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You can change the controls in option ,the QSDZM are just names like AXYB :D

To jump higher you just have to run with D and then Jump with S :D

If you want the source code ,I can submit it ,but It is required to have game maker 8 to open it :D

Thank you :D

Move with arow keys and select with Q

The Jam is finnaly done , It was really cool and I wish to do another one  , and thank to you for rating my game :D

Yes ,I will add it :D

Thanks , I will try to fix it :)

Thank you very much  :D 

If you play the game , don't forget to rate it :D

I finished the game ,go to played :D

Demake JAM community · Created a new topic FINALLY

Finally I finished this Super Mario Demake ,It was really fun to do it , so I hope you will enjoy the game too.

This is the link to the game :D

Thank you very much :D

Demake JAM community · Created a new topic Mario 2Dyssey

I'm working on the demake of Super Mario Odyssey , I want to create the full first level(Kingdom Cap)  , here are some screenshot

So I don't have to get the same music as the original game

I want to put 8bit music in my game do I have to remix the original sound or can I get it (the 8bit version) from the internet ??

i think it would be better to opt for metal gear solid because it is a little bit difficulte to render a horror scene in a old look game :D

who's the winners 

how many game will be picked??

Score Wars Game Jam community · Created a new topic On live

There will be another game on the live or just one ??

For a first game It is good ,Your are in the right way :D

Controles :

moves with up,down,left and right keys

shoot with space