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toggling off easy mode was quite brutal, the bosses just did not want to die. Still, great fun to play, good job~

Quite an interesting puzzle game, and the levels were well put together.
Nice job!

A little difficult to control but fun nonetheless~
Good job!

A fun spin on the tower defence genre~
Some of the towers felt a bit mean, but there were enough goblins(?) spawning it wasn't unfair.
Good job~

Brutal with it's difficulty, but still ended up going several rounds~
It's a bit frustrating losing items during reshuffle when a boss shows but hey.
Nice job~

Took me longer than I'd care to admit to realise I'd gone to level 2 - thought I'd done something wrong when the hole opened up ^^;

Not seeing the dice roll did make it feel a bit disconnected from the number array but that's a smol thing. The game played well, and the last level was challenging to solve~

Nice work~

thank you for playing~

A nice concept. The RNG re-rolling every time did kinda mean you could just die until an easy challenge appeared - but the opposite is also true ofc.

Good job~

Thank you for playing~
had to wait until I repaired this comp to play but just finished rating~

I liked the aesthetic, reminded me very much of Limbo's palette. Did make it a bit hard to see visual elements in some levels though (nearly missed the lever in 'two places at once')
Others have already commented in regards the theme so I won't rehash things there.

As a non-design note, my comp struggled to play this very smoothly so not sure if that's the engine used or what... But maybe something to keep in mind for the future?
(though ofc I know optimisation is something we seldom have time for in these brief 48 hours >w<)
Even with the frame-skipping I managed to clear a good number of levels though.

Overall I had fun~
Even despite my hardware struggling XD
Good job

Thans for playing, and the feedback~
As was I just about got the game to this state before the deadline so yeah, sadly no time for music (and might have spent more time in levels if I'd started work sooner).
A reset when falling off made sense at the time but in hindsight having a reset key would have been better >w>
probably easier to code too

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Even if it was completely RNG, had a lot of fun playing this~
Got wiped on my 2nd enemy in the cave though, ah well.
Good job~
gonna take a while before I stop giggling at being slapped by the frogs XD

Thank you for playing~

Loving the SFX~ XD
Had a good run, before some low rolls left me overwhelmed. Oh well.
Nice work~

Thank you for playing!
(and already rated~)

An interesting puzzle game~
Getting through stage 6 took some doing but got there in the end.
Nice work!

Thanks for playing~
Kinda wish I'd thought to have a more tutorial-like level for the gates; stage 3 was kinda intended to bait players to get that bit wrong, but probably should have had one before that ^^;

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Had a lot of fun playing this one~
If could only manage a measely 72 in the end
Great job!
now one last try at a high score
(edit: 138 now \o/ )

Thank you for playing~

Had a lot of fun with this one~
The music was great and the SFX fit the gameplay well.
Nice work~!

It was partly down to palette limitations but it also (hopefully) made things a bit simpler.
Thanks for playing~

when planning I thought to avoid RNG-based mechanics, but you made them pretty fun~
Now if only the 'spiked' die was kinder to me...


Guess so ^^;
you were kinder to not let players roll off though

Thank you for playing, glad you liked it~

An interesting concept, and I liked the restriction added on a later level.
Nice work~

Think I broke the ground-slam by spamming it XD
Managed to give some of the gloves the slip anyway.
Nice work making something procedural in the time too~

Thanks for playing!
In hindsight it might have been better to at least explain some of the mechanics, but time didn't really allow for that >w>
Glad you had fun~

Thank you for playing, and the feedback~

Thank you for playing~

Surprised to see a 3D game, reminds me a bit of PS1 games as long as it's been since I played any...
The perspective confused me a little at times, but I had fun~
Even if I threw myself off the edge half the time XD

Short, but a fun game~
It took me a moment to wrap my head around the dice bomb, but it's an interesting mechanic; good job!

Delightfully chaotic XD
Could only manage a measly 50 points but I'll try for more later~
Nice work~!

You weren't kidding about unfair XD
I had fun getting to the end though, if it took a fair few restarts~
Nice work!

Thanks for playing~ Glad you liked it!

Love it!
Felt a bit blind stumbling in the dark (which I guess is the idea) but thanks for not hiding any surprises there~
Great job!

This was a nice idea for a puzzle game
Was a bit trial and error with some of the colour mixing (there were a few times my colour was similar, but not correct) but that's minor.
Great job~!

Had a lot of fun at the start but it got a bit more frustrating for the 2nd set of keys: not sure if you can jump up to one of the platforms but after dozens of tries I kept falling short.
I'm bad at quick reactions though so that doesn't help ^^;
Honestly though, the concept is great and well-excecuted, I only wish I wasn't so bad at it XD

Welp, I suck at protecting the cargo XD
Great concept though; balance feels a bit tending towards "harsh" even on easy (in part for enemies focussing on certain carts it seemed), so kudos to anyone managed to get a train through on higher diffuclties~
Had a few times carts didn't fire on what I'd clicked but with my click accuracy I probably missed the target. Guess that's on me ^^;
Nice work!