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Really nice rogue-like. The random enemies really add to it. 

Use right-click to move, left-click to interact.

Oh, you can do that? Great, thanks, I'll try it out!

Very possible. I don't think the game will work without a mouse. You will at least need a mouse pointer, left- and right-click.

On the box? Did you try clicking on the wheels? The game is controlled with the mouse (left/right click).

Ah, all right. I get it now!

Thanks for trying! In what sense does it not play well?

But ... you have multiple commands ...?

Thank you!

Quite possible that my failure to activate fullscreen mode was the culprit in this case.

Pretty cool. Could definitely use some tweaking, but a good start! I kept constantly launching through the floor in level 2, so that's maybe a bug. Maybe you should make the force with wich you shoot the ball dependant on how close the cursor is to the cube. That would give you a lot more control. Overall, nice game!

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Neat! Well made puzzles, built around a simple mechanic. Definitely a 15/15.

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Okay, interesting idea, struggeling execution. The spaceship moves so fast that it's hard to control, especially since the arena is so small. Also you can't move your mouse outside the screen, so once your in a corner, it's pretty hard to get out. But overall a solid concept that shows promise!

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Neat usage of the theme. Pretty hectic, but fun. Definitely a good use of Construct 2.

Please check out our game at! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Definitely a unique idea! It sometimes feels a bit unfair if the font changes exactly when you hit a wall, but you really have enough health that this isn't an issue. Great aesthetic, and interesting usage of "Only One"!

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Cool idea! But the erratic movement of the block makes it pretty hard to control. Still fun tho, so there is some potential here!

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Fantastic game! The controls were nice and tight, and you really made use of the main mechanic. 15/15!

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Definitely a nice game. Loved the variety of weapons! Though the controls felt a tiny bit twitchy.

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A mighty fine idea! Great execution as well. For some reason the game bugged out on the last level, and I couldn't move, but I really loved it.

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Jesus, this game is confusing! You kinda zip all over the place when transitioning, and sometimes you just go somewhere without knowing why. But the underlying concept is pretty solid, and I'm sure with a bit more work this will be a game to behold!

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Interesting concept, but my god is it annoying! Wich is probably how it would feel if you only had one finger. So pretty good job!

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Awesome concept, great game! The music sometimes glitches out a bit, but otherwise absolutely phenomenal, especially the different weapons.

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A really good game, well polished and really well designed. I don't quite see how it fits the theme, but I guess he wants to become the Only Leader of the world.

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Cool game! Great idea, great execution, loved playing it!

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Nice idea, okay execution. I really enjoyed searching for weapons, but it never really felt like they made a difference. There are a lot of options, but you don't really have a reason to look for all of them. I think some sort of achievement system and some small puzzles would help this game a lot. But good work overall.

Rather interesting idea. But the execution is a bit poor. You fall over way to quick, making it basically impossible to reasonably control your character. Also you randomly die.

Interesting concept. But the execution could do with some tweaking. It is pretty much luck if you get a level you can do, but if you do so, it is rather trivial to pass. It is pretty much impossible to judge whether a level will be impossible in so short a time, so maybe all levels should be made possible. As to the difficulty: maybe you could change the step lengths from 1,2,3 to 1,3,5. That way you actually need to think about lining yourself up with your chosen path. Also the theme of only one is a bit iffy. But the idea shows promise, and with a bit of improvement I'm sure you will be able to make a really nice puzzle game. Also maybe consider going 2D.

Interesting game. Definitely a challenge. Though it is rather difficult to tell where the thugs are pointing and where you can move. But overall pretty solid. Kudos to the cartoonist!

Good idea! Definitely interesting. Sadly the oponent never uses block-breaking blows, so you can just block till she punches, then punch her and block again. Rather simple, but with a bit of refinement it could really make for an interesting experience.

Pretty nice take on the arena shooter. Felt really interesting scavenging for weapons. It's just a bit sad that the only really successful strategy in the last two levels is to just run, so it would maybe help to decrease enemy count a little. Also the fact that you hooked level completion to a time limit felt a bit unnatural. Maybe it would help if you stop spawning enemies after the time limit, but triggered level completion only once all enemies are defeated. Else the game will just cut off in the middle of the action. But overall really cool concept and execution!

Nice and fun, quite well made. It's a bit sad that you don't get reset at all when dying, so you never really need to learn to overcome a specific challenge, but otherwise a pretty cool idea and good execution!

Really nice game! The idea is interesting, and the head as a weapon and pick-up actually serves as a nice bit of dual-purpose design! The only thing I can critcise really is the fact that the enemies acually pathfind around walls, along the shortest path, wich makes it pretty unintuitive to judge their behaviour. But that is really a minor point.

Okay, after much struggeling I finally figured out how the game works. You should maybe mention in the description that the game is first person. I first thought it was top-down and was very confused. Overall an interesting idea, and I really enjoyed it once I figured it out.

Really nice game! The character controlled really nicely, and the low gravity of the box made for a fun challenge. The theme sadly doesn't really come to bear. You never really fell like you would want more than one box. But great game none the less!

Cool game! Good execution, though the scripting syntax could be a bit more intuitive. Also I didn't get a "next level" message after the maze level, not sure if that's a bug.

Really neat game. I mean, it's basically a dungeon crawler, but still, really good and fun game!

Great game! The art is really good. Just missing a bit of sound.

Nice game. Cool idea. The puzzles don't seem very compley though, as the number of possibilities is quite limited.

Cool idea! But I found it really difficult to understand what everything meant.