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Thanks for playing. I wanted to use key presses instead of switches but i found out that on most keyboards you just cannot read so many key inputs at the same time. So instead of cutting fingers i just changed the control scheme. I really shouldve tried and maybe optimize the game more as it is a 3d game developed on a pretty good pc. That would make your lag problems go away. 

As others said, the game felt a bit slow, even with holding shift the whole time. But i think this fact was greatly overshadowed by beautiful graphics, fitting sound and great metroidvania concepts. I managed to get to the end and had fun :) Good job!

Dubbing for a game jam feels so polished! You all as a team managed to create beautiful atmosphere, and it works well! Good job :)

Beautiful graphics, good sound design made a great atmosphere in this game. The best moment was when i missed the alien boi by just a little margin and he just passed me by like usain bolt and touched my soul :D Good runner :)

Wow, i just had fun playing a game where i shout at plasmatic ghost creature. Other than lacking sfx and music (ambient sounds, not to disrupt the player speaking, maybe you had good reason to not include music, let me know if thats the reason :)), Great job! 

5/5 idea! Damn dumb humans. I felt so sorry for my mammoth bois when the men started to place those traps :( Great use of music, but lack of sfx. I figured out the controls and mechanic really fast, so the game design was great. I surely had fun and the game fits the theme well. Good job!

Although i had to read the description to get the game idea, the visuals and controls made it a good concept. Even though i had to play it with myself, and figured out the collision bug pretty early, the game looked great visually, everything fit together well and the controls were snappy. Unfortunately it is not finished and it misses sounds (I hope it wasnt just my PC fault). Good job anyway :)

Controls are super snappy, colliders are pretty forgiving. I hade great fun playing this game. Sound FX and music gives it so much energy and vibe. Good Job! 

This is a game with great potential, but the controls are too slippy. I cant really get used to the movement of my boi. Graphics look nice, Level design and pathfinding is great too. 

I was doing so fine until some sugar-raged hulk ran into my village and ate all my buildings :D Fun game with sweet graphics! Good job

I really loved the atmosphere in this game. The game design was also smart, because not for a moment I felt lost. The flow was really good and the right way showed itself every time. Clever use of particles and music made me feel like I am really in an unknown place. Great Job!    P.S. Loved the portal effect!

the. best. game.ever.

The game has really nice visuals! It was fun and smooth looking, had a really good time while playing. However music started to bug me after a while. All in all, very cool

*Slovák :D

Thanks for feedback :)

Hi, can you play mine? Thanks! Scully's morning

Hi, can you play and rate mine? Thanks! Scully's morning

I want you folks to have a look at the games in the list below and rate them!

1. This World's End - Beautiful graphics, cool story and polished narrative, all in this short game jam entry with great implementation of the theme.

2. The Death Inspectors - This game puts you in the shoes of a detective with it's immersive atmosphere, graphics and audio. Can YOU find the murderer?

3.Liar Band - Fast paced, guitar hero like game with pinch of the theme implementation in controls. Very well made!

4. The Platform Is a Liar - "A puzzle platformer where platforms sometimes do the opposite of what they're supposed to." With its minimalist style, this game manages to grasp your attention for a while.

5. Billy's Bowels - Interesting and educational game that puts you in a role of a digestive system, trying to keep Billy alive. With  some twists as the implementation of the theme, this game will keep you playing with ease.

6. Dissonance - Very well polished game for a week. With its astounding narrative and atmosphere, this game will make you think about the meaning of lies in life.

7. I Am Not A Liar - With all the platformers this jam got, for me this game stand above most of its rivals. This game offers a wide range of gameplay mechanics, as well as beautiful graphics. I enjoyed it a lot and so will you!

8. Find the Edge - This game needs more attention, as it has so many things that you have to watch out for while cruising to the edge of the earth. All you flat earthers unite and rate this entry! 

9. Lie to run! - This entry took the classics of lies and made it into a great and polished game. The graphics, pace and trivia questions together make a perfect combination!

10. All is Chaos in Love and War - I've enjoyed this one especially. It took my heart with its graphics and gameplay mechanics. Great implementation of theme as well as the option to progress the character by buying new items really did some magic!

11. LastDayOfSummer - Wow, the game has a wonderful narrative, graphics and audio elements. The theme in this one played a truly crucial role. I really had a good feeling while playing this one.

12. Candour - Everything in this game fits together very well. The atmosphere achieved by great graphics and audio is incredible!

13. Nobody's Home - This detective game will definitely charm you with its consistent art style, little mystery and cool detective mechanics!

14. Back And White - This monochromatic platformer looks like a full game. Its spot on audio, outstanding graphics and proper implementation of the theme complimented well with the difficulty of the game.

I encourage you to share your favorites from this jam in this post!













Crazy level of polish for a week. I loved this game! Great job!







Impossibly polished! Wow! Very nice entry. All  5 in every category!