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Thank you so much!! We are really glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for the evaluation! Our team was missing a Sound Lead, so our focus went inherently away from it.  Moving foward in our next projects, we will be more careful with fonts and audio repetition. 

Thank you for the evaluation!
We were aware of suh bug and tried to implement a path validator until the last few moments of Jam, but unfortunately we were unable to finish it. ><

Loved the old school feel I got from it. 

Not only that, but having the dungeon darkned was a really good touch.

I think this idea may turn into a full fledged game, focusing on the one item mechanic. Good job!

Loved the old school feel of your game! Really fun, Congrats!

Loved your interpretation of the One Bullet Game. 

And building a game with AI for a Jam, congrats! That was awesome.

Wow! That was really fun! 

Loved the interpretation of the one bullet concept.  

But the highlight for me was the IA, I'm impressed! Good job!

Loved the level design on your game! Good job!

Such a well polished and fun game! Congrats!

Loved the level design, incrementing with new ideas while teaching you how to play.

Thank you for the praise!

At first we focused on designing it so that any player could play with ease at first. But we wanted to ramp up the difficulty later by doing a few tests. Unfortunately, time got the better of us and we coulnd't deliver more difcilty options. 

Muito Obrigado pelo elogio!

Como um time estaremos sempre almejando pela criação de jogos assim!

Muito Obrigado!

Esperamos explorar mais a criatividade do nosso time no futuro! Aguarde para mais jogos!

Thank you! 

It took us a good while to decide which game we would be making.  But we think the time spent was worth it.

Thank you so much for the praise! We will always strive for that!

Thank you for the feedback!

During development, the arrow visibility issue actually came about. But it got postponed until there was no more time to do it. Sorry for that. 

We will strive to improve gameplay in future games and in this one if we expand it in the future.

Thank ou for the praise!


That was our aim!

We tried to make the best that we could! Glad you enjoyed it.

We actually got the inspiration to this mechanic from a raid boss mechanic from Final Fantasy XIV and visualized a game around it. 

We considered standing still as something to work against, but time contraints got the better of us.

Thank you so much for the praise!

We wanted to make a multiplayer game to challenge the ONLY ONE theme, as we thought not many people would do it.  

We had many ideas on how to spice it up, but since we were a small team we tried to deliver at least the bare mininum. 

We are still deciding if we will expand it, but we will definitely take your suggestion into account! Thanks! 

Thank you so much! 

The fun you had with your gf was our aim!

The endless nature of the game was born from the intention of offering solo players something to work toward as we couldn`t finish an AI clever enough to challenge the player.

 We are really glad you enjoyed the High Score mechanic!

Thanks you so much! 

We are still thinking about expanding the game, but we are glad you liked it!

We aimed to make a fun game to play with friends, but we also wanted to let players play solo if they liked. 

Thank you!

Thanks! We are glad how it turned out!

Played, Rated and Commented it!  

That was a fun game! Good job!

This is a fun game, I enjoyed it! Good job!

As a personal feedback, I would like to know when the enemy is about to shoot so I can plan my attack or defence manouver.

Congrats on your first jam game! I have to say that I`m amazed!

Your game is really pretty and fun to play.  Sound design is also supperb. 

Good job!

WOW! Such a pretty presentation! Good job!

The game is really well executed, and quite fun to play.  

Are you planning on keep working on it?

Good job! That was a really unique take on the One Shot game. Rated and Commented. 

One of the most unique twist on the one-bullet game! 

Quite nice! But mouse sensitivity was way too high for me. 

I would also try to format the  Number from the Total Run Time

Nice game! Just played, rated and commented it!

That was really cool. 

The mechanic of having to plan how will I throw my axe  before heading into a big room was pretty interesting. Nice Job

Such a complete game! Very well made!

Amazing sprite work and excelent sound design. Good job!

Kind of felt bad sacrificing the guards to cross spikes though.

Played, Rated and Commented. Well Done!

What a twist! From two heads to only one giant! I like it!

Really well executed too. Nice Game!

Wow! I just played your game! That was fantastic!

Nice concept, great idea and excelent execution. A game other Jammers shoudl strive for!

The experience to make a game in 48h is exciting! Had fun and got quite anxious over time, but in the end I am really glad to finish it. But I must say the best part is seeing people commenting on our game.

Hohoho! This was a delightful cute and fun game! 

On top of a excellent idea and execution! Well done!