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Delightfully chaotic XD
Could only manage a measly 50 points but I'll try for more later~
Nice work~!

You weren't kidding about unfair XD
I had fun getting to the end though, if it took a fair few restarts~
Nice work!

Thanks for playing~ Glad you liked it!

Love it!
Felt a bit blind stumbling in the dark (which I guess is the idea) but thanks for not hiding any surprises there~
Great job!

This was a nice idea for a puzzle game
Was a bit trial and error with some of the colour mixing (there were a few times my colour was similar, but not correct) but that's minor.
Great job~!

Had a lot of fun at the start but it got a bit more frustrating for the 2nd set of keys: not sure if you can jump up to one of the platforms but after dozens of tries I kept falling short.
I'm bad at quick reactions though so that doesn't help ^^;
Honestly though, the concept is great and well-excecuted, I only wish I wasn't so bad at it XD

Welp, I suck at protecting the cargo XD
Great concept though; balance feels a bit tending towards "harsh" even on easy (in part for enemies focussing on certain carts it seemed), so kudos to anyone managed to get a train through on higher diffuclties~
Had a few times carts didn't fire on what I'd clicked but with my click accuracy I probably missed the target. Guess that's on me ^^;
Nice work!

Last level got a bit hectic but love the concept~!

This is a really neat mechanic. The rotation(?)  took me a little time to get but complemented the intial mechanics well~
Great work~

Short but sweet, not sure how I managed to get through the first lot of cases fine but hey XD

Took me a little time to get used to controlling both cubes but I had fun~
Nice job~

Love the concept~ (and the graphics, great spritework!)
Got stuck on a level but that's entirely on me (I'm too used to certain button layouts); honestly the game plays really well and I had a lot of fun working out how to clear the stage under the latest restrictions. Great work!

Never thought I'd have so much fun playing golf XD
(I'm still bad at it though)
Gameplay was really satisfying, flinging my golfer all over the place~
Great work!

Honestly I'd almost not have guessed you made this in the same 48 hours we all had, it looks great!
The puzzles were designed well, I had a lot of fun~

A bit 'slide-y' for some of the precise positioning levels demand of you (last part of level 1 took me far longer than I'd care to admit) but was fun nonetheless~
Nice work

Probably didn't take the most efficient route to round up people but hey it was a lot of fun~
Didn't realise people dropped out of the line until I had most of them but that was a nice addition.
nice work!

That... was actually meant to be a box, but it was hard getting somethig box-like with the palette and sprite size... so I can see why you mistook it for a chest. Can't believe I missed that before.
And yes I only wish I'd had more time for refining the levels and mechanics, but hey, 48 hours never feels enough ^^;
Glad you had fun and thanks for the feedback~

Felt a little too trial and error for the more complex recipes, trying to discern the colours - and then I saw the foodshape button ^^; (that helped a lot on the last one)
Love the concept, especially hearing all the musical layers blend as you completed the dish (or clash, when you got it wrong, which was almost a bigger indication than the red number).
Great work!

This is quite an interesting concept~
Nice work!

Got a bit frustrating one level trying to clear a spike one stage, but aside from that, fun to play~

This was great fun!
I wasn't always that good at remembering patterns or planning ahead, but still manged to finish things~
Great work!

Made three drunken masterpieces with a smile on my face the whole time XD
Brilliantly done!

I got greedy and stuck in a room with doors bashing me XD
Nice idea~!

Tricky, but I feel it'd make a good game to run in the background while you amass units~
The difficulty curve is perhaps a bit too punishing, I'd already depleted my nearby resources before getting my first lighthouse, but you mentioned that on the page already~
Did hurt to have even large groups fail but what can you do... (if at times a little frustrating to have a worker gathering resources right next to a lighthouse, but no apparent way to tell it to move that extra bit and fix it)
Honestly... I had fun, even with so little direct control~ nice work!

I'm bad, barely got a measly 28, but it's great fun!
The exploding barrels were a nice touch, immesely satisfying when you obliterate a group~

I blame a friend for playing Baba this past week
in all seriousness it did influence some of the design... hopefully not too much.
Thanks for playing~

Yeah... the limited colours and sprite size didn't make that part easy ^^;
(the walls and box alone went through many itterations)
Thanks for playing~!

Images coming soon! (please!)

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In summary of this thread:
The system is flawed, people more so

Somewhat sarcastic jokes aside everyone will inevitably have their own subjective bias towards things; what is original/etc. to me is not necessarily the same to anyone else. Maybe I won't agree with them, but it's hard to say someone's opinion is wrong in most cases. And yes, some people did make games based on one of Mark's examples, but is that so bad? It's not original in the basic idea, if you really want to look at it that way, but how it's executed can be. 

Besides, end of the day most (if not all) of us put a lot of heart and soul into making our games, so things are going to sting (to put it midly).
And I mean, what would you rather take from this: the results of an arbitrary rating poll, or the fun making your game and seeing the cool things other people made?

Honestly speaking:
Is this partly to convince my tired childish mind? Yes.
Am I satisfied with my result? No, but I'd say most of that stems from knowing what I couldn't add, couldn't change, couldn't fix, and the pointless worry of "would that have improved things for me?"
And in the end, what do a few stars really say about your own game?
I'd say not a lot; I got much more from feedback in the comments, and I can actually do something constructive with that. Jam's over, doesn't mean I'm finished with the game, not by a long shot~

Side note: if it helps, look at the rating system like Amazon reviews. I'll leave it to y'all how to interpret that~

Thank you!

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This is a good concept: managing your power usage under fire can require some quick clicking
As things are presently, personally I'd say the enemies spawn too infrequently to pose too much of a threat, and moving doesn't seem to benefit you much.
Perhaps if your shields/weapon had a charge level which needed time to recover?
...well take from that what you will ^^;

Perhaps needed some fine tuning on the enemies: I wasn't blocking very well but made it to the end with about 4/5ths of my health.
Otherwise, an interesting take on the theme, and nicely drawn artwork too~

This is the first top-down shooter where the "only one" theme is applied to the enemies, and it works so well!
Barely got up to 21ks though ^^;
Great job, this was a lot of fun~

An unusual but cool tactics game~
Not yet sure there's much benefit to using as many tiles as allowed (I cleared it using only two spaces) but at least there's the option
nice work!

This was a lot of fun!
Everything was clear, intuitive, and new mechanics were introduced well. Great job~

An interesting mechanic. For once I'd say the game was almost too easy XD (rather than difficult as with a good number I've played)
Great fun~

That was unexpected.... but an important message nonetheless
Great work with this

Any more feedback on mine, than I have already, would be greatly appreciated~

A deceptively simple puzzle game, very easy to get things wrong XD
As a point of note: explicitely stating the splitting mechanic would have been better; I nearly passed this by as "impossible" because it wasn't explicitely obvious what to do on the second level, sorry ^^;
Which would have been a pity, this is a good game