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Thanks a lot for the feedback

Here is the link:

The engine has not reached a stable version yet. 

Actually you are supposed to collect the leafs in any order you like. But I think I might have made the return path harder.
Maybe I should've given the game to be tested before.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback. The music didn't loop because I forgot  to implement looping sound lol.

Hello, Thanks for the feedback. I apologize for that installation problems. The game was made using a game engine I'm working on it and it's still immature. 

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! I plan to fix the controls later.

Glad you noticed the references.

Thank you so much!

Thank you for your feedback.

Thank you!

It took me a bit to understand how to play. But other than that the game is good.
Well done!

Love the puzzles!

A bit easy in the beginning but still fun!
Well done!

Very fun!
Consider porting it to mobile devices.

I love the concept.
Maybe needs a tutorial to make easier in the beginning.

Thank you.
Sadly I realized that after the jam ended when I gave the game to a friend to test it.
I should have made the collision areas for grabbing bigger. 

Thanks you!

I was about to prepare the game page because I was too tired yesterday. I'm suprised that someone played it without knowing how it looks.

Probably the game I played the most in this jam. 

I reached a level where no enemy could pass my protection. I love the fact that you have to collect the coins and avoid enemies so that you are not just waiting for waves to end.

Looking forward for a complete version of the game!

sadly the bug was found after submission. I thinks it doesn't happens with downloadable versions (I tested it many times and it never happens). Happy that you still liked it.

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when you beat him you win the prize. That's basically the goal in this game. 

I'm happy that you liked the game!

Very fun game!
I love the fact that your attecks and heal .. affects everyone, it makes you think more about how to approach the fights.

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Thanks <3

The art is sooo Amazing!

The game is fun, but you need to change the hitbox, sometimes I should be hit I don't and sometimes I die and I don't understand why.

Overall, the game has a great potential!
Kepp going!

Very good game!

I love how you can have different dices where you have to risk more for a higher reward.

This game looks very promissing!

Beautifull game! The puzzles become a little bit too difficult for me after the 3rd level. I think you should lower the difficulty curve for bad players like me!

Overall well done!

Thanks for  the feedback! The bug is a little bit random. Sadly I didn't notice it before submission.

I love the art style. The dice is a little bit confusing to control. I think rotating the camera a little bit to the right to make it easier to tell between left ant top.

Overall, well done!

An Intresting take on the theme. The presentation is amazing!

Well done!

Simple but well executed. The player controls good and I never felt that it was the game's fault when I lose.

The art is  cute especially the character and the slime.

I think you should expand the game more and add new levels with each one having it's own gimmick (cards,  machine slots ... )

No it doesn't. 

Very fun puzzle game. I love the fact that each slime has his unique ablities.

Hope we'll see more of it!

Thank you for your feedback!

Thanks! I like ur ideas.

Very fun game! I loved the art style .

Well done!

U can see the conttrols on the game page, but thanks for the feedback 

intel i5 8gb and intel-hd.

it's not unplayable, it's just enough to be noticeable.

This game is really fun! Using the chain to kill enemies is exreamly satisfaying. Sadly, I had no friend to play with, but I still enjoyed it. The game is a bit laggy tho.

Nice concept! The game is fun but kind of hard. I know that it's hard to adjust difficulty in 48h. So a postJam version will be much better.

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The game could be really good on mobile.

Needs some more work on presentation tho, hope we'll see more of after the jam.

Otherwise, nice puzzle game!