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No. The tanks act as a final challenge.

Very pretty, and I really like the story. But the controls are a bit clunky.

Nice, well done!

Cool, feels nice!

Quite fun! But I'm not sure if there is some sort of goal.

Nice game, but really hard. Also, it's a bit annoying that you can't switch while the ninja is in the air.

Sorry, but since the semicolon is somewhere completely different on a german keyboard I can't play it :(

Neat game!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! Yeah, I ran out of time on stopping off-screen attacks.

If you kill their officers, you can convert the rifle guys ;)

Thanks :) There's a little red frowny face above bad guys. But maybe they should be a bit more pronounced.

Nice, simple, good :)

Interesting and very deep!


Nice game! But it's pretty difficult to figure out what everything does.

Fun puzzle game!

Quite nice, but the random controls were very weird. Also, on one level green dash should have been right, but it was displayed as up.

It's pretty, and feels quite well, but I don't think I can attack the beavers?

I have no clue what to do - or at least how to achieve it.

The game didn't even run on my browser.

It looks pretty, but you constantly run off the right edge of the screen.

Quite fun, but I'm not sure if I understood it properly.

Fun idea, and nicely made!

Apparently, like everyone else, the first red spikes spelled death for my attempt :(

Nice game!

Neat game. Restart button broke on the maze level though.

Sorry, can't get it to work.

A solid puzzle game.

Really fun! A bit difficult to control at times, but the non-punishing death system makes it great. Also, nice music und graphics. 

Well made. Although the screen didn't scale very well on my monitor, and I had to scroll constantly.

Quite nice, but the instant death mechanic is fairly punishing in the later levels. Especially since it's not very intuitive to control the position of each individual ball. Some leniency would have been nice.

A fine little game. Quite strategic.

Short, but pretty and well made.

A nice little game. The abundance of instant-death pits is a bit annoying, as well as the fact that moving towards a wall cancels any and all velocity. But well done.

No? You play as a bunch of communist orcs starting - and succeeding (if you play well enough) at a communist revolution. Communism is very much winning.

East Germany was the communist one 😉 - but thanks for the feedback!

Pretty fun and cool!

Small, but fun!