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we might publish a demo soon. Things are evolving slowly

Hello, really soon we will have updates on the project. I got caught in life matters for a long time, but stay tuned

Thanks for the video!!!

Thanks for the video :))

we started working on a  new version and we will then pitch it around. The road is long

You get an archive. Extract it with "win rar" or similar software

Thanks for the video :)

I used Unity.
Sorry but there is no plan for open-sourcing the project

Hey! Thanks for caring! Both I and the artist are busy with some life stuff, but we do have some design concepts laid down.
If you want to follow closer, I will announce stuff on my Twitter:

No timeline yet. Both I and my friend who worked on it are stabilizing our economical situations while throwing ideas in the mix.

thanks! Really appreciate it!

We are planning on developing a full version of the game, with better graphics, surreal situations, gameplay innovations, and so on. Basically a new game which winks at the old crazy taxi, but is not a clone of it :)

Thanks for the video! Yes it is slow at restarting each run. If a more polished version will be made, we'll make sure to fix this :)

Thanks for the cheer :)
Fingers crossed! 

If the game gets commercially developed, other than improving the "area 51 lost-footage" overall atmosphere, I'm planning to have some sort of mute tutorial with forced/intuitive situations during the first runs.
On the style of  some nintendo titles / Half Life.
Teaching without telling.
Sadly for this jam I had no time to do such a thing.

Basically, everything harms you, except when you dash. When you dash you harm everything.
the dash usually have a small cool down before you can use it again.
When you see an arrow spawning from the player and pointing to an orb, that will do a teleported dash onto the orb, and charge the dash back immediately.

Watch out for the farmers inside the crop fields. Those are almost invisible till they start moving. Another issue I need to address.

Nice fun little game! Well executed in all the aspects of it, and daaaamn if it's difficult to beat the developer's highscore. 
I had 1-2 moments in which I went Zen-mode, but I did not last long. What's the trick to beat it?

thanks, glad to read this :)

Yes, a gamepad really helps with making the movements more fluid

Heh, I have to live out of my games. I do what I can!

In the end I had to focus on other missing features and bugs, and left the tutorial out. 

I've been making this game alone and time was a very important resource.

The dash recharging circle is now more visible, and given that the game has only 1 action, it does just need some short trial and error to get you running fine. 

Sorry you found a barrier to your tastes instead. Was it at least fun once you put some time into it?

If I get to do anything with this game, I'll consider adding some "untold/unwritten" tutorial, forcing some situations on the player first, so that it can be assumed the player has learned as he goes on playing.

Thanks for the feedback

thanks for the suggestion! I'm always about explaining without telling, but it is also true that the game is visually "busy", so I will add a small tutorial screen in the beginning, in the remaining time before jam is over. Thanks for the feedback :)

Ciao! Ho usato game maker 1.4, nel 2014, per crearlo, e più recentemente ho creato il sequel con unity :)

thanks a lot!!

Both me and my friend are so happy of the result :D

Thanks for the compliment :)
Your highscore is visible in the main menu!

Thank you :OO
Checking the video out, immediately! 

Thanks for the video :))

thanks! Here is the software:

Great quality overall! Impressive work with good AAA tone, even more considered the one week time limit!


Clients do rewind the spring of the taxi, that's where the theme gets respected x)

Thanks :)
The taxi is powered by a spring, which gets REWINDED by each costumer, before starting every new run

We were not confident on doing something on rewinding time or vhs/videos, and so we opted for doing a pun on the word

The graphics are impressive, and the audio fits the atmosphere very well! Congrats!

I suggest you to play the steam demo instead of this one. This one is really outdated

Thanks a lot for the video :D

Thanks ::))

Thanks a lot :))
Instructions added in the Steam version ;)

Game Controls well, and it's a nice take on Pinball, at least in my opinion! Graphics fits and it's fun to play :D

Checking it out immediately! :))