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The Vengeful OrbView game page

Fight against a horde of demons with a single orb...
Submitted by Charliechumbuck — 2 hours, 6 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#5704.0504.050

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I kept clicking really fast to bring the orb back before I realized I could just hold the mouse hah, my own fault :D It's a cool idea and you have to actually manage it, can't not pay attention since ... then you lose the orb. Nice job! Got some funky music too :D


The orb control was something I found really interesting. 

The game is quite fun to play. Well done!


I really enjoyed the orb control but you can just hold it directly in front of you. I think it'd be cool if the orb hits your shit you also blow up. Great start though good job!


Yeah, I wish I noticed that exploit before time was almost up... But thanks for playing it!

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cool game liked the orb and fit the theme really well enjoyed it

this is my game 


Great start in your game. All of the elements in your game keep the unit style. Nice


Thank you!

Nice! Another LOVE2D game! Simple and effective, though it took me several tries to learn the collision shapes where the heads grab the orb, and to stop treating the orb as a bullet that you hold onto and shoot out when you're lined up.

Once I realized I should treat it more like a yo-yo or something, that it stays remote most of the time, I did better. Still not very good at it though: my best score so far is 261 and I haven't seen the red orbs/skulls shown in the screenshot.

--Josh (


Trust me, there's an extra part and an ending. When you get to these parts depends on your score. I'll give you a hint: there's one really bad biblical number and one really good one that comes after it...

OK, I got to 666. Not sure if I care enough to push through to the ending. So. Some more thoughts.

  • I wish you could hit space or some key to control the orb. If you're not pointing with the mouse, then there's no reason for it not to just be a key, and I'm better at keeping my fingers relaxed while constantly pressing a key: when clicking the mouse button like mad I tend to tense up and then not want to play for as long.
  • Arrow keys as well as W/S would be nice for movement: I don't care too much in this case, but some people do prefer to control movement with their right hand (on a keyboard).
  • Since this is LOVE2D, you could use scancodes instead of keycodes so that I don't have to switch my keyboard layout from Dvorak to QWERTY in order to play. If you use love.keyboard.isScancodeDown or the second argument to love.keypressed/keyreleased, then you can use the same names (w/s) but it will refer to the key's position rather than the character it sends.
  • The art is fun: the game name and the stalactite graphics are great.
  • I kept losing track of the ship because I was so focused on the orb. It might be cool to have a dashed line or something from the orb to the ship?
  • It was a little distracting that the skulls died with the same sound as the spinners: I'd sometimes think that I killed a spinner and move on and then go, "oh, wait, that was just a skull exiting the back of the screen." I think it would be better with a different sound, or even none at all for the skulls.

But those are all minor things.


Just curious: you do realize that the enemies can't hurt the rocket directly, right?

Yeah, I realize the rocket is safe. It was more that I'd move it too far and then wonder why the orb kept drifting up (or down). The orb doesn't move vertically very fast so it sometimes took a minute to realize that it was drifting instead of staying on the line where I thought I was. It was mostly in the 500-600s at times when I had the orb near the far right and was intensely focused on dodging between a bunch of closely spaced enemies.


Oh, okay.


Oh, and thank you, by the way! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Deleted 2 years ago

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Technically, I was the designated "game designer" for the team, but we all ended up helping to come up with the idea for the main mechanic; I really like how it turned out!


The gameplay is very straightforward and easy to understand. It's very fun to control the orb. Nice job! 


Thank you so much! Keep in mind, FricativeMelon programmed it, not me; I just made the graphics and sound effects lol

And you can thank Gil Steinberg for that epic music. Oh my goodness, that track is so good...


If you enjoyed the game enough, it would help my team if you posted the link to that new "hidden gems you've played" topic! But, like I said, only do this if you actually feel that this game is a "hidden gem that is not getting enough attention," as the topic states.