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Ciao! Ho usato game maker 1.4, nel 2014, per crearlo, e più recentemente ho creato il sequel con unity :)

thanks a lot!!

Both me and my friend are so happy of the result :D

Thanks for the compliment :)
Your highscore is visible in the main menu!

Thank you :OO
Checking the video out, immediately! 

Thanks for the video :))

thanks! Here is the software:

Great quality overall! Impressive work with good AAA tone, even more considered the one week time limit!


Clients do rewind the spring of the taxi, that's where the theme gets respected x)

Thanks :)
The taxi is powered by a spring, which gets REWINDED by each costumer, before starting every new run

We were not confident on doing something on rewinding time or vhs/videos, and so we opted for doing a pun on the word

The graphics are impressive, and the audio fits the atmosphere very well! Congrats!

I suggest you to play the steam demo instead of this one. This one is really outdated

Thanks a lot for the video :D

Thanks ::))

Thanks a lot :))
Instructions added in the Steam version ;)

Game Controls well, and it's a nice take on Pinball, at least in my opinion! Graphics fits and it's fun to play :D

Checking it out immediately! :))

Thanks a lot! I've added a life and quicken the game over sequence in the steam release :))

Thanks a lot for playing :)) 
Glad you liked it!

Cool digging game with interesting movement mechanics & nice graphics :))

Nice Idea! Great gameplay! Graphics is great too!

This is one of the best games of the jam for idea and execution! A Mobile game with this would hit 1000000 downloads!

A nice clicker game but with 3d Exploration! I've found it addicting, but wished you could figure out where the bombs are :( 

I was almost winning and... Boom!

Really cool graphics and atmosphere! Wish the camera had a bit more field of view, but that's because I'm a fanatic of it!

This created some comlex situations with so little! I almost punched my friend thanks to this game! 

Great idea!

The character falls when I change shape, but this is a solid concept, intuitive, and with nice colors and graphics, and I'm rating with that in mind :))

glad you liked it! Thank you

thanks a lot :))

If the game started in windowed mode for some reason, hit the top right yellow block at the beginning of the game. It's the fullscreen block

Impressive game! Splendid graphics and UI, and sounds is great too! That felt really professional!

It's a funny little doodle jump game

Great Idea! You drill holes in a flute and it's amazingly fun x)

Nice game, cool graphics, and a great main mechanic. I did not manage to find any: are there ores?

Thanks for all the usefull feedback! Luckily most of the stuff is already fixed in the version I'm working on right now ( it's going on steam )

The shop keeper, thanks to your comment, is now a vending machine with a "Shop" text on top, and the game now has a small tutorial in the beginning :))

Thanks a lot :)))

It's super hexagon, and it is well executed! Nice graphics and sound!

Really grate game! It was fun to play and I think I was pretty good!

Great atmosphere too!

Nice pixelated graphics and tower defence! Good job!

Cool Idea! I wish the walls were faster, but this could be addressed with some touch control! Work on this one :))

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Nice game with funny sfx! Had to play a little to understand the objective, but not a problem!

Nice graphics and concept! Work on this one! 

I just wish the camera followed me more quickly.

Cool graphics and nice feeling! It was hard to master in the beginning, but then I got gud!