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Platformer game where you have only ONE jump per LEVEL. Made for GMTK gamejam 2019 with theme: only one.
Submitted by A5H (@a5hMakeGames) — 3 hours, 46 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#3404.2724.272

Ranked from 103 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Such a well polished and fun game! Congrats!

Loved the level design, incrementing with new ideas while teaching you how to play.


This was a lot of fun!
Everything was clear, intuitive, and new mechanics were introduced well. Great job~

Nice, straightforward and pretty well designed for a game jam. Good stuff! 


Nice platformer with cool concept. Though it was often too obvious where you needed to use your jump.


Well made game man! Good idea, good levels, and fun :)


Really fun game but way too short. I was getting all Super Meat Boy vibes from it.

I must also commend you for making the page part of the game. Looks very nice.


I loved this game! I managed to beat all the levels and found out how much i use jumps in platformers even though i don't have to :D


good job! It seems that I have encountered a bug: whenever I moved my charakter the moving platform, would move in the same direction. Some more feedback on the disappearing block would be nice as well.


i cant fix this bug now :c so, please use A and D to move instead of arrows. it will be pached soon, thank you for feedback.


Very nice, me and my friend had the same idea when we were choosing what to do but ended up doing something else instead, glad to see it done well though!


I think this was an interesting take on a platformer. 

I have seen others in this jam use a similiar mechanic but regardless, I think you have managed it the best so far. I used the A and D keys rather than the arrow keys due to the recommendation on the page and noticed the comments mentioning the bugs but those can be fixed after the jam if you wish to take this further. 

I liked the variation in the levels it added some complexity, if you continued this you could make levels that mix ideas from these levels together such as the anti grav and the spike balls being there at the same time and you must navigate through while switch gravity that would be both interesting and very difficult. 


Thank you! :3

Hey, Why did you delete a comment from me? Because it sought to insult you? I was just trying to tell you that the ascension platforms move to the left and right in the same way as the player, and that frustrates something.

P.D: Ok, pressing A or D this doesn't happen.


i didt mean to delete your comment, that was just missclick, sorry. yes i know this platforms can frustrate player but i cant repair it now. have a nice day :D


Another day will be to change it.


Fantastic game! The controls were nice and tight, and you really made use of the main mechanic. 15/15!

Please check out our game at! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Submitted (1 edit)

Great controls, super tight! Enjoyed myself a lot, thanks.


hope you get chosen :)


Short but sweet. Fighting against the skills developed over years of playing platformers messed up with my head HARD. Nice job! Check our game!


Great game , intelligently inspired by Super Meet Boy but with a only one jump mechanic .

Well done !

Submitted (1 edit)

Good job ! Good consistency, short but well done.


Great game! Everything was super tight. Graphics, audio, level design. My only peeve was how tight/fast the controls are, but that's pretty subjective.

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