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Thanks a lot!

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Fun concept, and good execution! Really nice game!

Good to see you here, btw!

I mean... it's not like you can make an unscripted narrative adventure? The script is sort of the point.

Ah okay, that makes it more difficult. I'll try. It's a really nice concept!

Thanks a lot! Yeah, no randomization for a 48 hour jam game, better to put all the work into stuff everyone will play.

The game doesn't scale properly on my PC, so I can't see the options to choose, sadly.

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Fun, but really difficult. Some sort of dash might improve the game, as well as not having instant death pits. The graphics are fantastic!

Yeah, spelling errors are gonna sneak through if you write something this quickly. Same goes for the line breaks, just didn't have the time.

Not sure what happened to your audio, it seemed fine on my end. WebGL is a bit buggy when it comes to that, sadly.

But glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for playing!

Very atmospheric and relaxing indeed. Graphics and Music are top notch!

A fun little game! My only gripe is that the attack is pretty small, which makes hitting stuff quite fiddly.

A very pretty and fun to play game!

A really fun platformer! The roll count per level is lenient enough that you can just mess around.

A very fun word game!

I well executed and very creative concept!

I like the concept, but it's difficult to keep up with the game. A display what sides your enemy has, some indication who's turn it currently is and the ability to read the attack message that killed you (and a message you won, the two look identical at the moment).

Never the less a very nice game!

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God damnit, it crashed at Level 48. Didn't even get to make a Leaderboard Entry. Very nice game, but quite exploitable if you don't level speed and 4 slots in your attack die.

Complete chaos, yet still controlable. Very well balanced. Love it!

A very fun and pretty puzzle/exploration game!

I think there's a problem with the resolution, I think most of the game board is occluded

Very pretty, and really cool concept. I've never seen damage in PnP-likes represented with a dice explosion from the enemy. With a bit more enemy variation etc. it could actually become a fun and fully fledged game!

A really fun and well made game, with a nice concept!

Was actually a bit sad when there wasn't more.

Reminds me of this game.

Jokes aside, it's great to see you made an effort!

A super polished and enjoyable game! My first 5/5 across the board!

Damn, you sure roll those dice. And what pretty dice they are!

A pretty nice game, with pretty sweet level generation for 48 hours!

Really fun, although the fact that the platforms from other dimensions are hard to see, and that the levels repeat infinitely (I think?) are minor detractions.

Are there supposed to be other people in there? Is this an online game? Am I supposed to provide said people myself? It looks great, and the controls feel great, but nothing is happening.

Quite fun, but why aren't 3 and 4 / 2 and 5 opposite each other? Every opposite pair of dice values is supposed to add to 7.

Can you add the controls to the itch description? I can't figure them out.

A fun, arcady little game!

A really fun game with a very interesting core concept.

I'm just not sure why you can pick your numbers at the start of each round? There is no reason why you wouldn't want to win as many things as possible, so I don't think there's ever a reason to pick anything but the highest availabe value

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Well, I can't change the files. It works on Firefox. What browser are you using?

No. The tanks act as a final challenge.

Very pretty, and I really like the story. But the controls are a bit clunky.

Nice, well done!

Cool, feels nice!

Quite fun! But I'm not sure if there is some sort of goal.

Nice game, but really hard. Also, it's a bit annoying that you can't switch while the ninja is in the air.

Sorry, but since the semicolon is somewhere completely different on a german keyboard I can't play it :(

Neat game!