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The Last AxeView game page

You have been obducted - Your only weapon is... an Axe?!
Submitted by Akadeax — 4 hours, 8 minutes before the deadline
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I love how the axe rebounds and can get stuck in walls! Cool game!


Good and fun game! Liked the music and the fact that even the very first enemies were showing some resemblance of the intelligence and tried to run away, if the player is too close. Despite that, the enemies grew to be rather predictable, and it became easy to dispatch of them. If you develop their AI even further than it could become even more fun and challenging.


Incredibly fun to play :) Loved the overallstyle and how different enemy types are balanced. Nice job!


Nice execution of the one bullet idea. I feel like you could emphasize combo kills to make the game more satisfying.


Wow, how did I not come across this game earlier? This is very good, I love the axe mechanism. The graphics are good too. Very well done, this game is really shows what game jams are for!


Nice! My LMB is weird with some unity games but nice otherwise


That was really cool. 

The mechanic of having to plan how will I throw my axe  before heading into a big room was pretty interesting. Nice Job


When I saw the title I thought it would be more like a viking in space instead of Starcraft marine with an axe.

But then the game started and the axe was such a pleasure to wield it didn't matter who was wielding it. A few pieces of destructuble environemnt did a lot, but the winner was the sound of the axe getting stuck in the wall. How did you get it so good?


Dude, I really just wished it lasted longer. The sounds were awesome, the graphics looked great, and the game was super special to play, as you had to chase down your own axe. I loved the two enemies that were already there, and I'm imagining armies or different enemies to shoot and dodge as you struggle against your own axe. Just a hint for the game's title screen, in the Unity image import, there is a field called 'Filter Mode' that will by default be bilinear. You should change this to 'point' for pixel art, which will make the pixel art be perfectly pixelly and never get blurry. The main title logo was blurry, and applying this setting will fix that =)


Hey, this game's pretty neat!


I really liked the Shield enemies. I think they really worked for getting me to rethink how I shoot at my targets.

On my second playthrough, I was able to get through the game without shooting anyone. Maybe a little more specific level design around objective you interact with would help. 


Although I have rated your game several days ago, I have to say You build one nice environment in your game. One of the impressed game in this jam.


I got pushed out of the level by one of the enemies and that has been the most hilarious bug I've encountered in this Jam so far. The dude was just floating in space trying to find a way back hahaha.

Nicely done, great for such a short time!

Please check out mine!


I like this futuristic space suit guy with an axe strapped to his gun. I wonder how he decided on that strange mechanism as his weapon?

Thats just the regular tool for lumberjacks from 2078-2101. Only a hand full trees are still standing in 2101.


Solid Little game, the way the axe  behaves does make me wish I could call the axe back like in God Of War. Still very solid.

I like the feeling when you catch your flying axe when it comes back at you!


Cool Game! The axe throw mechanic is simple and addictive. I like the bouncing effect, it gives some strategy to play with your opponents.

Good job! :)


I really enjoyed playing this one. It was really interesting, the axe mechanic. It reminded me of the new god of war, and that's saying so much. The graphics were really good, and I believe the game has super potential. It is a great entry all round, and if carried on, could hold something amazing :)

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