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So...right now there are two entries, and one of them, "Shot" by uhorp looks like spam.  It's marked as a submission to *five* game jams, and it looks like the very early beginnings of an FPS, not a fantasy console at all.  I reported it to itch, but maybe you can just remove it from the jam yourselves?

Ah, OK.  To detect all keys with a matrix you just have to add a diode per key so the electricity can't flow back the "wrong way" through the matrix and confuse things. Then you loop over the rows powering up one at a time and reading off the columns. But if you don't want to solder...yeah, you'd have to add a breadboard or two, or get wire wrap tools or something.

I see you also don't have any debouncing code on the Arduino.  Are you doing that on the Unity side, or just writing games where it doesn't matter?

Is there a reason you didn't wire them in a normal grid (with diodes for NKRO) so you could read all 100 keys with only one arduino and 20 I/O lines?

Replied to narrow in SABRE comments

If you download LÖVE you should be able to use the .love file on Mac just fine, unless the dev did something really weird.

Created a new topic Catching Flies

Hey, that was fun! Set a timer for 1 hour and got to a good stopping point with eight seconds to spare. :)

Relation to the theme...super simple mechanics that are still engaging?  Kinda lame since that's a given with the short time frame, but I didn't come up with any more creative interpretation that I thought I could pull off in an hour...


Ah, now I see where you're coming from.

As a farmer, and thus having a fair awareness of the original Slow Food movement (arising from an incident in 1986) and Slow Money (which kicked off around 2009?) the whole concept seems kind of weird: isn't having a jam for Slow Games almost a contradiction? Slow Food and Slow Money are about taking time to create things with much care and thought for the future. At least, I'd think it would be more like Chris Hecker's Depth Jam. Or maybe like a 30-day approach to making a 48- or 72-hour game, where you would spend lots of time planning and doing research on your setting and the social/cultural implications and generally putting lots of effort and detail and care into a tiny game.

OK, enough ranting. To stay a little bit on topic, here are a few links I think are particularly relevant:

Also I wonder if you should switch the second and third levels: I find the second one to be the hardest. There's nowhere safe to stand; the blue enemies jump high enough to miss your sword when jumping onto the starting platform, and you often have to go through the danger zone at the edges where enemies can wrap and the timing is hardest to predict. You have to judge how fast the enemies are moving relative to the saw blades and whether to kill them and then jump the saw blade or to jump the saw blade, turn around and then kill them. And you have to be very diligent about keeping the enemy population down or you get into difficult situations.

Whereas on the third level you can safely stand by the door and kill all comers. If you stand on the edge of that platform you can reach the blue guys before they make their first jump. From the second platforms on the edges you can get *almost* everybody: you can hit the blue guys as they jump in or as they jump up to where you're standing, you can get the blue guys on the long middle platform; the only real danger is the floating heads coming in from the edge. And you can make it to the top edge platform in a single jump, so the only time you even have to go on the one with the saw blade platform is if a lantern drops there. The only thing the saw blades really do is make it dangerous to jump when you're on the door platform, but you have no reason to ever jump from there, except out to the edge platforms where you're mostly out of the way of the saw blades anyway. And even if you let some guys go by, it's no big deal; they're mostly out of your way and you can just kill everyone coming in and wait for a good opportunity to clip the missed ones from one of the edge platforms.

Can you tell I've spent *way* too much time playing this? :)

Yeah, stats when you die would be cool, even if they're not persistent. Time, deaths, kills (for both enemy types?), maybe total lanterns collected? "500/45 lanterns" would be amusing.

As for saving/loading, you're using GameMaker, right? I think you can just do ini_open('stats.ini'), ini_read_real(section, key, value), ini_write_real(section, key, value), ini_close(), and you can also store strings. Docs at http://docs.yoyogames.com/source/dadiospice/002_reference/file%20handling/ini%20files/index.html