 

among my best games...


Done and done my friend, glad I could help you get ratings!

Here is mine

its compelling ...  coolest thing i saw today... it has great potential.... rated 

this is our litle game: 

is about pulling and pushing a snake into the basket and moving yourself at the same time with just one button.

i am having fun time playing it... 


Here's my dungeon crawler 
10 ratings for now

am here to help... 

I didn't found any flaw in this game... nice ambiance and art style... you must be slick developer to develop this game in 2 days... best wishes... Rated 
The battle of light vs darkness... who would win?


awesome mechanic... please expand this game further... loved it! 

You are too kind! Thank you :)

Here is our little puzzle game :
If you like it or have a comment, feel free to give us a feedback. We're really appreciated.
Rate here :

simply awesome !! 



fun game.... best use of minimalism 

Submitted (1 edit)

try this

among my bets past timer...


fun, engaging, bit hard... but yeah liked it verm much... 

Submitted (1 edit)

Just finished rating. Here's mine (The instructions are in the description of the game page)

amazing concept... best in my books


Only One Shall Pass

Have some fun with it :)

perfect 15!! 

Submitted (1 edit)

Here's ours. YODO, a cursed puzzle game :

look at jaw has drooped... in  awe ..


I'll definitely check yours out! I'll try to play as many as I can from these threads. In the mean time here's mine!


Downloading yours! 

Looking forward to your feedback! :) 

perfect 15! I want this in mobile ... Just read the description beacause at first it might be a bit confusing

cutest game on this game jam.. by far... love it ..hope you will return the favor by ratting mine 

I will happily try it out tomorrow :D


Step by Step: take one step at a time :P rating yours now!

I think i broke my keyboard...  ;) Great effort  dev... 


Done and done my friend, glad i could help you get ratings!

Here is mine, a platformer with one thing to climb and one set of precise mechanics

its compelling ...  coolest thing i saw today... it has great potential.... rated 


My game is a top down perspective, 3D puzzle game. Control a group of survivors and sacrifice as many as you like to the zombie horde so long as you can get one to the other side of the road. Funny, short and simple gameplay.

mind blown....  how you went on to program the crowd mechanics in 2 days..bro!!

Great game ... with high potential ... I'll remember this game for sometime 


Ours is a 2D browser game where you have to choose between having the room lit up, double jump or dash!


Fantastic game... hope this will grow  among the community... 


Hi ANKRAI Gameworks, try ours - a one button to play platformer game ;)

Addictive as hell... flawless implementation ...


Our game is a puzzle one, inspired by chess! You can move the knigth only!

this game should be on steam


i want to be the 69th reviewed game

and it will be ... fascinating game...  your idea is too cool...


This is my puzzle-horror ->

very very intriguing 

Submitted (1 edit)

Hey man, try this short educational game i made for this jam :)

Touching and beautiful work... !!

you should contact some local NGOs to spread the message with this game.. 


Hey thanks for helping out the community! I'll absolutely check out yours as well!

Platformer where you can only have one ability active at a time, and can only use it once per room! Also one hit and your dead ;) Hope you like it!

its very delightful to play this game... i got hooked with it .... lovely game!!

Please check our game to贸:

i had the fun time playing it.... i wish right mouse button could be used as to reverse the cycling as counter clock wise and clockwise for faster gameplay... Hope you expand further upon this game.. 


Here's my game to add to the list. I'll make sure to rate yours too

out of the box!! liked your thinking... this dev is crafty.. ;) 


Going to play yours now.

Here's mine, a short text adventure about the end of the world!

lovely game!!


hi, thanks for the topic. here is my game

amazing game; i had incredible fun with it!! 

(1 edit)

so far i have rated over 35 games  here... I would appreciate you try my game and leave feedback  with rating.... 

just wouldn't expect people stabbing in the back while helping them.... 

I've helped this community to get more ratings of underloked games  in this overcrowded game jam.....finished ratting all the games posted over here and counts more than 50. Hope those guys who didn't tried or ratted my game would do so soon....  

Ooo, your game looks cool, such a foreboding title... I'm excited to give it a spin when I'm back at my PC!

Check out our game here :)

Awesome work!! .... Its beyond the level of game jam entry.... 

you really are very good at this... 

Submitted (1 edit)

Here's my game;
I gave the No Exit game a good rating (my mouse is kinda bad)

Awesome concept and implementation!  ... this would benefit more from particle effects .. 

your explanation in comment to other dev made my day (actually night)!!  

all the best for the rest fo the jam

thanks for checking out mine.. 


And here is my entry.

ool game...awesome art-style...  but am missing dash mechanics... this game badly needs it ..

love it and respect from my end...   rated

ooh ooh also cutest avatar ever ....  :) 


Thank you, and you'll be amazed, but I take after my avatar. XD



If you tired about your daily job and/or want to fire some employees, we made the "perfect" game (ah-hem) for that.

Your main job is to find the intruders and fire them. Until there is ONLY ONE employee left.

But be careful. You will have ONLY ONE shot and ONLY ONE minute to decide.

Our game is Office Intruders and it's available here =>

Hope you'll like it! :D

Super cool .... you deserve the best and more eyes on this game...

expand this into full fledged game.. 

I did not lliked it.. I LOVED IT!!! 


Hay mate thanks for playing so many peoples submissions! I hope you have time for 1 more ;-) I will play your game later when I get time.

Have fun!

What a great idea... !! so unique .. Most original game in this jam..


Hi there. Anyone wants to play and rate mine? I'll play and rate yours. 馃槉

Mine is a platformer... but with only 1 platform. (馃 Can you even imagine that?) 

Hands down most entertaining game.. This game deserves to be mentioned in GMTK's video  and should be in top 10... 

I will rate the new ones..once I return home...meanwhile keep pouring your games....

Your hardwork and inspiring work deserves to be appreciated and bring in to the light ..i will help it to be noticed by doing my part..


Here is my game! I hope you enjoy.

fun  game very good effort


this entry reminds me of my childhood days!!..  cool game nice music are so clever with the art style...